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#1 Unsigned Artist The BOP
The BOP (Ballerup, Denmark)
  Plays: 96 | Saves: 969
  Influences: U2, Pink Floyd & David Bowie
  Members: Peter Fryd: guitar, vox &...
Artist info

How far can you come in 2 rehearsals? When things come together, you can get really far and that is the case with BOP In June 2006 Ole Fryd had left Thailand, where he has been living with his wife Oat. One evening Ole, who's main...

#2 Really Mango
Really Mango
  Plays: 2 | Saves: 128
  Members: Ze Meira and Diogo Costa
Artist info

Lo-Fi, R&B, Hip-Hop group trying to deliver good vibes Check out our YouTube ...

#3 Unsigned Artist Richard Eklow
Richard Eklow (Oxford)
  Plays: 96 | Saves: 394
  Influences: Acoustic Mish mash
  Members: Richard Eklow
Artist info

Im a young self taught guitarist, my musical influences are far reaching and diverse from Bright Eyes to Blink 182. I continue to right my own songs as well as contribute to a band with my friends. I hope someone likes my crappy songs at least.

#4 Fine Tunes
Fine Tunes (Australia)
  Influences: Fats, Louis, Duke, Jelly...
  Members: Mark Whitty
Artist info

Career commenced in 1955 in Melbourne. Mark has celebrated his golden anniversary in jazz. The full story of this jazz composer-entertainer can be seen at:- http://www.cdbaby.com/whitty4

#5 Unsigned Artist wireless
wireless (ESSEX, UK)
  Plays: 238 | Saves: 1161
  Influences: Stereophonics, Oasis,...
  Members: Paul Mayhew, Daniel Turner,...
Artist info

Hailing from Harwich, a miserable Essex coastal town, formerly a significant port but now in decline and left for dead, ‘wireless’ were launched to alleviate the boredom of their depressing home town. Taking their time to develop their...

#6 Dodging Cathrine
Dodging Cathrine (New Orleans)
  Plays: 369
  Influences: Dodging Cathrine
  Members: Chad, Ryan, Charlie, Tyler,...
Artist info

Based out of New Orleans LA, Dodging Cathrine first stepped onto the scene playing pop-punk music. While their style matured from pop to hardcore, Chad Bourg (vocal/drums), Tyler Schouest (vocal/bass), Ryan Bourg (guitar), Charlie Rourke (guitar),...

#7 Unsigned Artist Yvig
Yvig (Stockholm, Sweden)
  Plays: 213 | Saves: 1253
  Influences: pixies, White stripes,...
  Members: Lasse Thornström (guitar,...
Artist info

Started this summer. My heavy influence of Pixies are starting to wear of, wich I think is a good thing. A demo called: ps. destroy me is being distributed to interested (and other) parties. We try to be noisy and interesting while stripped of...

#8 Almost Dead
Almost Dead (Florida)
  Plays: 2005 | Saves: 2622
  Members: Jared H
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Dj Michael D
Dj Michael D
  Plays: 240
Artist info

Dj Michael D Is a name that came from a long story about 15 years ago. When i got my first turntables and started to explore the realm of electronic music. It all started with house party's and went on to producing music and playing in clubs all...

#10 Marshall KaY
Marshall KaY
  Influences: Amining High Living Low,...
No artist info