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#1 Unsigned Artist Zach Hillyard Band
Zach Hillyard Band (San Diego)
  Plays: 614 | Saves: 648
  Members: Wesley Cole Switzer now...
Artist info

Wesley Cole Switzer, former bass player for ZHB, is currently working on his own projects in the San Diego and LA areas.

#2 Nod
  Plays: 925 | Saves: 1610
Artist info

Nod is a man making music for himself.

#3 Unsigned Artist monique Berry
monique Berry
  Plays: 270
No artist info

#4 Mud Pill Palace
Mud Pill Palace (Livingston, MT)
  Plays: 78
  Influences: The Doors, Jimi Hendrix,...
  Members: Clint Viers, Andy Meehan,...
Artist info

Mud Pill Palace has had music brewing for years. The name has been traveling with Clint Viers for quite some time and it has finally settled in Montana. The band finally started making progress when he teamed up with Baylor Carter and Andy...

#5 Unsigned Artist Soniclust
Soniclust (Conwy, North Wales)
  Members: Bill Cornwell
Artist info

Please refer to my website for song access

#6 A Farewell Fire
A Farewell Fire (Long Island, NY)
  Plays: 16758 | Saves: 7534
  Influences: Groove driven, melodic rock
  Members: Bill - Vox, Eddie - Guitar,...
Artist info

Formed in the late summer of 2004, A FAREWELL FIRE is a melodically heavy creation made of four separate parts. A musical machine that pulls the rock community to another level. Each of its four members bring together different backgrounds of...

#7 Unsigned Artist Awakened
Awakened (Portland, Oregon)
  Plays: 361 | Saves: 1589
  Influences: Refused, Hopesfall, Poison...
  Members: Zack, Matt, Jared, Cory, Jon
Artist info

We formed just planning on writting some cool tunes and exploring our talents as a group. Now, with so many bands doing the same genre, we are just attempting to make a name for ourself in an overcrowded local scene. With exciting live shows,...

#8 Wreckage 97
Wreckage 97 (Karlshamn, Sweden)
  Plays: 1804 | Saves: 3612
  Influences: Millencolin, Green Day,...
  Members: Rob (vocals & guitar),...
Artist info

Swedish Pop-Punk-Rock. Formed in 1997. Released our second album "Super ultra extra gold" in June 2006. Buy it or download more songs on our website www.wreckage97.com

#9 Unsigned Artist addiction lane
addiction lane (Manchester)
  Members: Dave, Gina, Dean, Andy, and...
Artist info

GINA.... Gina – Affectionately known by the rest of the band as “Flo” has been with Addiction Lane since 1999.Influences range from Marilyn Manson, Placebo, Muse, and Linkin Park to Skunk Anansie, Alanis Morissette, The Smiths, Depeche Mode...

#10 Fly Gang
Fly Gang (Durham,NC)
  Plays: 53 | Saves: 73
  Influences: Weezy and moree
  Members: Kashh and M$
Artist info

Fly Gang is made up of Kashh and M$ ........