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#1 Unsigned Artist The Ghost of My True Love
The Ghost of My True Love (London,Ky)
  Influences: every time i die, chiodos,...
  Members: Shawn, Anthony, Wes, JB,
Artist info

It's the teenage dream - being in a band. What could be said that hasn't been said about 4-5 childhood friends that got together one day and decided to kill boredom by picking up a guitar? Although GOMTL wasn't formed on a playground between the...

#2 Cristian Paduraru
Cristian Paduraru (Romania)
  Plays: 4455 | Saves: 4517
  Influences: Orbital, Underworld, Sasha,...
Artist info

Since 10 February 1980, Cristian Paduraru grew in ROMANIA, mainly Bucharest. Feeling attracted by melodic dance music since childhood. As a teen Cristian started going to clubs (mainly "Studio Martin"). One of Cristian for projects was "Fire In...

#3 Unsigned Artist Carl Mills
Carl Mills (Texas)
  Members: Carl Mills
No artist info

#4 Bad January
Bad January (Independence,WI.)
  Plays: 195
  Influences: Bad January
  Members: DL Schwoch, Jimmy James,...
Artist info

New CD - "Independence" out in early 07 !!! Coming Soon - CD Release & LIVE shows !!! You MUST see them LIVE !!! Check out the website - www.myspace.com/badjanuary

#5 Unsigned Artist ShutterSpeed
ShutterSpeed (Toronto, Ontario)
  Plays: 174
  Influences: Billy Talent, Sum 41, Limp...
  Members: Keith - Vocals, Justin -...
Artist info

Formed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, SHUTERSPEED set to work with the following ingredients: 4 guys - 1 singer, 2 guitars, 1 bass and 1 drum set. What do you get? A combination of energized songs. Canada sure can bust out the young rock stars....

#6 Hi Def
Hi Def
  Plays: 136 | Saves: 493
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins
Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins (Cleveland)
  Plays: 166 | Saves: 577
  Influences: NOfX,guttermouth,misfits
  Members: Johnny Mohawk,Karaoke...
Artist info

Loud, offensive, Drunk rock, from the Rock n' Roll hall of fame city. We are having fun doing what we love to do. Piss people off while making noise.

#8 Amnestysia
Amnestysia (Indonesia , Solo...)
  Plays: 26
  Influences: Nirvana, Radiohead,...
  Members: Donny Martalia [guitar...
Artist info

[universal] Amnestysia form thinking of DonnyMartalia and Dafis Aditama formed on 3 October 2010. They wanted to create a band that had music and exploration of various colors in a minimalist become their own characters might be called New...

#9 Unsigned Artist AnaDies
AnaDies (Colorado Springs, CO)
  Plays: 332 | Saves: 495
  Influences: Lacuna Coil, Acid Bath,...
  Members: Christy Lumberg, Jeff Pyle,...
Artist info

AnaDies blends the diverse musical backgrounds of its members to create a unique, appealing sound featuring lush melodies and punishing aggression. Since AnaDies was formed in early 2003, they have drawn influence from artists such as Lacuna...

#10 FightOrFlight
FightOrFlight (Bath/Bristol)
  Plays: 166 | Saves: 811
  Influences: A7X, johnny truant, in flames
  Members: 5
Artist info

Started 2 years ago by the four original members, Fightorflight became known for there punk abilities. But getting annoyed with the constant comparisons with other bands FOF made there own style, hard, fast and heavy as Fuck. Now woth there...