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#1 Unsigned Artist Idiosyncracy
Idiosyncracy (Madisonville, KY)
  Plays: 648 | Saves: 1317
  Influences: Foo Fighters, Modest Mouse,...
  Members: Mark Crowe BJ Avery Tyler...
Artist info

Idiosyncracy is a 4 piece Alternative band from Madisonville Kentucky. We have a 13 song CD releasing late summer 04' intitled "Punk Is Dirty". We've been around since summer 2003 and still going stronger than ever. We like to mix up genres and...

#2 Threat Signal
Threat Signal (Hamilton)
  Plays: 1994 | Saves: 4721
  Influences: Some Heavy Ass Shiet!!
  Members: Kyle, Rich, Jon, Adam
Artist info

Threat Signal arose from the filthy, industrialized east end of Hamilton, Ontario. In the past year and a half, the band has written and recorded a slew of intense metal songs that have skyrocketed up internet metal charts, ignited an...

#3 Unsigned Artist Kent Tinsman
Kent Tinsman (Jackson, MI)
  Plays: 399 | Saves: 782
  Influences: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad...
  Members: kent tinsman, paul heath,...
Artist info

Husband, Father, and Musician who occasionally writes music. Thanks to Paul and Jeff for their contributions to the music on this page.

#4 Zebulon427
  Plays: 255 | Saves: 824
  Influences: Afro-Jazz Funk, Fela Adept
Artist info

Old Punk rocker open 2 all musik. Open Source militant.

#5 Unsigned Artist Oi Polloi
Oi Polloi (Edinburgh (Scotland))
  Plays: 607 | Saves: 1898
  Influences: Hardcore / Streetpunk
Artist info

Oi Polloi is an old school Hardcore / Streetpunk band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Legends of the Punk / Skinhead / Anarchist scene of the early 1980s, the band still actively plays at shows and festivals around Britain and Europe. Go to the...

#6 laburnum
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Whitey
  Plays: 1455 | Saves: 1567
  Influences: Rap, Hip-hop, Lyrical, R&B
No artist info

#8 Kriscore
Kriscore (Berlin)
  Influences: me
  Members: Cristian Soriano
Artist info

Cristian Soriano began composing music at the age of 18. He has been exploiting dance floors in raves, clubs and festivals since 2001. A decade later he started Nomad wave an underground label where he publish his alternative sound.

#9 Unsigned Artist Wilton Said...
Wilton Said... (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  Influences: Marillion, Genesis,...
  Members: 4
Artist info

There's not a lot of Canadian rock artists around who are willing to take risks like WILTON SAID.... While many bands follow the tried boring alternative/grunge or punk-pop trend, WILTON SAID... (lyricist, composer, vox, keys), and his band...

#10 Shirky
No artist info