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#1 Unsigned Artist D.G.H.B
D.G.H.B (Montreal)
  Plays: 394 | Saves: 950
  Members: Mathieu Langevin
Artist info

D.G.H.B est le projet rap-electro de Mathieu Langevin,un jeune musicien misantrophe de Montreal.En 2000,baignant béat dans l'alcool et renaclant chroniquement la mescaline,il commence a composer des rythmes et a raper en dilletante,dans un effort...

#2 Jim Brown
Jim Brown
  Plays: 145 | Saves: 249
  Members: Jim Brown
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Only for champions
Only for champions (Toronto)
  Plays: 195 | Saves: 335
  Members: Dante, That Dude, Jay Seale
Artist info

Toronto, Ontario’s O.F.C. (Only for Champions), comprise of three young men all whom grew up with one another. Knowing each other since childhood has allowed each member to understand the other and feed off of each talent. These three young men...

#4 Fighting for Nothing
Fighting for Nothing (Spokane, WA)
  Influences: FFN
  Members: Jordan Thompson- Vocals *...
Artist info

With hard swinging melodies, chunky guitar lines, a wild stage act, and pure ambition: FFN has created quite a stir in the Pacific Northwest. Hitting the local music scene in February 2005, their first performance was opening for a platinum act--...

#5 Unsigned Artist Louis Cooper-Hughes
Louis Cooper-Hughes (Lancashire, UK)
  Plays: 75 | Saves: 458
  Influences: Home Video, Radiohead, Noel...
  Members: Louis Cooper-Hughes
Artist info

"Louis Cooper-Hughes is a british musician and producer. He originally began making music at age 15 where he was in and out of many bands while at school. He played lead/rhythm guitar and vocals for the Shropshire based alternative rock band Like...

#6 wrath pride sloth
wrath pride sloth (AKRON ohio)
  Plays: 164 | Saves: 1517
  Members: luke, tony, and kyle stetzik
Artist info

We are two brothers and a father who entered into a musical side-project. The name for this group comes from the deadly sin we are guilty of and the album name comes from a common weakness we share. This record was produced and recorded in our...

#7 Unsigned Artist Into The Fray
Into The Fray (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Plays: 353 | Saves: 1151
  Influences: something magical.
  Members: Josh Kreydatus
Artist info

"Mecurial dissonance fed by the fires of raw passion through the psyche unexplained. The romantic pianist possessed by sine, triangle and sawtooth. Vice Versa. The fusion of organic elements with electronics. Forged by the hammer of...

#8 Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson (Leicester, United Kingdon)
  Plays: 188
  Members: solo
Artist info

Christopher Johnson is a brand new solo artist based in Leicester. With guitar tunings and a voice that is completely unique, his music has already captured the attentions of a wide audience in the area. Influenced by artists such as Ray...

#9 Unsigned Artist Chalandon
Chalandon (Indiana)
  Plays: 1097 | Saves: 1621
Artist info

I'm Just a Humble servent of our Lord Jesus Christ trying to spead the gospel through anointed music. The single "Life is a Process" is Available now in online stores itunes, Amazon.com, Deezer.com, Play.com, Emusic. Follow Me on twitter...

TRISHA (London)
  Plays: 1504 | Saves: 1677
  Influences: Pop/Rock/Electronica
  Members: Me
Artist info

Female: lyricist/singer/songwriter, mainstream commercial, pop/rock/electronica music market. I am born/bred west london/uk. I believe strongly/firmly justice, in standing up for personal rights. I was born into a very much dysfunctional,...