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#1 Unsigned Artist lowercased
lowercased (Long Island)
  Plays: 710 | Saves: 2374
  Influences: punk rock
  Members: Travis Ryan, LT Christie,...
Artist info

4 piece between the ages of 18-20. check it out, yo!

#2 Crown Villains
Crown Villains (Seattle)
  Influences: Kurt Cobain, Red Hot Chilli...
  Members: Alex & Kelsey
Artist info

Inspired by big band symphony music and rocking blues grunge. I met Kelsey at an open mic and we have wanted to play music ever since. We play all original music and want to bring back a little grunge to the realm.

#3 Unsigned Artist Shy Hopkins
Shy Hopkins (NYC Tri State)
  Plays: 2216
  Influences: Shy Hopkins
  Members: Shy Hopkins
Artist info

The Biography Shy Hopkins is a force to be reckoned with. This beautiful young lady whom radiates warmth, sincerity, elegance and charm was blessed with a gorgeous voice and an alluring stage presence. But don?t be fooled, behind that magnetic...

#4 Ellz Coles
Ellz Coles (Los Angeles Ca)
  Plays: 58 | Saves: 554
  Members: Ellz Coles
Artist info

Born Ellie J. Coles, Ellz Coles began creating music in the back room of her house at a very young age. She quickly began displaying her talent and ability to communicate her life story, including obstacles, and positive events, through her...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Jonah Band
The Jonah Band (Northwest, UK)
  Influences: Arcade Fire, Jeff Buckley,...
  Members: Paul Greene: vocals, guitar...
Artist info

The Jonah Band are a young and exciting indie band playing a mix of hard hitting electric anthems and beautiful atmospheric songs. See http://www.thejonahband.co.uk for more.

#6 Brazilian Cartel
Brazilian Cartel (World Wide)
  Influences: Too Many....
  Members: FM & LM
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Mosquito
Mosquito (Durham)
  Plays: 2260 | Saves: 3795
  Members: Chris Ward, Andrew Ward,...
Artist info


#8 Dawn of the Gecko
Dawn of the Gecko (Leamington Spa, UK)
  Plays: 998 | Saves: 2681
  Influences: Dresden Dolls, Nine Inch...
  Members: Phil Jourdan, Sam Folkes
Artist info

Dawn of the Gecko is a cabaret and electronica project. The focus is on mixing traditional cabaret with industrial sounds and electronic beats. Humor pervades throughout.

#9 Unsigned Artist The Modern Conspiracy
The Modern Conspiracy (Los Angeles CA.)
  Plays: 195 | Saves: 653
  Influences: Indie Alt
  Members: Joseph Wesley, Andy Ramirez
Artist info

The Modern Conspiracy was formed in Ann Arbor MI. After writing a dozen songs, and realizing that music was the driving force in their lives, Joseph Wesley and Andy Ramirez Decided it was time to take it to the next level, and moved to Los...

#10 Floyd Android
Floyd Android (Huddersfield, West...)
  Plays: 328 | Saves: 2371
Artist info

I currently a solo artist in West Yorkshire England, I play guitar and at the moment I am learning to sing. I have wrote many songs I have yet to record, I love guitar instrumentals and hope to get as many as possible online.