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#1 Unsigned Artist Dennis McClung Blues Band
Dennis McClung Blues Band
  Plays: 225
  Influences: Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray...
  Members: Dennis McClung, Jason...
Artist info

A cross between B.B. King, Ray Charles, and Jimi Hendrix, the Dennis McClung Blues Band performs a unique blend of originals and blues classics driven by screaming guitar, rockin piano, and a vocal passion that comes straight from the heart. Their...

#2 David Koller
David Koller (Los Angeles)
  Plays: 1003 | Saves: 2245
  Influences: Dylan
Artist info

View my website at www.songwriterumbrella.com

#3 Unsigned Artist Dj Pugz
Dj Pugz (Kent)
  Influences: Eupphoric / Uplifting Trance
Artist info

After listening to trance music for the last 7 years, and being inspired by what so many producers, and DJ's are capable of in achieving such a euphoric feel to music. I have tried to re-create that exact state, that i feel in order for listeners...

#4 Going Second
Going Second (SLC, UT)
  Plays: 197 | Saves: 69
  Influences: Rock/Alternative/Punk
  Members: Josh, Mike, Nik, Scott, Wes.
Artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Young Gene
Young Gene (Toronto, Ontario)
  Plays: 163 | Saves: 220
  Influences: Scooter Smiff, Lil Wayne,...
Artist info

Jevaughn(Young Gene)Bailey born on June 24 1995, lived and grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Lives with his mother, father, 2 brother, and 1 sister. Goes to the school Brookview Middle School, located in Toronto, had a few friends, but not a...

#6 Kid Wayne
Kid Wayne (Dalton Georgia)
  Plays: 232 | Saves: 379
  Members: Kid Wayne
Artist info

Kid Wayne resides within the inner city streets of Dalton, Georgia. He began his musical career in church and advanced into song writing, singing, producing originals and promoting albums. By the age of 10 he knew his career would some how be...

#7 Unsigned Artist Ceza
Ceza (Toledo Ohio)
  Plays: 1099 | Saves: 2096
  Influences: Ceza
  Members: Ceza
Artist info

17 year old emcee out of Toledo Ohio reppin' NEW CITY ENTERTAINMENT & MERCENARY RECORDS.. collabs often with DUCE LUCIANO, YUNG PROFYT, SHOWTIME, J KIDD, JAY MURRAY, and Jai~Nez

#8 Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel (New Jersey)
  Influences: Nothing you ever heard. We...
  Members: G.G. Gusto - Guitar/Vocals,...
Artist info

Coming at you hard and fast, Stainless steel will assault you with music that you will enjoy and can't help tapping your foot to. Our music speaks for itself and we are confident that you will enjoy what we do!

#9 Unsigned Artist Psycho Johnny
Psycho Johnny
  Plays: 497 | Saves: 1980
  Members: Johnny
Artist info

"6 beers and cubase"

#10 Articulo 10
Articulo 10 (Bognor Regis, West...)
  Plays: 866 | Saves: 792
  Influences: Thin Lizzy, Guns n Roses,...
  Members: Chris, Martin, Simon and Colin
Artist info

Articulo 10, formed in early 2004, are a classic rock band from the south of the UK. Playing classic covers from bands such as Guns N' Roses, AC/DC and Thin Lizzy, as well as their own material, the band aim to add a refreshing hard-edged sound to...