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#1 Unsigned Artist shawnp
shawnp (hempstead)
  Plays: 362 | Saves: 273
  Members: shawn p
No artist info

#2 SoulG
SoulG (London, UK)
  Plays: 310
Artist info

One of the best artists to come from the label that brought you: Leona Lewis - It's All For You EP and 'Broken' featuring Digga - No.1 on myspace RnB chart. SoulG is just pure unadulterated soulful and sexy RnB!!

#3 Unsigned Artist S-O-A
S-O-A (Brasil/US)
  Influences: Armin Van Burren, Arty,...
  Members: Sam Araujo
Artist info

Just a beginner in making my own music. Learning quickly through others. Check out my music and tell me what you think. Thanks!

#4 Otocosmetics
Otocosmetics (guangzhou,china)
  Members: Otocosmetics
Artist info

Established in 2014 , Guangzhou Qiao Qian Cosmetics Company is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of lip makeup(cosmetics naked lipstick...

#5 Unsigned Artist Isaac Pula
Isaac Pula (Melbourne)
  Influences: Jimmy Cliff, Ali Campbell
  Members: Solo Artist
Artist info

Isaac Pula was born in April 1971 in a little Village called Utualii Saleimoa. He Started primary school from 1977-1985. He started College at Church College of Western Samoa in 1986-1988. Isaac came from a family of five brothers and three...

#6 Mr Smith
Mr Smith (Worthing)
  Plays: 276 | Saves: 1001
  Influences: Verve, Chilli Peppers,...
  Members: Gav, Tom, Rob, Jim, Dirk
Artist info

5 Piece Rock/Pop band from Worthing, West Sussex, England Visit our highly interactive website at http://www.MrSmithMusic.com for more details

#7 Unsigned Artist Sharon Brady
Sharon Brady (Dublin, Ireland)
  Plays: 285 | Saves: 552
  Members: Sharon Brady
Artist info

Im 16 , Female, Irish. For as long as I know i love to sing:P I am here to promote my music please go to my MySpace and listen to my songs, Add me as a friend, And leave me a comment....

#8 Bleed The Innocent
Bleed The Innocent (Decatur Indiana)
  Plays: 372 | Saves: 751
  Influences: The skin peeling off an...
  Members: Jeremy--Vocals Greg--Lead...
Artist info

Bleed The Innocent is comprised of 4 guys that love music. Jeremy, Greg, and Tj have been jamming together for about 4 years. With the addition of Marck the sound just got more brutal than before. After many line up and band changes we all feel...

#9 Unsigned Artist Technix
Technix (Frederick, Colorado)
  Plays: 52351
  Influences: Stuff
  Members: Wicked Wonka, OX, Egor
Artist info

Where to start... We started back in 2001 but never really got our music put in into format. We all met in Jersey in 1999 and hung out for a few months before we really got hooked on music. As soon as we started we loved it, and started off as the...

#10 8 Red Eyes
8 Red Eyes (Kingsport, Tennessee)
  Plays: 3974 | Saves: 2278
  Influences: Just about anything we...
  Members: Jeremy Acito, Dave Russell,...
Artist info

It was the Spring of 2004 and a band of seasoned musicians were searching for a new singer and a new identity. While jamming in the garage, the band began working on molding and shaping what would later become a band of brothers . Upon firing...