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#1 Unsigned Artist Chronic Vibes
Chronic Vibes (Oslo, Norway)
  Plays: 738 | Saves: 1664
  Influences: Chronic Vibes
  Members: Joar Jegleim, Kristian...
Artist info

Chronic Vibes Norwegian gentlemen Straight out of Oslo, Norway, comes this four-piece orchestra with melodic tunes and 100% gentleman-spirit. Chronic Vibes makes music to please your ears and soften your senses: Popmusic with elements of...

#2 Dennis Larabee
Dennis Larabee
  Plays: 3124
Artist info

The intent of this album "Shades of My Father" is to provide public awareness about new dads such as: * Up to 1 in 4 new dads have Paternal Postnatal Depression * Research has shown that men go through biological (hormonal) changes based on...

#3 Unsigned Artist Prepboy
Prepboy (ontario)
  Influences: Tool, Soundgarden, System...
  Members: Nick Eleie, Jason...
Artist info

Prepboy is a five-piece band that hails from Ontario, Canada. Their music is a delicate mix of progressive rock and heavy metal that can only be described as unique. By combining explosive percussion with intricate bass and thick, juicy guitars,...

#4 Clockwork Radio
Clockwork Radio (Wales, UK)
  Plays: 76 | Saves: 340
  Influences: Queen, The Cure, Blink, Foo...
  Members: 2
Artist info

Coming Soon...Please Visit www.MySpace.com/Clockworkradio For More Info And To Listen To the Single LOST. ...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Upper Room Disciples
The Upper Room Disciples (Manila, Philippines)
  Influences: Nightwish
  Members: Arman (Bass), Denis...
Artist info

Right now we're starting our compositions, for anything else here's our email theupperroomdisciples@yahoo.com

#6 32ounce
32ounce (South Florida)
  Plays: 633 | Saves: 2487
  Influences: nobody else
  Members: Ralo and S-L-O
Artist info

Carlos Pozo aka SLO is a peruvian born in Quantico,Virginia,Sean Schiraldi is from the Bronx,Ny. These two talented artists came together in 1990 to form 32ounce,a wild,partying rap group dedicated to bringing the good times back into hip hop...

#7 Unsigned Artist Uncontrollable Ink
Uncontrollable Ink
No artist info

#8 Gregory Bratton
Gregory Bratton (Savannah, GA)
  Plays: 1865
Artist info

Modern Christian Outlaw Recording Artist Modern - A Fresh, Original Sound Christian - Follower of Jesus Outlaw - Independent and Unconventional Recording - I Make CDs :-) Artist - Well, I Try! Born: 1975 Status: Married, 3 kids...

#9 Unsigned Artist PBS PunkRockGarage
PBS PunkRockGarage (Mexico)
  Plays: 1041 | Saves: 3298
  Influences: Mexican PunkRockGarage
  Members: Cezos-Zigue-Memo
Artist info

Play to **** Sound is a DIY PunkRockGarage band was founded in Tultepec, Mexico in 2005.

#10 TCG Records
TCG Records (Temperance MI. And...)
  Plays: 441
Artist info

We Are From Temperance MI. And Toledo Ohio,We Make Rap, Hip Hop, And R&B Music. One Group Is Called Nice'n Skinny And The Second Group Is Called TCG Boyz. In Nice'n Skinny Is Dj Smooth-E, And Dj Double V.. And In TCG Boyz is SK, DP, Dj Smooth-E,...