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#1 Unsigned Artist Dramaqueen
Dramaqueen (Port Coquitlam...)
  Influences: influenced by: APC STP AIC
  Members: Sol Dominelli, Garrett...
No artist info

#2 Dirty University
Dirty University (West Palm Beach, FL)
  Influences: Modern Rock
  Members: Mike Sanchez & Biaggio...
Artist info

Dirty University is a modern rock alternative outfit from south Florida. The Dirty University rock sound evolved over years of writing and recording as a band called "The Curve"....Many have said this band should have been signed to a major label...

#3 Unsigned Artist Latina Heat
Latina Heat (Cannock, Staffordshire)
  Influences: Pop Rock
  Members: Cal Lake, Rich Want, Jake...
Artist info

Welcome to Latina Heat. We are a Rock/Pop Quintet from the United Kingdom. We are now booking shows and you can contact us at latinaheat@live.co.uk. We appreciate any help and support and would love to know what you think. We have just...

#4 jb and the gangs pop sensation
jb and the gangs pop sensation (Hoddesdon)
  Plays: 278
  Influences: punk/ska/metal jb and the gang
  Members: Jake Bradbury (jb)-lead...
Artist info

JB & The Gang! are a four piece punk/ska band from the land of Hoddesdon. They have been a band since around December 2005 when non-band members decided to join forces with Squeeze Lever musicians Jake Bradbury (JB) & Jinj. Since then they have...

#5 Unsigned Artist THE LANTERN
  Plays: 184 | Saves: 711
  Members: Big Fuckin' Curt, Brian,...
Artist info

The Lantern formed from of the breakup of War Across Salem and Curt's frustration with not being able to put together a band that does more than practice a couple times. Our guitar and bass positions are now filled. Our influences are bands like...

#6 The Chill
The Chill (Norfolk)
  Plays: 108
  Influences: Prog pop rock, Genisis...
  Members: Kev, Adam, Alex, Jon, Tom
Artist info

See our website for full background, biogs, photos, music, gigs, news, and messages. www.the-chill.moonfruit.com

#7 Unsigned Artist MDG aka BigBad Wolf
MDG aka BigBad Wolf (Los Angeles, CA)
  Plays: 221
  Members: MDG a.k.a. BigBad Wolf
Artist info

MDG a.k.a. BigBad Wolf is an independent producer, singer, rapper and songwriter. Originally from the East Coast, BBW’s love of music started at the age of 4 when he would listen and sing along to songs played in his family’s living room....

#8 steven host
steven host (Paris, France)
  Plays: 5300 | Saves: 3615
  Influences: Archive, Air, Mm, Aphex...
  Members: Steven Host
Artist info

Steven Host is a mix of lots of influences, from Air to Mm, breathing Air, inhaling Squarepusher, swallowing cute melodies... Steven Host is a rejection of the soul, a too heavy past... steven_host@yahoo.fr

#9 Unsigned Artist The Eric Experiment
The Eric Experiment (San Luis Obispo, CA)
  Plays: 104
  Influences: Indie, Experimental,...
  Members: Eric Maneely
Artist info

I have a passion for music. I make music. I record that music. I put that recorded music online. I want my music to live in the hearts of many.

#10 The Cranes
The Cranes (San Antonio, Texas)
  Plays: 1677
  Influences: Steven Curtis Chapman, the...
  Members: Ralph and Sandi Crane
Artist info

Coming from a musical background, Ralph and Sandi Crane have combined to create a family composite, extending the musical talents to the rest of the family. The result is music truly based for the worship of the Lord, the Christian way, and the...