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#1 Unsigned Artist DJ_Llen
DJ_Llen (NY)
  Plays: 960 | Saves: 2476
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This is a new chapter for me. Dont want to judge myself, but i think i hit that level and well...i need to showcase my work. so here i am. check some of my songs out. coments are always welcomed.

#2 Dem Prettyboiz
Dem Prettyboiz (a pitfull of dicks)
  Influences: DICKS
  Members: **** Reyes aka Da Ripped...
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Dem **** GIRLz consists Of ONE member **** Jto put doohnson, NIGRA Johnson, and **** Reyes, they range ages of 13 to 15. **** Johnson who Is the oldest ****, the **** male singer, also crapper of the group was born in NIGGERford, Delaware. He had...

#3 Unsigned Artist Mind Shelter
Mind Shelter (Amsterdam/Holland)
  Plays: 3999 | Saves: 3891
  Members: 5
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Mind Shelter formed in November 2001 has an international line-up with broad musical tastes and styles. Bart (Netherlands) - Vocals, Jonathan (Netherlands) - Guitar, Sebastian (Spain) - Bass, Lexander (Colombia) - Guitar-sequencing-programming,...

#4 Scooby B.
Scooby B. (Toledo,Ohio)
  Plays: 394 | Saves: 926
  Influences: Rap/Gangster Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Tripstick
Tripstick (Pontiac, MI)
  Plays: 843 | Saves: 2570
  Influences: 311, RHCP, Sublime
  Members: Dan Schell, Buddy, Jason...
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Tripstick is one of the most unique rock bands to come out of Detroit. With their explosive blend of reggae, rock and funk they lay down a fresh Detroit style all their own. With close to 25 original tunes and a whole arsenal of “Tripstick...

#6 AnsyA
AnsyA (Italy)
  Influences: Infected Mushroom, The...
Artist info

Top Secret

#7 Unsigned Artist Unfledged Fusion
Unfledged Fusion (Kansas)
  Plays: 3125 | Saves: 2056
  Members: Josh Redd
Artist info

Im Josh redd and im 15. I'm currently a sophomore at Hutchinson High School and while in my broadcasting class I played around with garage band. in a few days this is what i came up with! Enjoy

#8 Alitheia
Alitheia (Miami)
  Influences: tool, alice in chains, NIN
  Members: Guitars - Sandman, Bass -...
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"Alitheia. Housed by The Aquiem. The Aquiem. Reflecting Alitheia. Self. Mirror of The Aquiem. Doorway... ...to Alitheia." Approach to forgotten paradigms. A composite of three key constituents, Alitheia is highly...

#9 Unsigned Artist Into The Flames
Into The Flames (Mt. Vernon, Ky)
  Influences: Thats up to you!
  Members: Ashlee Warren, Jeff Issacs,...
Artist info

Were just a few guys from southern Ky that like to play music and hang out check out this page and leave us some commets tell us what u think or check us out on myspace at www.myspace.com/fireapocalypse see ya soon and GET YA PULL!

  Plays: 392 | Saves: 2314
  Members: Morano
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