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#1 Unsigned Artist Another Dead Hero
Another Dead Hero (Lancashire)
  Members: Josh - Vocals, Craig -...
Artist info

"Springing from the darkened depths of the underworld is a band so powerful they could bring life to a graveyard and wake the dead." The past - Another Dead Hero are a grunge/rock band which formed in 2003 and have stormed almost 100 venues to...

#2 Beyond Ruin
Beyond Ruin (Manchester, UK)
  Plays: 397 | Saves: 1408
  Influences: Caliban, Unearth, Raging...
  Members: Adam,Alix,Charlie,Mark & Tib
Artist info

One day in 2004AD two random metal fuckers visited a lovely indoor hatebreed gig and experienced the wrath of the pit. From that day forth, the two lonely souls named The Mighty Adam and Feeble Mark (haha) pledged to rock the underworld with...

#3 Unsigned Artist 1Rail
  Plays: 181 | Saves: 569
  Influences: 1Rail
Artist info

1Rail (recording artist, song writer, producer, actor,). 1Rail developed love for music in his younger days ,as a 6 year old he was a Michael Jackson fan he started out break dancing as a lil’ kid till he got introduced to other genres of music...

#4 roughcopies
roughcopies (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
  Members: roughcopies
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#5 Unsigned Artist Old World New
Old World New (USA (CA))
  Influences: Electronic blend
  Members: Cult of the Dead (and...
Artist info

Since we enjoy all types of music, we set out to blend different music that we appreciate. We find it rewarding to challenge our mixing abilities to create new sounds from old sounds. Our main influence is World music. In the US music range is...

#6 Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band
Johnny Rodes Outlaw Band (Nashville Tennessee)
  Plays: 1036 | Saves: 778
  Influences: Skynyrd, Montgomery Gentry,...
Artist info

Biography When you meet Johnny Rodes, you are struck by the polite power in his voice and manner. Heres a man who could kick your butt up and down Music Row physically and musically, but he is too much of a (Southern) (country) gentleman for that....

#7 Unsigned Artist Young Georgian Lolitaz
Young Georgian Lolitaz (Tbilisi, Georgia, Europe)
  Plays: 347 | Saves: 536
Artist info

Young Georgian Lolitaz formed in Tbilisi, Georgia* in Summer, 2000. All presented tracks are composed and recorded by Y.G.L. frontman Nika Kocharov in an apartment-based desktop studio. The band members are: Nika Kocharov - Guitar, Vocal,...

#8 SwiftKickSix
SwiftKickSix (Kearney, Nebraska)
  Plays: 251 | Saves: 300
  Influences: classic meets metal
  Members: John-Vocals, Bill-Drums,...
Artist info

After taking about a year for John-singer and Josh-rythum they decided to get serious on the whole band aspect and went through a series of Bass players and Drummers. It was time to seek and destroy for John and Josh, adding Jerod-Lead and...

#9 Unsigned Artist Daffodil Sword
Daffodil Sword (Nottingham)
  Plays: 224 | Saves: 1322
  Influences: a improvised instrumental...
  Members: Paul Mayes, Mark Braddock,...
Artist info

Paul Mayes, 26 (guitar), Mark Braddock, 27 (bass), Matt Braddock, 23 (drums) A 3 piece band from Nottingham, UK Please sign our guestbook to support the band and be updated on any future releases... (however far in the future) Check Out......

INTERSTATE (South Wales, UK)
  Plays: 2621 | Saves: 2356
  Influences: Nothing heard before
  Members: Mike, Phil, Gareth, Rhys, Paul
Artist info

Five piece band from South Wales, UK. Sledge hammer guitar licks and tub thumping drums. Cool vocals and shredding guitar solos