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#1 Unsigned Artist Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill (Sacramento, California)
  Plays: 43 | Saves: 208
  Influences: Y&T, UFO, XYZ, MSG
  Members: Solo Artist, Singer Songwriter
Artist info

I am a solo artist singer / songwriter with an extensive catalog of over 500 songs. I am interested in collaboration with fellow rockers as well as recording deals, soundtracks and / or placement of my music to other artists. I have a wide range...

#2 Prolific
Prolific (Orlando)
  Plays: 1279 | Saves: 1362
  Members: Neme,Flamez,Exile,Zin O.d
Artist info

Welcome to the movement. The Hip-Hop group named Prolific, which consists of four MC’s from the southeast, started this movement back in 1997. Flamez, Neme, Zin O.D. and Exile the Experience met while living in Orlando, Florida. The members were...

#3 Unsigned Artist Wronguns
Wronguns (Liverpool)
  Plays: 378 | Saves: 2730
  Influences: The Harlots House
  Members: kitch, Gog , Bing and the girl
Artist info

On a mission to write the greatest album of all time...ever .. with wanna kill yourself music set adrift on the bed of lyrical geneouse....this band is going all the way to the top .

#4 9th Awakening
9th Awakening (Sweden)
  Plays: 228 | Saves: 1034
  Influences: doom/gothic/BM/DM
  Members: Sorghrim
Artist info

9th Awakening is a one man band...at the moment. Started in March 2008. Songs dealing with sorrow/agony/life/death

#5 Unsigned Artist The Difference
The Difference
No artist info

#6 The Company Of Amateur Souls
The Company Of Amateur Souls (Shrewsbury,Shropshire)
  Plays: 57 | Saves: 350
  Influences: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Van...
  Members: Archy, UnsociableB and Mike
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Prisoners of Democracy
Prisoners of Democracy (Dhaka, Bangladesh.)
  Influences: Speed/Power Metal
  Members: Kushol - Drums, Sami -...
Artist info

Four crazy boys, who wanted to say something about their beloved country “BANGLADESH” and about their personal struggles, started this band so that they can express their feelings towards the country through music. With the help of Sumon bhai...

#8 Middle Finger
Middle Finger (Ireland)
  Plays: 209
  Members: Middle Finger
Artist info

Tony Smyth made his debut in Dublin as a support act for Pete Holidai at the tender age of 16. Under the moniker Tony X he performed his first track "Summertime Vibe" within weeks of penning the summer anthem. Such was the reaction from the...

#9 Unsigned Artist Morris Taylor
Morris Taylor (Denton, Texas)
  Plays: 151
  Influences: Psychedelic Rock
Artist info

I've heard it said that the greater the talent the more it longs for an audience. I’ll let mine speak for itself but will say playing live is what I love most about being a musician. It's where the MAGIC happens. The roars and screams of a crowd...

#10 Karmic Juggernaut
Karmic Juggernaut (Wall Township, New Jersey)
  Plays: 156 | Saves: 551
  Members: Randy Preston, James...
Artist info