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#1 Unsigned Artist Lucka
Lucka (Germany)
  Plays: 523 | Saves: 94
  Influences: Jack Johnson, Damien Rice,...
  Members: Stephan Lucka
Artist info

Auf den ersten Blick ist Lucka ein 27 jähriger Singer /Songwriter aus Münster, aber die Schublade „singender Mann mit Gitarre“ will nicht so recht passen. Lucka scheint sich damit nicht begnügen zu wollen. „Hauptberuflich“ Bassist (Musikstudium...

#2 One Last Stand
One Last Stand (Sicklerville, New Jersey)
  Plays: 1
  Members: Chris Haring - Guitar, Alex...
Artist info

Does it seem like everywhere you turn, another band emerges playing the same, four-chord driven songs? Nothing new. Nothing exciting. Nothing... real Well, the boredom stops here. One Last Stand is breaking onto the scene with a whole new sound....

#3 Unsigned Artist NOVITAS MUSIC
  Plays: 1242
  Members: Mike McGuinness
No artist info

  Plays: 240
  Influences: SO ABUSED
Artist info

GET OUR NEW "COMMUNITY SERVICE" CD AT WWW.CDBABY.COM/SOABUSED So Abused formed from the Ashes of the once great L.A. Music Scene With Our High Energy Live Shows And Our Guitar Driven Punk Rock Anthems, So Abused Appeals to the Masses!! So...

#5 Unsigned Artist Gary Ramsey
Gary Ramsey (kings mountain,NC)
  Plays: 962
  Influences: hard rock
  Members: Gary ramsey and various artist
Artist info

I am a singer/songwriter/musician from the mountains of NC and i write my own songs ans well as collab with various artist

#6 Vikindin
Vikindin (Fayetteville, NC)
  Plays: 11413 | Saves: 15697
  Influences: If you think Arch Enemy is...
  Members: Legion (vocals)Patrik...
Artist info

http://www.myspace.com/vikindin January '07- The onslaught continues as Vikindin 's force grows stronger with King William replacing Corpse on...

#7 Unsigned Artist Freeland Republic
Freeland Republic (Beilen, the Netherlands)
  Plays: 564 | Saves: 3116
  Influences: Faithless, Kraftwerk, ELP,...
  Members: Roel Dijkstra - everything
Artist info

Freeland Republic is the solo studio project of Roel Dijkstra from the Netherlands. The music style can be described as groovy electronic music. It is not specifically meant to be dance music although to some people it might sound like a mixture...

#8 Steve McIntosh
Steve McIntosh (Iowa City, Iowa)
  Plays: 8674 | Saves: 7423
Artist info

I have been playing instruments most of my life, mainly guitar. I currently work with Brian Daniels(drums/perc) in California to put these tunes together over the internet. They are all instrumental so far. I try to mix ...

#9 Unsigned Artist Coalition 27
Coalition 27 (Whittier / La...)
  Plays: 180 | Saves: 382
  Members: Andrew, Brett, Brian, Gabe,...
Artist info

Coalition 27 is a rock band from southern California. Their music can best be described as very original with a solid foundation of hard rock, yet with very evident undertones of blues, punk, and even a little funk. They released their first...

  Plays: 97 | Saves: 656
  Influences: Lil jon neptunes track...
Artist info

This Talentated Organized Production Independent Team (T.O.P.I.T.) located in Detroit Michigan was found in May 2003 by Kevin Killum who networked with several independent companies on production through out the city of Detroit. KEVIN KILLUM...