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#1 Unsigned Artist Ice Cold
Ice Cold (Yaounde,Cameroon)
  Plays: 182 | Saves: 506
  Influences: 2pac,biggie
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#2 Aleksandr Saltovskiy
Aleksandr Saltovskiy
  Plays: 402
  Influences: pop, r&b, rap, hip hop
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist aktion
aktion (Waikiki, HI)
  Plays: 1
  Members: Aktion, G-Stamp, E-Legal,...
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...from the bottom! google : "TWENTYBIRDZ HAWAII" for more info & music. http://www.reverbnation.com/aktion22

#4 Major League
Major League (New Jersey/ North...)
  Plays: 1093
  Influences: Jay-Z, G-Unit, 50 Cent, Joe...
  Members: Doe Boy, Blaze, Ace, Storm,...
Artist info

Major League started when Doe Boy & Blaze met online. They started collabing and figured they start a group together since they worked so good together. Blaze had his own group BSR (BlazeinStorm) which included Blaze & Storm. So instantly Storm...

#5 Unsigned Artist Midriff
Midriff (Minneapolis, MN)
  Plays: 1127 | Saves: 1871
  Influences: Sublime, Goldfinger, NOFX,...
  Members: Chad Wild Clay, Casey...
Artist info

3 childhood friends from the quiet town of Winona, MN who met in karate class formed a band in 1995 and soon started playing ska and punk music after being heavily influenced by bands like Sublime, Goldfinger, Operation Ivy, Less Than Jake, Rancid...

#6 HyperDream
HyperDream (Serbia)
  Plays: 1035 | Saves: 2144
  Influences: Evanescence, Within...
  Members: Charna Ljubinkovic and...
Artist info

Hyperdream is an alternative band from Serbia experimenting with different sounds and genres. It is not just a music project but also a point of view. The members of HyperDream are Juliet Eis (vocals) and Scissorman (instrumentals)...

#7 Unsigned Artist DJAZUK
DJAZUK (Colchester Essex UK)
  Plays: 2564 | Saves: 1788
  Influences: trance techno house garage...
  Members: DJ AZ
Artist info

Im a dj and producer from the uk ive been dj'n for 13 years on and off and i now own with my other half lady dva a radio station streamline fm which is on the net ive been producing music for 8 years now produced 16 albums 2 compilations and...

#8 Halion
Artist info

Paolo pesenti in arte (synthedit) nasce in Italia nel 1974 fin da piccolo a la passione per la musica a 17 anni prende il suo primo sintetizzatore seguito da un campionatore fino a quando a circa 30 anni scopre la computer music con la...

#9 Unsigned Artist Revived
Revived (London)
  Influences: Revived
  Members: Michael Lynch
Artist info

'Revived', the only one word needed to describe the overall premise of the music. A combination of lyrically thought provoking design with simple yet complex lyrics, based around life and driven by emotion.

#10 Project Genocide
Project Genocide (Boden, Sweden)
  Plays: 741 | Saves: 1232
  Members: Roberth Lindstrom - Guitar,...
No artist info