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#1 Unsigned Artist International Affairs
International Affairs (New York City)
  Plays: 310
  Influences: late 70's early 80's...
  Members: 5
Artist info

International Affairs is a New York city rock group drawing it's influences from: The Jesus and Marychain, Bowie, Pulp, The Pixies, Primal Scream, The Cure, Brian Eno, Echo@ The Bunnymen, The Clash, etc. Like their influences they will take you to...

WIPE AWAY (Macedonia)
  Plays: 328 | Saves: 2794
  Influences: WIPE AWAY
  Members: Marina Petrushevska -...
Artist info

WIPE AWAY - DOWNLOAD LINK - www.zshare.net/download/163745075bb2f3ba/ go to MYSPACE http://myspace.com/wipeaway7

#3 Unsigned Artist Crush The Soul
Crush The Soul (Philadelphia,...)
  Plays: 185
Artist info

Phildelphia based Crush The Soul was formed in late 2001 by Chris Apostolu. It began as a creative outlet to give a face to the music he was writing. Over time, other people have come in and out of the project and CTS has continued to grow and...

#4 Cascion Davi
Cascion Davi (Arlington, Tx)
  Plays: 335
  Influences: Macy Gray mixed with...
Artist info

This young lady is a rapper/singer/songwriter/producer born and raised from Cleveland.Oh and relocated to Dallas,Tx in 2000. She has a unique style all of her own and has been inspired by music greats including Missy Elliot, Outkast(Andre 3000),...

#5 Unsigned Artist YOUNG DOGG
  Plays: 550 | Saves: 1455
  Influences: FABOLOUS and YOUNG DOGG
  Members: of Pyrotek Records
Artist info

Somewhere in the suburbs of Malden Massachusetts comes a young entrepreneur. Hes not your ordinary "kid" with a dream. He's a kid that is ready to turn that dream into reality. A solo deal with Pyrotek records, his own production company, and an...

#6 Brett Hill
Brett Hill (Fort Worth, Texas)
  Plays: 2709
  Influences: Randy Travis, Josh Turner,...
  Members: Brett Hill
Artist info

Www.myspace.com/bretthillsmusic or www.bretthillsmusic.com

#7 Unsigned Artist Sixx oh Seven
Sixx oh Seven (Corning NY)
  Influences: Swollen Members, Twiztid,...
  Members: Sixx oh Seven
Artist info

http://www.reverbnation.com/c./a4/10176974/2708784/Artist/2708784/Artist/link ...

#8 wiked
  Plays: 92
  Influences: Universal Yet So Unique
Artist info

From the X to the World. Unlike anything you've ever heard. Still blaze, still hot Ask me y My reply is Y not? VV

#9 Unsigned Artist Natalie B
Natalie B (Sheffield UK)
  Plays: 1164 | Saves: 2063
  Influences: Joe Satriani
Artist info

Natalie B is a transgendered artist (trans-woman) who has been inspired to write and record instrumental music and songs related to her emotional state. She started writing and recording her music in 2003, initially based around guitar riffs...

#10 Stella For Star
Stella For Star (Chester, UK)
  Plays: 178 | Saves: 1121
  Influences: copeland, dashboard...
  Members: Phil Meredith
Artist info

Hey, Not much to say really... er... got a guitar for my birthday about 7/8 years ago and started writing about 2 years after that. I\'ve still only just started making music I\'m semi-happy with but I really hope you like it. Check the...