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#1 Unsigned Artist Nicki Allan
Nicki Allan
  Plays: 935 | Saves: 3119
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Once in a while along comes the 'complete vocalist, that rare and talented individual who can take any style and turn it effortlessly into their own'. Recently the world lost one such talent - Eva Cassidy. But taking that mantle into the 21st...

#2 SoundChild Crew
SoundChild Crew (Little Rock, AR)
  Plays: 1005 | Saves: 1700
  Influences: HIP HOP/R & B
  Members: Blu Tantrum, Mista Geech,...
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MTV's "PIMP MY RIDE" featd. SOUNDCHILD CREW won the INDY RAP ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD at the 2008 Southern Entertainment Awards. SoundChild Crew is a hip hop group that is dedicated to honing their skills and perfecting their craft; because of...

#3 Unsigned Artist VICIOUS CIRCLE
VICIOUS CIRCLE (Moncton New Brunswick...)
  Plays: 452 | Saves: 1857
  Members: Robert Finck and Robert Van...
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Just met Robert Van Hassel on Yahoo and created a bunch of tunes together.These are tunes for a second CD Called "Evilicious"

#4 coni67
  Plays: 1133 | Saves: 2661
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist PrzemysL
PrzemysL (Poland)
  Plays: 103 | Saves: 442
  Members: Jacek Mureno -vocal, Michal...
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Since 2002 we 've playd many concerts in our conty. We recordec 2 demo cd and now are finking about recording debt album

#6 Darryl Hill
Darryl Hill (South Easton,MA)
  Plays: 1075 | Saves: 2733
  Influences: whatever you want it to...
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A seasoned multi-instrumental player that's available for works for hire. for full Bio and more photos visit http://www.darryljhill.com

#7 Unsigned Artist Mystyc
Mystyc (Newfoundland, PA)
  Plays: 324 | Saves: 3027
  Influences: Savatage, Dio, Black Sabbath
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Mystyc is a Pocono Mountain based band that is just reforming and re-recording some older and newer material. Formed by Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter Mark Witten in 1998. Mystyc's web site is www.Mystyc.net and a side guitar project is located...

#8 Particle-X
Particle-X (Netherlands)
  Members: Particle-X
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Since 2005 i'm creating trance productions. Blending in different styles of sound. Much of these tracks are underground or non-commercial. Hope u enjoy these mind-trips.

#9 Unsigned Artist ColdSweat
ColdSweat (Omaha, NE)
  Plays: 423 | Saves: 19
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Keith Schroetlin, Jeff...
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ColdSweat has been performing an original blend of hard rock/alternative music since forming in the fall of 2001. Emerging from several small towns that shape the Midwest; ColdSweat formed with a desire and passion for music. The Nebraska based...

#10 Austn
Austn (Snohomish/Seattle)
  Plays: 1268
  Influences: Zappa, Doors, Bowie, Tubes,...
  Members: me, my-self, & I
Artist info

CY_BER_ROCK Computer Nhanced/FX produced songs with streamlined vocals using mind expanding lyrics... entertaining listeners 2 a new level of rock apreciation.... Hi I'm Austn, a Alternative/Ndie music Rtist that has often been accused of being an...