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#1 Unsigned Artist Jason Bowen
Jason Bowen (Nashville TN)
  Plays: 2291 | Saves: 3794
  Influences: Luke Bryan
  Members: Jason B, David A, Chad H,...
Artist info

Jason Bowen’s Biography Jason Bowen was born in Peachtree City, GA. He was raised in Richland, Michigan, where he still lives. He went to school at Gull Lake. Bowen started playing guitar and singing in the 8th Grade. When he was in high school...

#2 Sigma12
Sigma12 (England, Swindon)
  Plays: 86 | Saves: 207
  Influences: The Cure, Stranglers, White...
  Members: Daniel Todd, Sam Widdowson,...
Artist info

Traveled back in time from 2036, Sigma12 are willing to change the music history for better!!!!

#3 Unsigned Artist kidjam23
  Plays: 231 | Saves: 978
No artist info

#4 Weird Bugger
Weird Bugger (Netherlands)
  Plays: 290
  Influences: 70' Rock, Psychedelic Funk,...
  Members: Weird Bugger
Artist info

What would you get if you mixed Moby with Led Zeppelin, Massive Attack with Pink Floyd or The Chemical Brothers with The Velvet Underground? In 2010, after not having played a single note for 10 years, Dutch multi-instrumentalist Weird Bugger...

#5 Unsigned Artist In the Absence
In the Absence (Toronto ON.)
  Plays: 1138 | Saves: 3293
  Influences: poisonthewell, hopesfall
  Members: Danny Smith, Shane Hayes,...
Artist info

Approaching the end of 2003, Danny, Richard, Evan and "The new no Drew" Had started a band that was known as "In the Absence of Light". Due to personal issues and the destruction of one of the jam rooms at cactus, and having no fundage to pay for...

SHAWNWON (Detroit)
  Plays: 320
  Influences: No one
Artist info

Get at me, the beat that are up are $25 for NON

#7 Unsigned Artist The Kick Inside
The Kick Inside
No artist info

#8 big el
big el (oakland,ca)
  Plays: 829 | Saves: 1192
  Members: Big El and production by...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist GlassAndSteel
GlassAndSteel (Providence, Rhode Island)
  Influences: Hear us at...
  Members: David Rocha and Chris Webster
Artist info

(see www.revernation.com/glassandsteel for more!) Music is often seen as an entertainment medium, but it can also serve as a transformative tool that can broaden people's horizons and give the clarity of better self-understanding. GlassAndSteel...

  Plays: 200 | Saves: 824
  Influences: NO ONE
  Members: 1
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