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#1 Unsigned Artist Peter James Doughty
Peter James Doughty (Springfield, MO,USA)
  Plays: 177
  Influences: GOTYE, TV on the Radio,...
  Members: Peter James Doughty
Artist info

Im 32 years old been singing my whole life and got into production more recently. Im very interested in working with anyone who feels my voice may fit there music. please contact me with your songs and lets get collaborating!

#2 Benedict
Benedict (Bondi, Sydney Australia)
  Plays: 1257 | Saves: 1417
  Influences: Synth pop
  Members: Benedict
Artist info

Hi all you ber-sexy people!! you think you're a star dont you? DREAM oN you're NOT a star you might be super-star and you might even be a super-duper-star BUT I AM A super-duper-mega-star lets just start by...

#3 Unsigned Artist rex razor
rex razor (abuja, nigeria)
  Plays: 641 | Saves: 855
  Influences: 2pac
Artist info

REX RAZOR: writer, rapper, singer and poet born Richard Shekari. from Abuja, Nigeria. please show some support, like my page and follow me on twitter, i will follow back ASAP: www.facebook.com/rexrazor1 www.twitter.com/TheRealRexRazor

#4 Fear Of Sharks
Fear Of Sharks (Sheffield, UK)
  Plays: 38
  Influences: Architects, Dance Gavin...
  Members: Tom Husbands, Andy Wardle,...
Artist info

We are not actually scared of sharks, as they are only dangerous when ...

#5 Unsigned Artist DEAFENING
DEAFENING (Houston Texas)
  Plays: 611 | Saves: 1342
  Influences: The Deftones, Disturbed,...
  Members: TONY, CARLOS, and MUTTLEY
Artist info

Yeah, Im a sniper! Im just the dog who doesnt care! Is this the scream of madness from a ruthless assassin with no emotions? No, its just the opening line to Deafenings latest release, Herize: A Deafening Experience. It all began in the...

#6 Kaju DXT
Kaju DXT (Abidjan)
  Plays: 81 | Saves: 349
  Influences: michael jackson , bob...
  Members: kaju
Artist info

Kaju Dxt est un Ingénieur de son ( live , Arrangeur) , Artistes chanteur et musiciens , ayant signer sur le label BBMT Depuis son bas âge il **** initier aux instruments par son père lui-même musicien, déjà à 17 ans kaju passe de musicien,...

#7 Unsigned Artist Creator
Creator (Memphis, TN)
  Influences: Gideon, The Ghost Inside,...
  Members: Ryan Stephens, Nick...
Artist info

Creator is a heavy hardcore band from Memphis, TN. Starting in the spring of 2011, they guys in Creator got together with a common love and a common goal. The common love is music of all kinds especially Hardcore and Metal. The common goal was...

#8 Aleksandr Saltovskiy
Aleksandr Saltovskiy
  Plays: 402
  Influences: pop, r&b, rap, hip hop
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist The Sin
The Sin (Cape Town , South Africa)
  Plays: 2251 | Saves: 3251
  Influences: Rock, alternative
  Members: Shaun, Niel, Robyn, Shana,...
Artist info


  Plays: 428 | Saves: 1137
Artist info

"King Loverr" type his name in any search engine whether goggle, or yahoo he's everywhere. Born under the love zodiac sign Taurus deep voice baritone of love "King Loverr" was born May 11, 1984. With his music page on...