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#1 Unsigned Artist Cloth And Canvas
Cloth And Canvas (Las Vegas, NV)
  Plays: 334
  Influences: Experimental HipHop R&B...
  Members: Hassan (Lyricist), Jus-B...
Artist info

Cloth and Canvas was originally formed in May 2008. Initially it started out as a ,"Let's see what happens", kind of musical collaboration. As songs began to surface organically, so too did the reality of the collective take on a life of it's own....

#2 Toast
Toast (Austin, Tx)
  Plays: 530 | Saves: 1273
  Influences: Santana, Joe Satriani, John...
  Members: James Pate, John Brown,...
Artist info

Greek for, "The body is the tomb for the soul". This recorded at the Shine Gallery in El Paso, Tx. Recorded by Joey Cazares (Ministry). Mastered at Rosewood Studios by Mike Majors (At The Drive In, Sparta). We now live in Austin, Tx....

#3 Unsigned Artist cj
cj (new haven)
  Influences: rick ross / lilwayne / t...
Artist info

tryinng to put my music to looking for a producer

#4 philipdossett
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Monroe EFfect
Monroe EFfect (Monterrey, Mexico)
  Plays: 1299 | Saves: 1513
  Influences: Metallica, Megadeth, Dream...
  Members: Rodrigo Lobo, Alejandro...
Artist info

Rodrigo Lobo started playing drums about a year and a half ago and is slowly improving. Alejandro Torres has been playing guitar for roughly 5 years, and is quite the shredder. He also plays bass Jerry Villarreal has been playing guitar for some...

#6 Snorting Mushroom
Snorting Mushroom (Michigan, U.S.A)
  Plays: 1653 | Saves: 3056
  Influences: ROCK
  Members: nick schwartz, Matt Ushman
Artist info

Umm... we Are... thats it, like god, We Just Are THATS RIGHT!!! SNORTING MUSHROOM IS!!! fool

#7 Unsigned Artist GhettoYouthRap
GhettoYouthRap (Maamobi-Nima)
  Plays: 14
  Influences: Krsone, 2pac, nas,...
Artist info

I am #GhettoYouthRap and I am the Voice of the #GhettoYouths World Wide.

#8 Unit 4
Unit 4 (Birmingham, England)
  Plays: 242 | Saves: 427
  Influences: Cure, Smiths
  Members: Jay Wilson, Robert Regen,...
Artist info

Every now and then, a band emerges that reaches out and speaks to the listener. Unit 4, with singer Jay Wilson is such a band. Formed in Birmingham in 2003, they have quickly developed a devoted following. The presence - combined with the both...

#9 Unsigned Artist Thadd Williams-The Great One
Thadd Williams-The Great One (Columbia, SC)
  Plays: 166 | Saves: 558
Artist info

These days it's hard out here for a rapper. Being lyrical is not enough. You have to make up the complete package. You have to look the part, act the part, and be the part. The girls have to love you and the guys have to want to be you. You have...

  Plays: 418
No artist info