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#1 Unsigned Artist UndergroundLogic
UndergroundLogic (Jersey Shore)
  Plays: 417
  Influences: Hip-Hop Funk, Rock
  Members: Tiffany Sterling, Salli...
Artist info

Add us to Myspace. www.myspace.com/undergroundlogicmusic UndergroundLogic is an original hip-hop, rock, funk and soul band from the Jersey Shore. The group has played everywhere from the smaller intimate clubs, to A-list rock venues throughout...

#2 Harleqeen
Harleqeen (Sweden)
  Plays: 101 | Saves: 410
Artist info

Like us on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harleqeen/259430704617

#3 Unsigned Artist chesdead
chesdead (london)
  Members: me
No artist info

#4 Underscore
Underscore (London)
Artist info

"you think its so easy now, you think i'd fall to pieces cause you know me so well" Tap into the subconscious soul of UNDER_SCORE to find the conjuring explosion of gusty blues and scathing rock, while they catapult their arsenal of...

#5 Unsigned Artist Jared Jongeling
Jared Jongeling (Box Elder, SD)
  Plays: 866 | Saves: 3303
  Influences: Success
  Members: Jared Jongeling
Artist info

I\'m using this account to help others make gear/equipment decisions. I realize how hard it is sometimes to find the gear to try out that you\'re interested in. A lot of stores don\'t have the selection that other big cities do; therefore we...

#6 Circlesound
Circlesound (Chester)
  Plays: 274 | Saves: 492
  Influences: Led Zeppellin, Radiohead,...
  Members: Dave Lloyd, Luke Woods,...
Artist info

Circlesound Not many bands meet on a river raft, dressed as spacemen, throwing cow shit at each other, that is unless you're in Circlesound! This was the first meeting of singer Dave and drummer Bernie. Bernie, and guitarist Luke, persuaded...

#7 Unsigned Artist Premonition
Premonition (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  Plays: 750 | Saves: 1139
  Members: Noah C. Mitchel
Artist info

A boy and a Guitar

#8 Bypass
Bypass (Maracaibo, Venezuela)
  Plays: 820 | Saves: 2692
Artist info

VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL MAS ABAJO!!! Bypass was started as a project in Maracaibo, Venezuela, by singer Luis Abello, after his former band was disolved. The idea was to make something different from what was happening in the underground scene; so...

#9 Unsigned Artist ShyRed
ShyRed (Dallas Tx)
  Plays: 57 | Saves: 308
  Influences: The world
  Members: *(Shy-Red)*, and Young-Star
No artist info

#10 Shoemaker Brothers
Shoemaker Brothers (Los Angeles, California)
  Plays: 46
  Influences: Paul Simon, Dave Matthews Band
  Members: Sam,Nath,Dan, and Gabe...
Artist info

The Shoemaker Brothers hail from the Pacific Northwest but now reside in Los Angeles where they moved in order to advance there musical Career. They are the progeny of Celtic and Nordic roots, they look like a mix between Viking athletes and...