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#1 Unsigned Artist Smiles
Smiles (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  Influences: Howdy! Im steven miles and...
  Members: Steven Miles
No artist info

#2 The Awkward Romance
The Awkward Romance (Covington, GA)
  Plays: 272 | Saves: 502
  Influences: Jimmy Eat World, Weezer,...
  Members: Andrew Phillips, Seth...
Artist info

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the "band of the future", THE AWKWARD ROMANCE.  (all caps – most  In the same sense that Superman was heralded as the "Man of the Future", the same must be said of us.  Although we're not so much a band, but rather...

#3 Unsigned Artist Jack in the Green
Jack in the Green (Beer, Uk)
  Plays: 559 | Saves: 1565
  Members: JHakes
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#4 Ronnie Run
Ronnie Run (Winterville,NC)
  Plays: 193 | Saves: 401
  Influences: my daughter,,my mom and...
Artist info

Born and raised in a small town of Winterville, North Carolina Ronnie Run is a well-known rapper with a lot of streets credit. "I want to put North Carolina on the map and show people that there is talent around the state." Growing up around the...

#5 Unsigned Artist Patrick Latendresse
Patrick Latendresse (Val-d'Or)
  Plays: 294 | Saves: 1220
  Influences: Bubblegum Pop
  Members: Patrick Latendresse
Artist info

Songwriting factory Naive music at fairy universe. Kinda bubblegum pop who illustrates some objects with sounds. Thumbnails. Rhymes with magic sound and tricky chords. Perfect for CD covers and ... products with the logo ! ;-)

#6 The Stationwagon
The Stationwagon (Townsville, Australia)
Artist info

The Stationwagon are an unsigned four-piece melodic rock band from Townsville, Australia, with a sound that has been described as a "collage of screaming guitars and fevered, effusive energy" (Sonia Tobiano, The Bullsheet, 2001.) Check out their...

#7 Unsigned Artist Carlos Aguilar
Carlos Aguilar (New York, NY)
  Influences: trent reznor, hans zimmer,...
  Members: Carlos Aguilar
Artist info

Carlos Aguilar is a visual media composer and professional drummer. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Carlos was exposed to a very diverse music environment and he took interest in drumming at an early age. After moving to New York City in the...

#8 Shugar
Shugar (Baltimore, Maryland)
  Influences: Fiona Apple
  Members: Devon Loizeaux & Mike McAree
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist a cat
a cat (Orange Park, FL)
  Influences: Movies, Life Experiences,...
  Members: Craig
No artist info

#10 Jared  White
Jared White (956 Barlow...)
Artist info

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