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#1 Unsigned Artist The Crafty Bastards
The Crafty Bastards (Twin Falls Idaho)
  Influences: Sublime meets David Allen Coe
  Members: Jeff Presley...Levi...
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Raised around Rural Idaho Jeff, Levi, and Hancock are high school buddies Karl hails from Nebraska, and Lonnie escaped from north California in 1993. The band is humble, the music is "REAL" and the party has just begun, From hard driving punk...

#2 Nicolej Brink
Nicolej Brink (Denmark)
  Plays: 1164
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Visit me at www.myspace.com/nicolejbrink for more info and updates.

#3 Unsigned Artist Chris Cohen
Chris Cohen (Los Angeles,CA)
  Plays: 14728 | Saves: 2403
  Influences: Soft Rock/Folk Rock/Indie Rock
  Members: Chris Cohen
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Chris Cohen, is a singer/songwriter who is driven by a strong passion for music. While attending college it was clearly evident, working hard to produce heartfelt music that speaks to enlighten, comfort and inspire. Cohens melodic/adult...

#4 Bruce Mills
Bruce Mills (Nova Scotia, Canada)
  Plays: 776 | Saves: 1378
  Influences: David Foster with BublÚ and...
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Welcome to my East Coast world. A long trip around the world it's been and all along the way I've collected memories that are now all stuck in my pockets like old pebbles. Listen and love because that is really what music is all about. Let me...

#5 Unsigned Artist garry nodwell
garry nodwell (North West, England)
  Plays: 32931 | Saves: 8094
No artist info

#6 The Fields
The Fields (Denmark)
  Plays: 224 | Saves: 1203
  Influences: Neil Young maybe?
  Members: Simon Skj°dt Jensen, Simon...
Artist info

The Fields was formed in 2003 when the lead singer Simon S.J. asked some of his old friends from earlier teenage bands to play on some demos for a school project. After that they decided to make some more demoes and later before a concert they...

#7 Unsigned Artist CHAOTIC
CHAOTIC (Chicago, Illinois)
  Plays: 925 | Saves: 950
  Influences: Everybody!!!
  Members: Kevin - Singer, songwriter,...
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#8 Royal Inferno Corps
Royal Inferno Corps (Sweden)
  Plays: 110 | Saves: 871
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist EYE-Industrial-Music
  Influences: Australian Industrial...
  Members: citizens
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www.EyeMusic.info : : : EYE's music has received international radio airplay & very extensive radio play across Australia including on the coveted daily playlist of national radio station Triple J...

DEI TETRA (Bangkok, Thailand)
  Plays: 418
  Influences: Black Metal/Death Metal
  Members: Countess Asithara (Vocal),...
No artist info