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#1 Unsigned Artist 25thParallel
25thParallel (New Zealand)
  Members: Eric, Emma, Kate, Sam
Artist info

25th Parallel are a New Zealand teen band. We started our band sometime last year, and we are all related. Eric is the lead guitarist, Emma is the bassist and pianist, Kate is the main vocalist, and Sam is the drummer. We would really appreciate...

#2 tru colorz
tru colorz (H-town, Sin City,...)
  Plays: 857 | Saves: 2109
  Influences: Pure Buckness
  Members: Dashrok, MO MIZZLE, Young...
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Wild Cat Strike
Wild Cat Strike (Sheffield)
  Influences: Gothic New Metal
  Members: Miccio Miao
Artist info

Coming soon

#4 philipdossett
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Adam Lipinski
Adam Lipinski (Weston-Super-Mare,...)
  Plays: 823
  Influences: Crowded House, Ryan Adams
  Members: Adam Lipinski
Artist info

Adam Lipinski is a 26 year old singer/songwriter from the south west of England. He has been writing and performing original material for the last 10 years both as the lead singer of a band and as a solo artist. Past gigs include several...

#6 Bumpy Brownlee
Bumpy Brownlee (Opa Locka, FL)
  Plays: 409 | Saves: 1187
  Influences: Lil Wayne, Future
  Members: Bumpy Brownlee
Artist info

Bumpy Brownlee, 25, is a well known native of Opa Locka, a small town in miami, FL. Faced with limitless amounts of adversity, Bumpy Triumphs.

#7 Unsigned Artist Alexen
Alexen (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 45
  Influences: Michael Jackson, George...
  Members: Alex Laygo
Artist info

Alex Laygo aka Alexen, entered the Los Angeles music scene in 2006 with his debut single “Come On and Dance”. His first live appearance was at Taxi’s Road Rally in the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles with a standing ovation. After...

#8 Monroe EFfect
Monroe EFfect (Monterrey, Mexico)
  Plays: 1299 | Saves: 1463
  Influences: Metallica, Megadeth, Dream...
  Members: Rodrigo Lobo, Alejandro...
Artist info

Rodrigo Lobo started playing drums about a year and a half ago and is slowly improving. Alejandro Torres has been playing guitar for roughly 5 years, and is quite the shredder. He also plays bass Jerry Villarreal has been playing guitar for some...

#9 Unsigned Artist Landmaschine
Landmaschine (Northern Germany)
  Plays: 196 | Saves: 962
  Influences: Rock
  Members: 5 good looking guys doing...
Artist info

Established in 2005 in NewLehe/CoastChannel (Germany). Since then playing for saving the planet. For further information please check this out: www.myspace.com/landmaschine

#10 Wispers
Wispers (Boston, Massachusetts)
  Plays: 162
  Influences: Music
  Members: Wipsers
Artist info

Not many people are built to last in the music industry of today.  It is even harder if you are a rapper.  One can't simply rely on skill anymore; you have to be dedicated to the daily grind and able to master writing catchy club anthems...