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#1 Unsigned Artist Guy Partin
Guy Partin (York, PA)
  Plays: 405
  Influences: Rock, Pop, Adult...
  Members: Guy Partin
Artist info

I was raised by musician parents and performed in their band from 14 until I graduated Upper Darby high school right out side of Philadelphia. I have performed many kinds of music and am grateful to my Mom and Dad for exposing me to so many great...

#2 Mutek
Mutek (Kuznia Raciborska)
  Plays: 175
  Influences: Mocart,Bach, Sting, ATB,...
  Members: Mutek solo
Artist info

Hi. My name is Michael. I invite to listening my music.You can buy my songs in this shops: iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, MediaNet, eMusic, Zune, Rhapsody, Nokia, Shockhound, Napster, Thumbplay. Just write my nick…. Mutek…. in explorer of the...

#3 Unsigned Artist Dale Jones
Dale Jones (North Wales, UK)
  Plays: 229 | Saves: 955
  Influences: A little bit 70s maybe.
Artist info

Hi my names Dale, I do my own recordings at home on my computer so the quality isnt brilliant but you will get a good idea how I want the songs to sound. I like my songs to sound a little bit different, almost a bit comedyish in a way, theres too...

#4 AnnaKn
Artist info


#5 Unsigned Artist The Privates
The Privates (Dallas, TX)
  Plays: 209 | Saves: 624
  Influences: Matthew Sweet, The...
  Members: Tim Kleszynski, Dan Garvin,...
Artist info

Leaving behind drum loops, sequencers and samplers in favor of a hands-on performance philosophy, The Privates create polished pop-rock that moves from stripped down acoustic numbers to growling guitar-driven sonic chaos without ever leaving the...

#6 Bob Wisenor
Bob Wisenor (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
  Plays: 3059
Artist info

BOB WISENOR After years of success as a singer/songwriter and mangaing his own rock band that with lack of a better last name would be his namesake. He proudly fronts, ...

#7 Unsigned Artist Tokyo Kills Me
Tokyo Kills Me (Tokyo, JP)
  Plays: 2313 | Saves: 716
  Influences: Akufen, A Place To Bury...
  Members: Anoxia
Artist info

Download in high quality http://www2.mixposure.com/Tokyo_Kills_Me/music.php/

#8 Gary Giampaolo
Gary Giampaolo (Houson, Texas)
  Plays: 1118 | Saves: 1171
  Influences: Singer/Songwriter between...
  Members: Gary Giampaolo
Artist info

I’ve been making a living as a musician since I moved out on my own, constantly writing, recording and performing. I’ve had success with my original music with radio play on FM, AM and College formats, tracks featured on the Food Network, VH1,...

#9 Unsigned Artist Aggravated Mayhem
Aggravated Mayhem (Lansing, MI)
  Plays: 416 | Saves: 2399
  Influences: Velvet Revolver, Skid Row a...
  Members: James Bearup, Sean Elliott,...
Artist info

Modern rock with an 80's twist

#10 Five Nickel High
Five Nickel High (Chicago Area)
  Plays: 1580 | Saves: 150
  Influences: Staind, Three Days Grace,...
  Members: Dan Lenegar Dave Uhrich...
Artist info

More Info Here ... BUY Five Nickel High CD Here Check Out our MySpace Page... ...