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#1 Unsigned Artist Blue Jar
Blue Jar (Belfast N.Ireland)
  Plays: 2270 | Saves: 2803
  Members: Lesley Dennison, Tommy...
Artist info

Blue Jar combines the panache of Grappelli with Gypsy flamboyance, yet balances this passion with a dreamy, atmospheric classical sound”. The group has played throughout Europe and Africa and continue to play in festivals throughout England and...

#2 Band Vault TV
Band Vault TV (London, UK)
  Influences: James Bay, Adele, Viola...
Artist info

Band Vault TV is an Arts Organisation and an on-line channel for the contemporary and popular music culture, broadcasting original music videos, live acoustic performances, interviews and lots more. We are a platform supported by students,...

#3 Unsigned Artist WIG
WIG (Criagavon, Northern...)
  Members: James, william, dannel and...
Artist info

This band wants to hit is big we really want to and we hope you like the music we play

#4 carol
  Plays: 1109 | Saves: 938
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Shake Appeal
Shake Appeal (switzerland)
  Plays: 609 | Saves: 41
  Influences: rock n'fucking roll
Artist info


#6 No Dawn
No Dawn (Steinkjer, Norway)
  Plays: 347 | Saves: 732
  Influences: Early In FLames, At the...
  Members: Steinar, Ludvik, Tor Erik,...
Artist info

No Dawn hails from Steinkjer, Norway. The music can be described as melodic thrash/death-metal. From a wide source of inspiration within the band, a somewhat unique sound has emerged. It all started in the summer of 2002, when Steinar,...

#7 Unsigned Artist Warm Machine
Warm Machine (USA)
  Plays: 301 | Saves: 1000
  Influences: Electronic, Down-beat,...
  Members: Brandon
No artist info

DJ FYB (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
  Plays: 1045 | Saves: 8
  Members: François-Yanick Bourassa
Artist info

I'm basically somebody who likes to touch a bit of everything. But music has been in my life all the time. I play piano and synthesizer since always - starting at 10 year old. I am very attracted by many style of music and what you see here is...

#9 Unsigned Artist The Baby Grands
The Baby Grands (Atlanta, GA)
  Plays: 331
  Members: Donny Todd, Marc Castelo, &...
Artist info

"ALT ROCK FOR KIDS THAT WON'T DRIVE THE ADULTS CRAZY" It's been a parched musical landscape for a long time, but like manna from kid music heaven, The Baby Grands-the Atlanta based musical trio of lead vocalist Donny Todd, producer,...

#10 TimeSquad
  Plays: 294 | Saves: 1552
Artist info

I am what I am but for what I am I would not blacken your door, nor my face 4U