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#1 Unsigned Artist Chris Schermer & THE FONK
Chris Schermer & THE FONK (Graz/London/Melbourne)
  Plays: 308 | Saves: 559
  Influences: Ben Harper, Jack Johnson,...
  Members: Chris Schermer, Joe Harpf,...
Artist info

The music of Chris Schermer is melodic without baby baby schmalz, dirty without being sloppy, the music and lyrics dig deep but stay light and groovy. The songs tell stories. Acoustic sound with punch! For his songs the songwriter Chris Schermer...

#2 Texas is the Coalition
Texas is the Coalition
  Plays: 513 | Saves: 1798
  Influences: Brand New, Open Hand,...
  Members: Adrian Abbott (Guitar),...
Artist info

Texas is the Coalition is a good old fashioned rock band who will tug on your heart strings by the time your done, weather playing a ballad or a shout along scream fest yelling at all those who have managed to piss you off.

#3 Unsigned Artist Kitty Whip
Kitty Whip (Altoona/Johnstown, PA)
  Plays: 103 | Saves: 448
  Influences: alternative rock
  Members: Ruschelle, Dawn, Kimi and...
Artist info

Kitty Whip was formed in July 2007 when Dawn and Kimi decided there weren't enough girls with guitars out there representing rock in Pennsylvania. Why should the boys have all the fun? Kitty Whip consists of Ruschelle (currently of Ribbon Grass...

#4 stormin norman
stormin norman
  Influences: a new breed of punk rock,...
Artist info

Four normal people making music they all love and having fun doing it. we want to play shows. we want to play your show. we want to play your party, wedding, barmitzfa -whatever. we want to have fun but most of all we want you to have fun...

#5 Unsigned Artist voletta
voletta (Ohio, United States)
  Plays: 312 | Saves: 489
  Influences: Hard Rock
  Members: Corey Svoboda, Mike Hicks,...
Artist info

Voletta formed in 2006 from the remnants of a few small town local acts and have been making music ever since. They play shows as much as possible at local town meeting halls, bars, and have participated in several battle of the bands competitions...

#6 Zeropage
Zeropage (Bern, Switzerland)
  Plays: 337 | Saves: 2
  Members: Stefan Fuhrer, Frederic...
Artist info

Zeropage is an electronic duo from Swizterland. Our latest project is a Downtempo/Ambient album called Ambient Pills (available thru the Artistlaunch.com CD shop)

#7 Unsigned Artist Mixbreeds
  Plays: 789 | Saves: 787
No artist info

#8 Gary Giampaolo
Gary Giampaolo (Houson, Texas)
  Plays: 1112 | Saves: 907
  Influences: Singer/Songwriter between...
  Members: Gary Giampaolo
Artist info

I’ve been making a living as a musician since I moved out on my own, constantly writing, recording and performing. I’ve had success with my original music with radio play on FM, AM and College formats, tracks featured on the Food Network, VH1,...

#9 Unsigned Artist StraitJacket 101
StraitJacket 101 (Buffalo, Ny)
  Influences: Aphex Twin, Future Sound of...
  Members: Mike J.
Artist info

Barring total insanity, a lone psychopath sits alone at home attempting to create something musical, And succeeds! All rhythms, melodies, any lyrics and vocals done by Mike J.

#10 Konfident
Konfident (Canada)
  Plays: 1787 | Saves: 1920
Artist info

Konfident is an 19 year old underground artist from Canada. If you want to contact him, e-mail konfident_hiphop@hotmail.com . The long awaited return of Konfident is near... Watch out for \"Down And Out\" and more future tracks from this...