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#1 Unsigned Artist the Dead Sorrows
the Dead Sorrows
  Plays: 1890 | Saves: 4068
Artist info

Full trax at www.v7music.com and Sonys "acidplanet" under Nias-LA2 our newest manager. To advertise here and with me contact niasla2@yahoo.co.uk The power of music as advetising ?!?

#2 Silent Shot
Silent Shot (North Hollywood,...)
  Plays: 37
  Influences: Pantera, Slayer, Hatebreed,...
  Members: Moses - George - Benjy - Ed
Artist info

From North Hollywood, California Silent Shot is a band fusing the sounds of yesterday and today's evolving metal into a unique empowering form. Started in 2008, the band has established a sound and performance like no other. The perfect balance...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Toy Tanks
The Toy Tanks (Matlock, Derbyshire,...)
  Influences: Art Brut
  Members: Wilson--bass/vocals...Dad--...
Artist info

We are family, all play different instruments, decided to start an Indie band about two months ago. We record our songs on my mp3 player, and we do live gigs at small venues

#4 13miles
13miles (las vegas, nevada)
  Plays: 981 | Saves: 1343
  Influences: hatebreed, slipknot,...
  Members: lance swain, mike johns,...
Artist info

13 MILES bio 13 Miles has all of the ingredients of a solid, heavy metal band with guitar riffs that will blow your mind, hard heavy bass lines, double-bass that will kick your **** and the growling screams from the depths of Las Vegas,...

#5 Unsigned Artist NO MERCY
NO MERCY (Chicago (South Suburbs))
  Plays: 1576 | Saves: 1016
  Influences: NO MERCY, Audioslave,...
  Members: Kevin - vocals, Rob -...
Artist info

There is no background story. We're a mystery. No, actually we're just kidding. This is how we got started: we got pissed off about the fact that there's so many bad emo bands whom people are actually listening too even though they all sound the...

#6 Baiyu
Baiyu (New York, NY)
  Members: Baiyu
Artist info

Having been born in Xiamen, China to musically gifted parents, Sara Baiyu Chen has been forging her path since prior to her arrival in the United States. In China she learned to read and compose music at the age of six without any formal training...

#7 Unsigned Artist P.U.R.E.
P.U.R.E. (Herndon, VA.)
  Plays: 36 | Saves: 152
Artist info

Progressive Underground Rock Enlightenment P.U.R.E. is a four-piece rock band based in Northern Virginia. We are available for nightclubs, private parties or any festive occasion. Visit us at ...

  Plays: 257 | Saves: 1117
  Influences: NAS JAY-Z COMMON BDP...
Artist info

Ceez Met in highschool and shared the love and passion forhip hop.From that they formed a group, which had many names in the beginng. The came up with S.O.N.N and it was them in every meaning. The name stands for Souljahs Of Newport News. From...

#9 Unsigned Artist Mystikman
Mystikman (Edinburgh, Republic of...)
  Plays: 104 | Saves: 1000
  Influences: Various
  Members: Mystikman
Artist info

Through the eyes of Mystikman learn the truth about where we come from, who we are now, and what we are soon to become. Join him on his incredible journey......experience the events and meet the characters who have helped shape his unique...

#10 J Harley
J Harley (London)
  Plays: 285 | Saves: 559
  Influences: Guns n Roses
Artist info

The Band Is Called "SHAME" Rock Jon heads this musical dynamo screaming into the 21st century with a passion and intensity to redefine "classic" rock. Partnered with Sally G equal parts angel and tiger flavor. We have the Ice Man James Creed on...