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#1 Unsigned Artist Nevetts
Nevetts (Redondo Beach, CA.)
  Influences: Lenny Kravitz, Goo Goo...
Artist info

Nevetts (Steven Grehl) Singer / Songwriter Beginning in Minneapolis, Nevetts past revolves around touring the nation in cover bands while exposing crowds to...

#2 Rita & the Rock'n'Rollers
Rita & the Rock'n'Rollers (Germany/USA)
  Plays: 2497 | Saves: 4698
  Influences: Peter Green, Freddie King,...
  Members: Rita Rock, Bernard Groll
Artist info

Rita The native German got in touch with different cultures early in life. As the child of a family with "nomad blood" - who travelled through the entire West of the United States for months with her when she was only a year old - she had...

#3 Unsigned Artist Strigoi Mort
Strigoi Mort (Canada)
  Plays: 225 | Saves: 773
  Influences: Cradle of Filth
  Members: evillair
Artist info

Strigoi Mort is a one man band made up of evillair and features Hadrian (Sakrefix) lending his black and death metal voice to the project. Strigoi Mort is a Melodic Black Metal band.

#4 Antics
Antics (London & South East)
  Plays: 18 | Saves: 111
  Members: Alex Jones, Tom Lavin,...
Artist info

Antics are a 5-piece rock band from South East London, UK, and have been together since late 2011. Seb - Vocals Tom L - Guitar Jonesy (Alex) - Bass Paddy P - Piano Tom W - Drums

#5 Unsigned Artist davispolk
davispolk (USA)
  Plays: 226 | Saves: 230
  Members: davispolk
Artist info

I am polk from north carolina. I am graduated in business administration. Now i am working in california and working as a online marketer. For more detail visit here ...

iTCHiKID (Canada)
  Plays: 1524 | Saves: 3431
  Influences: me
  Members: AJ
Artist info

Just me, a mike, guitar and a computer, would love some synergy with the right people. I have only one song written so far(blame)...the rest are adlib from about 1999. All the others are really rough. I get creative about once a year it...

#7 Unsigned Artist City Streets 14207
City Streets 14207 (Buffalo, NY)
  Plays: 528 | Saves: 955
  Influences: Alter & Blues
  Members: Larry Saunders, Don Platts,...
No artist info

#8 Killing Dymas
Killing Dymas (Shithole Florida/...)
  Plays: 168 | Saves: 742
  Influences: Killing Dymas
  Members: Kyle (bass/vocals) Chris...
Artist info

Killing Dymas was formed in '04. 'Hey, lets form a band.' They decided on the name 'Killing Dymas' because a kid named Dymas stuck a paperclip in an elecrtical socket and almost killed himself. He does stupid stuff like that. They figured that...

#9 Unsigned Artist The Gutterdogs
The Gutterdogs
Artist info

DJ HIP HOP (Saudi Arabia)
No artist info