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#1 Unsigned Artist Absentia
Absentia (McAllen,TX)
  Plays: 205
  Influences: something new and different.
  Members: H-Guitars and Vocals,...
Artist info

Were Absentia from Mcallen,TX. If your looking for something different with great musicianship then come check us out.

#2 duke payen
duke payen (Sacramento)
Artist info

I am a Musician............of Sacramento city.

#3 Unsigned Artist M.E.D.I.
M.E.D.I. (Melbourne, Australia)
  Plays: 574
  Members: Jc Mos (BX748)
Artist info

M.E.D.I. (Melbourne Electro Dance Inspiration) is Jc Mos (BX74 ...

#4 King Weird
King Weird (Finland)
  Plays: 183
  Influences: Alice In Chains, Faith No...
  Members: J - Vox, P - Guitars, Bass...
Artist info

King Weird is heavy rock band with it's own sound. Combined heavy riffage with unique vocals make this a true musical journey The band consists of members Jani and Pete, Jani is also an actor in The Finnish National Theatre and has a long...

#5 Unsigned Artist Rhyan
Rhyan (England)
  Members: Rhyan Hollywood
Artist info

More than any other artist, "Rhyan" is this years answer to the most recent force behind the return of the fearlessly outspoken british music industry. Born January, 1990, in Birmingham, England. Rhyan began performing as a singer and actor...

#6 Yung Trill
Yung Trill (Killeen)
  Influences: Me
  Members: yung trill
Artist info

Born Jan.10,1989 and raised in Killeen,Tx,has strived to be the next rapper on top,hoping to to be heard of Yung Trill has recorded countless songs and put together a mixtape to be out soon.Never performed in his life,Yung Trill believes he is...

#7 Unsigned Artist John Tahan
John Tahan (Montreal Quebec, Canada)
  Plays: 90
  Influences: soft commercial rock
  Members: John Tahan
Artist info

John lived in Canada all his life coming to Montreal the greatest city in Canada from Egypt with his family when he was a baby. He started to play guitar when he was about 15 years old. He got more serious about his guitar playing when he was...

  Plays: 953
  Influences: Nirvana/QOTSA/Foos
  Members: Kym Brown, Jamie Fenneburg,...
Artist info

Dubbed Indie Sensation by Canadas Chart Magazine, auteur Kym Brown has enjoyed much success back over the Atlantic with her dazzling brand of space oddity synth-pop. Her debut independent release, Pygmalion (Todd Simko) remained in the top 10 of...

#9 Unsigned Artist Purple Leif
Purple Leif (Indianapolis, In.)
  Plays: 266 | Saves: 437
  Influences: 100% Original! Have a listen.
  Members: Purple Leif
Artist info

After having a couple of rap groups that couldn't get along or get focused I decided to walk on alone. I've buckled down and released three alums locally. Write if your interested in a copy. Purplecassanovaproductions@yahoo.com

#10 The Nightmare Affair
The Nightmare Affair (Lowell,IN)
  Plays: 161 | Saves: 526
  Influences: BTBAM,The Dillinger Escape...
  Members: Steven Sopcich -...
Artist info

5 boys who know nothing but music. We create. We evolve. This is our Music. This is our Love.