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#1 Unsigned Artist J.D. Justice
J.D. Justice (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  Plays: 158
  Influences: Tori Amos, Radiohead, Myself
  Members: J.D. Justice
Artist info

I am a 29 year-old singer-songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina. I write music because I have to for my soul to survive.

#2 Coogan
  Influences: Electro Techno
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist NO-RE ENTERTAINMENT
  Plays: 175 | Saves: 421
  Influences: HIP-HOP, RAP
  Members: O-VA-DOSE
No artist info

#4 Liliths Mortuary
Liliths Mortuary
  Plays: 142 | Saves: 1182
Artist info

Biography ( Lilith’s Mortuary ) Born in the summer of 2004. The Lilith's Mortuary project was thought to be a band that sounded like no other band we have ever heard. The original lineup was formed by Efren Narvaez, Edgar Ibarra, at that time...

#5 Unsigned Artist MIMESIS
  Plays: 1890 | Saves: 2242
  Influences: MIMESIS :0/
No artist info

#6 The Grand Majestic
The Grand Majestic (Brighton! :))
  Plays: 2110
  Influences: Funk/Soul/DnB
  Members: Lizzy Littlejohn - Vocals,...
Artist info

The Grand Majestic are an 8 piece original Funk/Soul/Drum 'n Bass band formed in Brighton town! With Infectious melodies and some kick-**** grooves they are guaranteed to get your feet-a-dancin!!

#7 Unsigned Artist Douglas Kay
Douglas Kay
  Influences: Singer-songwriter
Artist info

Douglas Kay started playing acoustic gigs around Edinburgh in 1995 and has honed his skills in the coffee houses and bars of Australia, New Zealand, North America, South Africa and Europe. His extended travels have given him a wide range of...

#8 Amagio
Amagio (Irkutsk, Russian...)
  Influences: New Age
  Members: Anton Plyaskin
Artist info

Anton Plyaskin - studio musician, composer, arranger, plays the guitar since 1984, composes and records the music since 1992 the 6-string guitar is my basic instrument, though, I am ready to try the playing any other musical and unmusicul...

#9 Unsigned Artist Sweet Dizease
Sweet Dizease (Norfolk, England)
  Plays: 534 | Saves: 369
  Members: Westers, Special K, (H)ash,...
Artist info

Alternative Dark Metal from the Depths of small town Dereham, Norfolk, England. Playing gigs in their local town and city (Norwich) this band has a fast growing reputation for producing mosh pit material (a.k.a. mpm). This is music for the kids to...

#10 Interseed
Interseed (San Mateo, CA)
  Plays: 328 | Saves: 932
  Influences: Interseed
  Members: Kevin - Drums Justin -...
Artist info

What's up people. We're an up and coming Heavy Metal band from San Mateo, CA. Kevin the Drummer, Justin Guitar, Marco Bass, Jason Guitar and JR on vocals