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#1 Unsigned Artist The New Empire
The New Empire (C-Stream)
  Plays: 2977
Artist info

These are all demos for new Evil Empire songs. We play most of them at shows - only a few have lyrics and only "I Am Man" has them recorded Check out more songs here: ...

#2 Protege
Protege (Long Beach)
  Plays: 246 | Saves: 675
  Influences: Good music
Artist info

Protégé also known as Monte Cristo resides in Long Beach, CA were many successful artists originated from, including Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Warren G and many others. Protégé got into Hip-Hop when he was 8 years old by composing meaningless little...

#3 Unsigned Artist Marty Schmid
Marty Schmid (Columbia, SC)
  Plays: 49 | Saves: 271
No artist info

#4 Grand Harmonic.
Grand Harmonic. (Bromley, London, UK)
  Plays: 129 | Saves: 360
  Influences: Johnny Cash on acid
  Members: Nat B, Dan W, Narada, Dave...
Artist info

The music started with their dad who achieved chart success in the 60's with a band called "The Cheetahs". Successes included 2 Top 40 UK hits and NO 1's in 5 countries including Russia, Australia and Poland. They even appeared on the front cover...

#5 Unsigned Artist Wednesday's Attraction
Wednesday's Attraction
  Influences: Daphne Loves Derby, Relient...
Artist info

Our band is made up of me, Judah Jernigan (lead vocals, guitar), and Andrew Perry (Lead Guitar). We've been working on some new music lately, we're young and we love music.

#6 Shayla Day
Shayla Day
  Plays: 1227
Artist info

For the most up-to-date info, check out http://www.shayladay.com!

#7 Unsigned Artist Dead Letter Office
Dead Letter Office
  Plays: 176 | Saves: 811
  Influences: Radiohead, Jeff Buckley,...
Artist info

A Post-Prog-Industrial-Pop-Electro-British-White-Middleclass-Disturbed-Depressed-Melodic- Rock band from a small town in the middle of Nowhere. DLO IS: Benjamin Hiorns: Vocals, Geetars, Song Writer Ben Allen: Keyboards Ben Foxall: Geetars...

#8 Polish The Sounds
Polish The Sounds (Gdynia, 3miasto - Poland)
  Plays: 660
  Influences: Electronic & Alternative...
  Members: Marek_F.
Artist info

Between hardcore, extreme rough electronic and commercial, one-season disposable dance enterprises - there is a creative space for positive vibes and energetic, mood music in electronica, trance, electro, techno, house, downtempo and ambient...

#9 Unsigned Artist Post Kapital
Post Kapital (New Jersey)
  Plays: 159 | Saves: 374
  Influences: New Wave
  Members: Andres Gomez,Austin...
Artist info

Beginning in January of 2006, Post Kapital came to be when Austin Peter and Andres Gomez, of Veritas, came together with Bryan Kielty (The Mesh), and Nicole Baumgartner (Your Despondent Smile), for their first gig at the Grist Mill Cafe....

#10 Rich Lipski
Rich Lipski (Hanover, PA)
  Plays: 80
  Influences: Jack Johnson, Beatles, Oasis
  Members: Rich Lipski
Artist info

Rich Lipski is a singer-songwriter from the south central Pennsylvania area. Influenced by a diverse group of artists such as the Beatles, Jack Johnson, The Clash, Bob Marley, Rich has developed a sound that is best described as acoustic rock with...