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#1 Unsigned Artist Stephen Kelly
Stephen Kelly (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Plays: 2534 | Saves: 4752
  Influences: Elliot Smith
Artist info

Stephen Kelly is a 23 year old singer/songwriter originally from Austin, TX. He started his career in 1997 and has been filling small live venues on the famous 6th street music scene ever since. Occasionally Kelly has hit the road for short road...

#2 Lloyd
  Influences: RnB, Chris Brown
Artist info

I love RnB music. I sing in weddings. I am a choir member.

#3 Unsigned Artist x.Mxx
x.Mxx (West Coast)
  Plays: 459 | Saves: 1795
  Influences: Coil, Telefon Tel Aviv,...
  Members: xmxx
No artist info

#4 ImL
ImL (Christchurch - New...)
  Plays: 25262 | Saves: 39136
  Influences: Strawpeople, Delerium,...
Artist info premium member

Ambient / hard ambient electro / take a listen and hope you enjoy.

#5 Unsigned Artist Shooters Tour
Shooters Tour
  Plays: 231
  Members: NiMo and Supa
Artist info

Supa (Dave) and NiMo (Nick) share strikingly similar backgrounds. Both spent every available moment as kids shooting hoops on hot asphalt playgrounds (Supa in North Carolina and Nimo in Alief, a district of southwest Houston). Both played high...

#6 Armchair Patriot
Armchair Patriot (Jacksonville, FL)
  Plays: 3054 | Saves: 1910
  Members: Jesse Schultz, Arthur...
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Casitas
Casitas (South West)
  Plays: 202
  Influences: Rock/Indie/Pop
  Members: Barney, Jamie, Felix, Jack...
No artist info

TRUE WISDOM (Macedonia)
  Plays: 498 | Saves: 2800
  Influences: movie music
  Members: Zarko Atanasov
Artist info

CHECK OUT MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/thruwisdom you can download the album at: http://www.freewebs.com/mydarkesttime/TRUE%20WISDOM.htm

#9 Unsigned Artist Electrojunky
Electrojunky (Melbourne Australia)
  Plays: 2388 | Saves: 7962
Artist info

Bubbly Electro-Pop anyone? Or Cheesy Electronica? Electrojunky recalls the halcyon days, and cooks up a thick, chunky stew on low-medium heat of bouncy basslines, meandering melodies, vocoded vocals and happy harmonies. Go on...grab yourself a...

ROCKBANG (Istanbul)
  Members: Bulent,Serhan,Ali,Alper,Yav...
Artist info

BANG?, formed in May 2008, is a rock band from Istanbul, Turkey with a contemporary sound and is mostly influenced by American and British Rock. The band finished recording 5 songs by the end of November 2008 with M. Hakan Ozhendekci (Jokerstore...