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#1 Unsigned Artist Tim Murray
Tim Murray
  Plays: 3078 | Saves: 3780
No artist info

SHOVLHED (St. Paul,Mn)
  Plays: 3219 | Saves: 2561
  Influences: An adrenaline filled...
  Members: Nats-vocals/Javan-bass/Mile...
Artist info

Shovlhed,out of St. Paul,Mn is made up of 4 life long friends,who have been kickin' ass,and thrashin' since the day we stopped pissing our diapers(except on rare drunken occasions).We are curently playing out,and in the process of laying down a...

#3 Unsigned Artist ella
ella (UK)
  Plays: 864 | Saves: 1829
  Influences: moreless Eurostyle...
Artist info

Ella a freelance MODEL/PRODUCER/SINGER a whole package original from Switzerland already awarded the hottest Producer in the South her inspire stamped back when she lived in the famous VALLEY OF RACEHORSE Berkshire UK ,ELLA ADDS : Early...

#4 One Flew Over
One Flew Over (NJ)
  Plays: 616 | Saves: 1186
Artist info

One Flew Over was founded in the summer of 2010 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The members of the band include Donna Missal (Vocals), Michael Lieberman (Drums), Peter Burt (Bass), and Austin Leo (Guitar). The sound of One Flew Over reflects their...

#5 Unsigned Artist The Modern Conspiracy
The Modern Conspiracy (Los Angeles CA.)
  Plays: 194 | Saves: 370
  Influences: Indie Alt
  Members: Joseph Wesley, Andy Ramirez
Artist info

The Modern Conspiracy was formed in Ann Arbor MI. After writing a dozen songs, and realizing that music was the driving force in their lives, Joseph Wesley and Andy Ramirez Decided it was time to take it to the next level, and moved to Los...

#6 Exclusive Man Behind Tha Music
Exclusive Man Behind Tha Music (East Stroudsburg Pa)
  Plays: 90 | Saves: 317
  Influences: Biggie 2Pac n Jay z
  Members: exclusive
Artist info

Exclusive Man Behind Tha Music is a well rounded artist. As far as being a true MC with real lyrics, he is. Which is a lost or forgotten art in this era of ringtone rappers. He remains true to his self, music and all the fans who love Hip Hop. By...

#7 Unsigned Artist Falling Nine
Falling Nine (Cardiff, Wales, UK)
  Plays: 311 | Saves: 1257
  Influences: Matchbox Twenty, A Perfect...
  Members: David Lydiard -...
Artist info

Falling Nine are an alternative, melodic rock duo who create music that fuses classic rock and pop influences with a modern approach. The band comprises of David Lydiard (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Steve Watts (bass, guitars, keyboards and...

#8 Bruno Costa
Bruno Costa (Oporto, Portugal)
  Plays: 344 | Saves: 1683
  Influences: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd...
  Members: Bruno Costa
Artist info

My name is Bruno Costa, and since a few days, i started composing and recording at home. Before all this, I had a band but unfortunally it didnt well. The breakout had a tremendous impact over me, and made me think about all the things that I love...

#9 Unsigned Artist Drymill Road
Drymill Road (Winchester, Virginia)
  Plays: 166
  Influences: Old & in the Way, Charles...
  Members: Sean Loomis - Guitar/Vox,...
Artist info

Drymill Road is an americana bluegrass band playing high energy and heartfelt original material along with their own tasty versions of classics from Led Zeppelin, Dylan, The Beatles, and more! Since it's inception in late 2009, the band has...

#10 Tilterworld
Tilterworld (Hollywood, CA)
  Plays: 6941 | Saves: 3429
  Members: Lonny Paul, Stevie Deluxe,...
Artist info

Members Lonny, Jason, Dev, and Stevie have known each other since the mid nineties. Through watching each other perform separately in local L.A. bands. They finally decided to pull together and form the band Tilterworld. In Oct. of 2003, the...