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#1 Unsigned Artist Samsahra
Samsahra (Minneapolis, MN)
  Plays: 1447
  Influences: Sevendust, Deftones, 36...
  Members: Gary, Ryan, Chris, Dave, Logan
Artist info

Few bands are able to capture the eccentricity and individuality needed to stimulate the emotions within an audience. Samsahra, a rising Minnesota band, is one of these few, Their genre cannot be classified as simply rock, heavy metal or...

#2 Magnetic Goat
Magnetic Goat
  Plays: 1860 | Saves: 2606
  Influences: Squarepusher, Aphex Twin,...
Artist info

Animation student turned experimental DJ

#3 Unsigned Artist Cantarte
Cantarte (Teesside)
  Plays: 74 | Saves: 300
  Influences: Muse, Heavy rock with a...
  Members: Andrew Knights (Vocals +...
Artist info

Cantarte are a Middlesbrough based 4-piece rock band, creating a grungy sound with a slight electronic edge www.cantarte.co.uk

#4 Behdad Bahrami
Behdad Bahrami
  Plays: 138
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Joe Craig
Joe Craig (Moosic PA)
  Plays: 237 | Saves: 382
  Members: Joe Craig/ Guitar, Bass,...
Artist info

Joe Craig has been around the music scene in Northeastern Pennsylvania for about 20 years. After playing with a countless number of bands and musicians and not getting anywhere, Joe decided to take matters into his own hands and go at it alone.

#6 Devil Smokes Ganja
Devil Smokes Ganja (Middlesex)
  Members: Lucky Capo/Twisted Capomega,
Artist info

Devil Smokes Ganja was started in 2008 by musician Lucky Capo and his close friend, Chris Murphy. Originally named "Playtime", the band got off to a flying start, but this was short lived as personal problems became clear and a few of the group...

#7 Unsigned Artist SCARECROW HILL
  Plays: 507 | Saves: 1412
Artist info

Scarecrow hill is well known as "MAINSTREAM METAL". Being compared to bands like korn....staind...linkin park...sevendust....dope and more!

#8 Lincoln Colm
Lincoln Colm (Christchurch, New Zealand)
  Plays: 1378 | Saves: 4576
  Influences: Vibrations in your eardrums.
  Members: Lincoln Colm
Artist info

Have you seen the devil? That **** stole my girl.

#9 Unsigned Artist Rich Oades
Rich Oades (Birmingham)
  Members: Rich Oades
No artist info

#10 DORU
DORU (Europa - Romania)
  Plays: 12752 | Saves: 7735
Artist info

More informations at http://www.guitar.3x.ro