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#1 Unsigned Artist JK aka Killah keat
JK aka Killah keat (Peterborough, NH)
  Plays: 81
  Influences: hip hop
No artist info

#2 The Infintie Moon
The Infintie Moon (Dearborn, MI)
  Plays: 234 | Saves: 1422
  Influences: Tenacious D, The College...
  Members: Michael Dimovich, Aaron Ziaja
Artist info

Hello everyone. We are the Infinite Moon. By we, i mean Michael Dimovich and Aaron Ziaja. You are probably wondering, who are these two outstanding young beautiful people? We are an acoustic/keyboard band out of Dearborn and Grosse Ile, MI. We...

#3 Unsigned Artist Latina Heat
Latina Heat (Cannock, Staffordshire)
  Influences: Pop Rock
  Members: Cal Lake, Rich Want, Jake...
Artist info

Welcome to Latina Heat. We are a Rock/Pop Quintet from the United Kingdom. We are now booking shows and you can contact us at latinaheat@live.co.uk. We appreciate any help and support and would love to know what you think. We have just...

  Plays: 2935 | Saves: 1682
  Members: ME
Artist info

Slender Fungus was once a four piece Ska/Punk band. The band members all got older and kind of went their own ways. However, I got back together to reform with myself and The Fungus is now a solo act. Sounds like a tour bus crash involving...

#5 Unsigned Artist Colby and Awu
Colby and Awu (Phoenix, Arizona...)
  Influences: Michael Franti and...
  Members: Colby Jeffers and Awu Donson
Artist info

Www.ColbyandAwu.com www.Facebook.com/ColbyandAwu Colby (from the United States) and Awu (from Cameroon, Africa) met in Bamenda, Cameroon, through their volunteerism with the international environmental NGO "The Greens." They each share...

#6 Katyusha
Katyusha (Sweden)
  Plays: 153 | Saves: 475
  Influences: New Model Army, Nirvana,...
  Members: Mathias Aberg, Daniel...
Artist info

Formed in 1999 released one album "This Burning Shroud" and two demos "Your Betutiful Garden" and "No Man Illegal". Has also cooperated with a bit with artists on different projects. For example interpretations of legendary songwriter Joe Hill's...

#7 Unsigned Artist Among Millennials
Among Millennials (Rochester, NY)
  Influences: Fit For A King, ERRA,...
  Members: Jordan Riesenberger
No artist info

#8 Nick Rallis Band
Nick Rallis Band (Sioux Falls, SD)
  Plays: 1449 | Saves: 1642
  Influences: Alternative Rock
  Members: Nick Rallis, Ryan Rickert,...
Artist info

The Nick Rallis Band is an Independent acoustic/rock/pop band from South Dakota established by Nick Rallis in 2008. Each member has an extraordinary amount of musical vision and talent that when put together, create amazing harmonies and a...

#9 Unsigned Artist Babe Broa
Babe Broa (virginia)
  Plays: 758 | Saves: 1231
  Members: 1
Artist info

Babe Broa grew up in the small country town of Chatham, Virginia where he grew up as the average high school Basketball star, but there was something else he had potential to become a star in, music! Music has always been a magnet, so to speak,...

#10 rinyville
rinyville (The Netherlands)
  Plays: 1820 | Saves: 4690
  Influences: Johnny Cash, Wilco, Paul...
  Members: Riny
Artist info

Just visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/rinyville or www.reverbnation.com/rinyville