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#1 Unsigned Artist Sol Metts
Sol Metts (Washington, DC)
  Plays: 2966 | Saves: 1719
  Influences: Pop
  Members: Sol Metts
Artist info

Born in Oxon, England. I've been playing and singing most of my life. Currently residing in the metro DC area. I have been experimenting with digital recording of previously written material since 2001. I am releasing 12 tracks that represent some...

#2 Lady Demo
Lady Demo
  Plays: 1399 | Saves: 1304
  Influences: Herrself Her own Unique style
Artist info

Im a spanish 21 year old female rapper from the Bronx. I love to write,rap,dance, and perform and most of all give the public what it wants. Im determined to make it to open up doors for others like me trying to make it. Thats why I have the...

#3 Unsigned Artist J. K. Coltrain
J. K. Coltrain (Nashville, TN)
  Plays: 955
  Influences: J. K. Coltrain I hope:) I...
Artist info

J. K. Coltrain was born in Columbus, Ohio. He spent his early childhood days between there and West Virginia where his parents operated a small Mom & Pop grocery store. His Dad also was an excellent auto mechanic and in fact owned a number of...

  Plays: 89 | Saves: 358
  Influences: hiphop,rnb, rap, dance,...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Halomobilo
  Plays: 2085 | Saves: 1759
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#6 Remelic
  Plays: 1707 | Saves: 2040
  Influences: Metallica, Godsmack, Pink...
Artist info

NEWS---- As of May 1 2007, we have finally written and recorded the songs for our next album. We are in the phase of second draft before mastering. The finish is in sight. Thanks too all our fans for being so patient. This CD will kick the...

#7 Unsigned Artist Celine Berman & Jazztrack
Celine Berman & Jazztrack (Charlotte, North...)
  Plays: 733 | Saves: 1935
  Influences: Astrud Gilberto, Julie...
Artist info

Originally from Montral, Canada, vocalist Cline Berman stepped out onto the Charlotte, NC music scene with the launch of her band, Jazztrack, in August 1996. Cline studied with Patty Coker, a prominent improvisation educator in Knoxville,...

#8 TheBambiKillersUK
TheBambiKillersUK (Swansea UK)
  Plays: 134 | Saves: 1102
  Members: Cluffy - vox,Pumba -...
Artist info

Bambi Killers are a four piece punk rock band hailing from the bleak streets of Swansea whose sound cannot be pinned down to just one style. Lead by Cluffy, who spews forth jolting lyrics in a raw mix of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll sleaze...

#9 Unsigned Artist Subculture Stereo
Subculture Stereo (Western Massachusetts)
  Plays: 2889 | Saves: 5916
  Influences: The Stooges, Devo, Black...
  Members: Dillon, Dave, Ted, Ken, Scott
Artist info

Bio: Dillon and Dave began writing songs in 2007. Since the birth of Subculture Stereo, many line up changes took place before the final line up which consists of Dillon on vocals and keys, Dave on guitar, Ken on guitar, Ted on Bass and vocals,...

#10 Jacob Juicebox
Jacob Juicebox (Ohio)
  Members: Jacob JuiceBox, Michael Lykins
Artist info

Rapper, skater, recovering heroin addict since 12/1/15 #garbageyouth 💔💔💔 follow me on Instagram: garbage_youth “casket” video out now ⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://youtu.be/4qZDQJKVmh0