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#1 Unsigned Artist Benjamin Olson
Benjamin Olson (Nashville, TN)
  Influences: Benjamin Olson
No artist info

#2 glenn theory and the portland all-stars
glenn theory and the portland all-stars
  Plays: 320 | Saves: 1399
  Influences: influenced by green...
Artist info

Singer/songwriter glenn theory played in the skin flutes,nobody else,two bit theory and most recently the bonnie situation.After a failed attempt at pushing the bonnie situation in denver,colorado glenn theory moved back home to portland,maine and...

#3 Unsigned Artist K. RoSs
K. RoSs (Dallas, Tx)
  Plays: 42 | Saves: 191
  Influences: All Music
Artist info

Kay Ross better known by his stage name K. RoSs is an American rapper who grew up in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. The only artist to release 12 albums in 12 months. Ended the 2009 year with at least 300 songs. All his albums are...

#4 Mz Nokz
Mz Nokz (North Carolina)
  Plays: 353 | Saves: 518
  Influences: hip hop
Artist info

...Way back when, it started off back in '79. With the Sugar Hill gang, ya'll remember the rhyme. But back then, I was 3 years old. Grew up on Mom and Dad's 45's of rock -n- roll and records of soul. As a girl, I rocked imaginary crowds in my...

#5 Unsigned Artist Cragmatic Pope
Cragmatic Pope (Kirkland Lake)
  Plays: 1068 | Saves: 3986
  Members: Austin Acton, Shane...
Artist info

In Kirkland Lake in the mid 1990s, kids created music for other kids, started bands, wrote songs, put on their own shows, recorded their own albums, wrote and published zines, and started their own small DIY labels. They also traveled to other ...

#6 Evil Empire
Evil Empire (Carol Stream, Illinois)
  Plays: 14843 | Saves: 3216
  Influences: Leftover Crack, Against All...
  Members: Dave, Curtis, Johnny, Ben,...
Artist info

Evil Empire is an eight piece political ska band from the Chicago suburbs. We will play almost any show for almost any (including zero) amount of money in order to promote peace, knowledge, and truth. We don't care if you're into hardcore or emo....

#7 Unsigned Artist H and R Blokk
H and R Blokk (Detroit)
  Plays: 439 | Saves: 1093
  Influences: H and R Blokk
  Members: Heru and Rism
Artist info

Straight out of the 6 & 7 mile streets of Detroit, H and R Blokk brings a gutter, grimy and HELLUVA reality to music. At the sametime being mad appealing to the women and bringing a street savvy to the table, the group also manages to display this...

#8 Numbers Anonymous
Numbers Anonymous (Mesa, AZ)
  Plays: 890
  Influences: Yellowcard, Switchfoot,...
  Members: Silas (percussion, lead...
Artist info

What a question! What do you think is the answer? Silas (percussion, lead vocals), Landon (guitar, violin, backup vocals), Steven (guitar, acoustic guitar, backup vocals), Carson (bass, guitar, mandolin) Be sure to check out the news...

#9 Unsigned Artist Neil Thom
Neil Thom (Windsor UK)
  Plays: 208 | Saves: 690
  Members: Neil Thom
No artist info

#10 vengance garden
vengance garden (novi, hartland)
  Plays: 215
  Influences: HIM
  Members: adam, saun
No artist info