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#1 Unsigned Artist Vines Of Soul
Vines Of Soul (Barcelona, Spain)
  Plays: 353 | Saves: 928
  Influences: Stereophonics, Pearl Jam,...
  Members: 5
Artist info

Music is a reflection of people\'s life, and the deep emotions of joy and despair that run through Vines Of Soul\'s music illustrate the levels of intensity that these four Spaniards and one Englishman experience in their existence. Creating...

#2 December Rising
December Rising (San Antonio, TX)
  Plays: 391 | Saves: 2467
  Influences: Radiohead, Telefon Tel...
  Members: Paul Vidal
Artist info

December Rising likes to make music...... whether it's good or bad

#3 Unsigned Artist CoolHunter
CoolHunter (Slovakia)
  Plays: 644 | Saves: 3252
  Influences: cross pop
  Members: Egon & BreakBeast
No artist info

ROZELLE (Atlanta, GA)
  Plays: 2149 | Saves: 2582
  Influences: R&B
Artist info

Singing since the age of four, singer Rozelle is an 18 yr old budding star to watch. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Rozelle relocated to Atlanta, GA in pursuit of his dream of becoming a recording artist at the age of 15. Upon settling in Atlanta,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Lil.Solja Boi
Lil.Solja Boi (Nebraska, Kearney)
  Influences: Hip-Hop
  Members: 0
Artist info

My songs have moved to>>>>> http://www.unsignedbandweb.com/Askarii so feel free to stop by and check them out. Thanks Askarii

#6 matchless records
matchless records
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Acoustic Mystery
Acoustic Mystery (Canada)
  Plays: 757 | Saves: 744
Artist info

I'm 19 and I play guitar, write songs and attempt to sing them.

#8 Grant Roberts
Grant Roberts (The Colony Texas)
  Plays: 38 | Saves: 114
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Mr.Downstairs
Mr.Downstairs (Ithaca, NY)
  Plays: 1609 | Saves: 3767
  Influences: Cave In, Candiria, Incubus,...
  Members: Brian Bessire - vocals,...
Artist info

After six years of pushing boundaries, buttons and physical limits, Mr.Downstairs came to an end in October 2003 with the departure of founding guitarist Anthony Cacciotti. Realizing that a new guitarist would mean the end of Mr.Downstairs in any...

#10 CruentuZ
CruentuZ (Chihuahua, Chih. M�xico)
  Plays: 405
  Influences: Check us and decide for...
  Members: Aida (Clean Vocals, Gruntz...
Artist info

ENGLISH Native band from Chihuahua, M�x., which unfolds with a musical genre catalogued as Metal, ramified among Symphonic, Melodic and Power, same that includes a lyric about ode and good, and the liberty in all its expressions. Its roots...