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#1 Unsigned Artist IMG Teens
IMG Teens (Beverly Hills)
  Plays: 50 | Saves: 318
No artist info

#2 Cellar
  Plays: 106
  Influences: Nirvana, Bush, The Smashing...
  Members: Ben March (Vocals), Mike...
Artist info

We are a grunge band from Leola (Lancaster) PA. We play at local venues and are avidly trying to establish a grunge genre. Let us know what you think. We feed on feedback. Our main influences are Nirvana, Alice in Chains, The Smashing...

#3 Unsigned Artist xilefuniverse
  Plays: 9
  Influences: depeche mode pet shop boys...
Artist info

Electronic rock singer songwriter producer from san francisco ca usa

#4 Southern-Product
Southern-Product (Okeechobee FLA.)
  Plays: 1258 | Saves: 944
  Members: R. " d.t." COBLE - R. "...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Paradise
Paradise (Montreal Quebec Canada)
  Plays: 456 | Saves: 2209
  Influences: Judas Priest, Motley Crue,...
  Members: Frank Kelly, Blaze D, Fred...
Artist info

Paradise, the story. Montreal summer of 2002. First they got drunk, then proceeded to invent "volcanic rock" and decided of a name : Paradise. The next day , they came up with a title for their first album : Rock Anthropologists on the Kon...

#6 dj_bankknab
dj_bankknab (TORONTO)
Artist info


#7 Unsigned Artist Raymone Lee
Raymone Lee (denver)
  Influences: monti clevah tupac kanye...
  Members: just me
No artist info

#8 Myths of New York
Myths of New York (Nottingham)
  Members: Swanny, Scott and Mike
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Ojo AzuL
Ojo AzuL (Los Angeles,CA)
  Plays: 295
  Members: Tony,Chris,Simon
No artist info

#10 SEVEN 13
SEVEN 13 (Boston, MA)
  Plays: 152
  Influences: Savatage, Queen, Metallica
  Members: Amanda Adams, Brian...
Artist info

SEVEN 13 began it's formation in the summer of 1997, hailing from the historical cities of Massachusetts. Amanda Adams eagerly sought an ideal outlet for the numerous compositions she was compiling throughout her life. With the addition of...