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#1 Unsigned Artist Coven
Coven (Glasgow)
  Plays: 436 | Saves: 1449
  Influences: Deftones, My Vitriol, Sonic...
  Members: Ernie Cameron, Joao...
Artist info

Ernie Cameron - Guitars/Vocals Music/Lyrics Joao Madeira - Drums Paul Shinty - Bass beer and sambuca The sound of beauty and destruction. Coven Are one of the popular scottish bands touted For success. Blending dreamy but vicious Metal To...

#2 S. Boms
S. Boms (Washington DC)
  Plays: 170 | Saves: 702
  Influences: Vanilla Ice
Artist info

S. Boms has fronted a number of groups in his day, the most notable of which was porphyria, of Long Island pseudo-fame. After moving to Washington, DC, he began writing and recording music on his own, taking up the drums, the bass and any other...

#3 Unsigned Artist Babie Fangs
Babie Fangs (So. Cal.)
  Influences: Goth Vamp Punk
  Members: Olivia & Stella
Artist info

The twins loss there very loving Mother on 04-11-2009 to pancreatic divisum complications. A whipple procedure was done but couldn't save her life. Mom was very sick after giving birth on 03-18-2005 till the day she passed away and we all suffered...

#4 BrightLight
BrightLight (israel)
  Influences: skazi, star-x, oforia,...
  Members: Shahar
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Antwan Banger
Antwan Banger (Shawnee, Oklahoma)
  Members: Antwan Banger
No artist info

#6 The Unleaded
The Unleaded (Europe)
  Plays: 16 | Saves: 481
Artist info

Excellent hard rock band from the island of Cyprus!

#7 Unsigned Artist Duffle Band
Duffle Band (Grand Island, Ne)
  Plays: 203 | Saves: 1222
  Influences: stuff
  Members: Duffin Vinyl & Cryssy Larsen
Artist info

The Duffle Band is a 2 piece (well two membered) self-produced indie/experimental/progressive/pop/folk rock band from the small little nobody town of Grand Island, Nebraska. Formed in late 2003 as a one man band by Duffin Vinyl (a/k/a Dustin...

#8 DS3
DS3 (Texas)
  Influences: Me, Myself, and I; George...
  Members: DS3
Artist info

The Opening Here you will find a musician (Basically Bassist) who wishes to release the purity of positive ness feelings of happiness, purity of the heart, and magic as well as pull the dark tones of loneliness, hurt, disappointment, from his...

#9 Unsigned Artist The Sin
The Sin (Cape Town , South Africa)
  Plays: 2251 | Saves: 3285
  Influences: Rock, alternative
  Members: Shaun, Niel, Robyn, Shana,...
Artist info


#10 DJ Jet
DJ Jet
  Members: DJ Jet
No artist info