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#1 Unsigned Artist CJM Cris Jo Mirale
CJM Cris Jo Mirale (Montpellier / France)
  Plays: 139 | Saves: 413
  Influences: cjm
  Members: Cris Jo Mirale and friends...
Artist info

Im an U.S.O. (Unidentified Singing Object) E.T.'s hidden brother !!! unprOdictable artist singer-drummer (dreamer?) in a rock band in 1963/65 then I stopped it all for 35 years (GULP!!) 1999...THE RETURN OF THE "BEAT"!!! my numbers are in...

#2 Slim Fatz
Slim Fatz (Panama City, FL)
  Plays: 3869
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The hookup has been made. Delta Blues artist SLIM FATZ and legendary music producer Neal James have teamed up to produce the new SLIM FATZ cd album titled: “The Original Slim”. Closing your eyes it is as if you have stepped back into the...

#3 Unsigned Artist Wickeds End
Wickeds End (Lake Elsinore CA.92350)
  Plays: 122 | Saves: 320
  Influences: S.O.D. XL
  Members: Joe Prainito, Robert...
Artist info

Christian Metal. The vocalist Brett Caddell was killed in 2008, but his heart for evangelism lives on! He is with Jesus now, I can imagine what he is doing now.

#4 Next Of Kin
Next Of Kin (Essex)
  Plays: 465
  Influences: Bon Jovi, Bryan Adam, Mr...
  Members: Nathan Bass, Mark Bass,...
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‘Next of Kin’ kicked off when Mark became ‘Guitarist Mag, Young Guitarist of the Year’ at Wembley, aged only 12. Joined by brothers Nathan and Kieran, the lineup was completed by the addition of Lee and Darren. The rest was a blur. A number 13...

#5 Unsigned Artist Josh Dingman
Josh Dingman (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 140 | Saves: 496
  Influences: Very Original New artist...
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Josh Dingman former frontman of regional band Nila has went solo and is producing his own music and releasing samples online. He is currently unsigned but definately an artist to keep an eye out for. Sound ranges from ambient Pink Floyd to...

EMWC (Mesquite, Tx)
  Plays: 117
  Influences: Lots of things.
  Members: Erick Moya Warren Carbajal
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Hi Im Erick Moya. Listen to my music and tell me what you think.

#7 Unsigned Artist Reavsey
Reavsey (Kent England - London...)
  Influences: The Smiths Morrissey The...
  Members: Reavsey
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From London. Now in Kent. Singer/Songwriter and human band emulator

#8 Munroe
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Reese Barrett
Reese Barrett (Ohio)
  Plays: 194 | Saves: 679
  Influences: The love child of Syd...
  Members: Reese Barrett
Artist info

Reese Barrett is a solo musician. He has been playing and recording music both live and in the studio . His style ranges from Psychedelic Rock, New Age, Industrial,Jazz,Rock,and Goth.

#10 Adamson Square
Adamson Square (AFRICA: Algeria)
  Plays: 3559
  Members: Bryon Mack, David Pippin,...
Artist info

Bryon Mack - Vocals David Pippin - Guitar Kevin McDowell - Drums Eric Scheulin - Bass