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#1 Unsigned Artist Brent Lawson
Brent Lawson
  Plays: 168 | Saves: 1076
Artist info

From the cold streets of Boston to the steamy stank of Atlanta comes the debut from the enigmatic hired-gun Brent Lawson. You\'ve seen him but you don\'t know it. He has appeared in many bands thru the years -- some on keys, some on drums, some on...

#2 Superior Inferior
Superior Inferior (Nashville, Tennessee)
  Plays: 246 | Saves: 1116
  Influences: Pink Floyd, Coheed &...
  Members: Nick Pierce
Artist info

I'm a student at Southern Illinois University currently working on 2 internships (Notethrower & Digital Audio Post) in Nashville. I'm a huge fan of music but still pretty new to the whole scene. My band Superior Inferior is a solo project but...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Eric Experiment
The Eric Experiment (San Luis Obispo, CA)
  Plays: 104
  Influences: Indie, Experimental,...
  Members: Eric Maneely
Artist info

I have a passion for music. I make music. I record that music. I put that recorded music online. I want my music to live in the hearts of many.

SUPERBITCH (Kidderminster)
  Plays: 253 | Saves: 1121
  Influences: Alternative
  Members: VOCALS : Steve Strange,...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Wanderlust
Wanderlust (London, UK)
  Influences: U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers,...
  Members: Jack Hardy, Rich...
Artist info

Wanderlust are a four-piece rock/pop band hailing from Essex, Yorkshire, South Korea and Sunbury-on-Thames. Based in and around London, they have been playing together since October 2002. A plethora of influences, including Brian Wilson, U2,...

#6 Maggie Austin
Maggie Austin (Indian Rocks Beach, FL)
  Plays: 1433
  Influences: LeAnn Rimes, Sara Evans
  Members: Maggie Austin
Artist info

Maggie Austin is a new artist whose vocals have won critical acclaim from artists and music industry executives. Her traditional country themes combined with a cutting edge delivery have made Maggie an innovative and ground breaking artist....

#7 Unsigned Artist Boris Potskov
Boris Potskov
  Plays: 1329 | Saves: 4047
  Influences: Mike Oldfield
No artist info

#8 Sigma12
Sigma12 (England, Swindon)
  Plays: 88 | Saves: 256
  Influences: The Cure, Stranglers, White...
  Members: Daniel Todd, Sam Widdowson,...
Artist info

Traveled back in time from 2036, Sigma12 are willing to change the music history for better!!!!

#9 Unsigned Artist Unwritten Ending
Unwritten Ending (Hampshire, UK)
  Plays: 70 | Saves: 207
  Members: Tobias, Ed, Alex, George
Artist info

Let me tell you a little about Unwritten Ending, we are a 4 piece alternative Indie Rock band from Bournemouth, we have been together nearly 4 years now. We play a mixture of original and cover songs, and we have also recently started playing...

#10 Mr Guy & Associates
Mr Guy & Associates (North east England)
  Influences: Ween , Violent femmes , The...
  Members: Mr Guy & Associates
Artist info

Mr Guy & Associates also known as Creatures Of Excess features Mr Guy aka The Noise , Natalie Rees aka Fibber Rees , 123 Rees and Mr Daniel Dickel aka Mighty Tighty , Auntie Dan. All tracks written by Mr Guy . Formed in 2005 prior acts include...