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#1 Unsigned Artist Dopamine Minnesota
Dopamine Minnesota (Minneapolis Minnesota)
  Plays: 644 | Saves: 2407
  Influences: Hardcore Punk and Grunge:...
  Members: Matt - Bass, Payton -...
Artist info

Dopamine is an unsigned three piece hardcore punk/grunge band based in Southwest Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have elements of Husker Du, Nirvana, Minor Threat, Candlebox and similar bands in our stlye.

#2 Step Zero
Step Zero
  Plays: 119
  Influences: Raprock, Rapcore,...
  Members: Aric Fleury, Martin Harp,...
Artist info

We are Step Zero a unique band with a unique formation and sound, the bio is on our website and I dont feel like rewriting it! ...

#3 Unsigned Artist Edward Andjey
Edward Andjey (Spain, Malaga)
  Plays: 153 | Saves: 625
  Influences: Deep Purple, The Beatles,...
  Members: 1
Artist info

Edward Andjey (real name Andrii Kovalskyi, 19 august 1989) is an Ukrainian rock musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter. Born in small town Chernivtsi in Ukraine. At the age of 9 years first time took the guitar to play hard rock influenced by...

#4 Sheldon Rourke
Sheldon Rourke (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Plays: 1416 | Saves: 3556
  Influences: Dangerous fun???...The...
  Members: Up to 4...depending on the...
Artist info

April fool's 1993...Fed up with singers with egos & no songwriting talent...Sheldon Rourke formed The Hoax Inc. & has never looked back...taking over vocals & all guitar chores...in other words...taking the bull by the horns! Over 1000 shows...

#5 Unsigned Artist eNeS
eNeS (Marquette, MI)
  Plays: 733 | Saves: 263
  Influences: experimental hip/hop
  Members: bwhitz
Artist info

ENeS is a group that is focused on the more experimental side of hip/hop. So far these are all instrumentals. Hopefully soon we will have some vocals for the tracks.

#6 The Psycho Nubs
The Psycho Nubs (Richmond, IN & Los...)
  Plays: 317 | Saves: 1159
  Members: Brandon Owens, Nick Shadle
Artist info

The Psycho Nubs are a DIY punk rock duo originally from Richmond, IN but now call Los Angeles and Indianapolis home. The duo of Nick Shadle and Brandon Owens has been together writing, recording, and playing live since their inception in 1996....

#7 Unsigned Artist London Desert Mountains
London Desert Mountains (London)
  Plays: 437 | Saves: 650
  Influences: Air, Deep Forest
  Members: Mel Malgand
Artist info

New single launched: " Rays". New website launched: http://www.londondesertmountains.com

#8 AMillionDrones
AMillionDrones (Lancaster, PA)
  Plays: 490 | Saves: 1093
  Influences: STP, Velvet Revolver, G N...
  Members: Alex Wiest, Gary Conahan,...
Artist info

A Million Drones was formed in November 2011 as a group of ex. metal band musicians looking to stray from the local metal scene and create something different. Former Twelve After members, lead vocalist Alex Wiest and lead guitar player Ashton...

#9 Unsigned Artist Empty
Empty (Sydney, Australia)
  Plays: 441 | Saves: 1715
  Influences: Front Line Assembly,...
  Members: A Potter, D Brunet
Artist info

The Australian band Empty began in 2005 as a studio project by Sydney based musicians Aaron Potter and Daniel Brunet. The debut EP in 2006 carved an emotive and complex trail into the Electro-Industrial genre by combining pulsing electronics...

#10 Heat From a DeadStar
Heat From a DeadStar
No artist info