Letter 5

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#1 Unsigned Artist PSP-KID
  Plays: 985 | Saves: 1962
No artist info

#2 Gemma-G
Gemma-G (scotland)
  Plays: 1379 | Saves: 2226
  Influences: Adele, Taylor Swift, lady...
  Members: Gemma G
Artist info

Name:Gemma Grant Age:14 Birthday: 30th August Instruments: Guitar and Singing Genre: Pop/Country Pop I would love to be able to be a musician because its all I've ever wanted to do in life. My music is my world. ...

#3 Unsigned Artist Quick Ditch
Quick Ditch (Eugene, OR)
  Plays: 206 | Saves: 1126
  Influences: Joy Division, Sonic Youth,...
  Members: Michael, Tyler, Trevor,...
Artist info

There's a certain kind of sound we're after... and we're still chasing it. http://www.myspace.com/quickditch

#4 Dreamwind
Dreamwind (Birmingham, Alabama)
  Plays: 650 | Saves: 2321
  Influences: Tangerine Dream
  Members: Rick Bales, Andy Douglas,...
Artist info

Bio: Dreamwind Band What is Dreamwind: Dreamwind is an electronic ambient band from Birmingham, Alabama. Personnel: Rick Bales, keyboards, Andy Douglas, keyboards and Ray Gantt, bass guitar. Discs: "Nightlight", "Warp Date" and Ambient...

#5 Unsigned Artist anomalous
anomalous (providence r.i.)
  Plays: 118 | Saves: 960
Artist info

A foundation that starts with hardcore, death, grind, rock, punk, jazz & metal. This group showcases it's veratility with drastic tempo changes and intense song structures.the Anomalous stays true to their namesake; uncertain classification, not...

#6 Sins of the Father
Sins of the Father (North Platte)
  Plays: 37 | Saves: 3
  Members: John-Vocals, Larry-Bass,...
Artist info

Metal from the heart of Nebraska.

#7 Unsigned Artist Seven Stitches
Seven Stitches (los Angeles, CA)
  Plays: 644
  Influences: This female fronted rock...
  Members: Sammy Allen - Vocals, Scott...
Artist info

Seven Stitches An east coast meets west coast connection. This female fronted rock band combines a hard, yet melodic sound with a passionate vocal and lyrics that hit home. Originally from Virginia, singer SAMMY ALLEN moved to New York City in...

#8 Muddy Face
Muddy Face (Scotland)
  Plays: 163 | Saves: 781
  Influences: Arthur Lee, Ben Folds Five,...
  Members: Brent Proctor, Dave O'Neal,...
Artist info

Muddy Face play an innovative blend of Folk, Rock'n'Roll and Punk, embracing catchy melodies mixed with tight rhythm, boogie-woogie piano and old-school rock'n'roll guitar playing. Please pop onto the Muddy Face forum @ www.clish.co.uk and let...

#9 Unsigned Artist Clinker
Clinker (London)
  Plays: 191
  Influences: Indie, Psychedelic,...
  Members: Peter Jordan, Tomoko...
Artist info

Clinker is a London, UK based band formed by Peter Jordan in 1999. Originally all recorded by Peter himself, its gradually turned into the current form of Peter Jordan ( vocals, guitar), Tomoko Matsumoto (backing vocals, keyboard & guitar) and...

#10 creative
creative (detroit,mi)
  Influences: tupac
  Members: 1
Artist info

I been writing music for over 15yrs.