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#1 Unsigned Artist UMEED
  Plays: 254 | Saves: 185
Artist info

Http://www.umeed.net http://www.myspace.com/umeedband

#2 The Joe Parr Band
The Joe Parr Band (Fairfield, Nebraska)
  Plays: 2149 | Saves: 5
  Members: Joe Parr
Artist info

Joe Parr plays classic and original rock, country, and blues in central Nebraska.

#3 Unsigned Artist 61P
61P (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
  Plays: 366 | Saves: 1018
  Members: agent61 & phadnis
Artist info

61P is a collaboration of two local ottawa artists agent61 & phadnis. two songs available presently, give 'er a check!

#4 Ragnar
  Plays: 2582 | Saves: 4283
Artist info

Ragnar is a self motivated Black Metal project of mine.I had no assistance on making my music and the thoughts there in are mine and mine alone.Enjoy this rare treat of Black Metal. Toki-

#5 Unsigned Artist e-sod
e-sod (Riverside, CA)
  Plays: 556 | Saves: 2169
  Influences: Independent Rap-Hip Hop
  Members: Me Lewis aka E-sod
Artist info

Independent hiphop/rap/spoken word artist. Contact Info: www.e-sod.bandcamp.com www.youtube.com/scarredwords www.facebook.com/EsodOfficial www.soundcloud.com/e-sod www.twitter.com/esodrap

#6 Ryan Shea
Ryan Shea
  Plays: 226 | Saves: 718
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Slowly but Stoned
Slowly but Stoned (Blackburn)
  Plays: 636
  Influences: Easy Listening
  Members: Ste Brady and Sarah Mason
Artist info

Music has always been our passion!! yes I know thats an old line and probably one you've heard before but...... From Ste learning guitar and every Oasis song going in his early teens, To Sarah learning lyrics to the many female greats like Eva...

#8 Ainjel Emme
Ainjel Emme (Austin, Texas)
  Plays: 1022 | Saves: 1084
  Members: Ainjel Emme
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#9 Unsigned Artist fred
fred (Cork, Ireland)
  Plays: 68 | Saves: 792
  Members: Joseph O' Leary, Jamie...
Artist info

FRED are the most exciting band to come out of Ireland in a long time. The 5 piece from Cork City have exploded onto the Irish music scene and now look set to launch their unique brand of high-energy odd-rock on the rest of the planet. ôLike Sly &...

#10 Reset The World
Reset The World
Artist info

Tick, tock....