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#1 Unsigned Artist OliviaMoore
OliviaMoore (UK)
Artist info

I am Olivia Moore interest in computers.I am a covers mobile, technology, sci-fi and the danger of skill. who can write my coursework

#2 Civil Hades
Civil Hades (Niagara Falls,...)
  Plays: 44
  Influences: Metallica, Breaking...
  Members: Lead Vocals and Rhythm...
Artist info

Rising from the depths of Niagara Falls, Civil Hades will soar to the top of the metal scene very soon. The band's latest album, Are You Satisfied, fuses Dimitri's earth-shattering screams with thunderous atmospherics to create an effort bursting...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Deliverance
The Deliverance (Gothenburg)
  Plays: 108 | Saves: 366
  Influences: In Flames, HIM, Iron...
  Members: Kenny - Bass and Backing...
Artist info

The Deliverance consists of: 1 pinch Inspiration 1 pound Love (Mix with anger and eggs) 1 whole Lemon (Not half, not a third, 1 whole lemon) 2/3 Will and Passion Mix down in a Big bowl. (BIG) Add Salt. For the flavour.

#4 Stow
Stow (London)
  Influences: 2pac,nas,the game,biggie
  Members: STOW a.k.a D_HOLLA_JAY
Artist info

I was born and raised in Nigeria. have been living in the U.K since 2001. i did not start my musical career until may 2005

#5 Unsigned Artist Digitalbaicyn
  Members: Maribel Franco , Christian...
No artist info

#6 meeze
meeze (akron,ohio)
  Plays: 224
  Influences: none other
  Members: 1
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist Geezers Go!
Geezers Go! (Järvenpää, Finland.)
  Plays: 397 | Saves: 1102
  Influences: Peer Günt, Rose Tattoo,...
  Members: Henri Suomus - Vocals....
Artist info

Towards the end of summer 2009, Jukka and Petri noticed their mutual interest in certain kind of rock music. Both being musicians, the next step was clear, it was time to form a band. Influnced by Peer Günt and Motörhead, the guys started...

#8 Aqulia
Aqulia (Cortland, NY)
  Plays: 982 | Saves: 1931
  Influences: Marks Of A Hero, The Fall...
  Members: Travis-Vocals,...
Artist info

Aqulia formed in late November of 2006 by member Travis and Pat. Soon after that Chaz joined in and Casey was soon to follow. After haveing only 2 practices that roughly lasted an hour each they finish wriing 2 songs and made a rough live demo.

#9 Unsigned Artist earth dirt
earth dirt
  Plays: 367 | Saves: 894
  Members: duke23
Artist info

I make most of my samples hitting things i find around the house i try to make the music i like to listen to

SIG_INT (Bielefeld, Germany)
  Plays: 407 | Saves: 1107
  Members: J.Yaqub
Artist info

Harsh Electro http://www.kastormusic.tk