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#1 Unsigned Artist Salvia Band
Salvia Band (Santiago, CHILE)
  Plays: 259 | Saves: 682
  Influences: Acoustic Rock , Folk ,...
  Members: 4
Artist info

Salvia is the soul's feeling, acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussions become the music that calls us to reflection in a stressful and accelerated world. Welcome to Salvia's Music

#2 Runaway Sorrow
Runaway Sorrow (Northville, MI)
  Influences: Class Of 83 (We Wish)
  Members: Dan (Guitar), David (Bass),...
Artist info

Well....it's a long story, so bare with me people. Dan wanted to start a band, got David and Peter, bada bing, bada boom, we were a band! You still there? Good.

#3 Unsigned Artist Kyra Bernice
Kyra Bernice (Bristol, UK)
  Plays: 84 | Saves: 506
  Influences: ? Country/Rock/Acoustic
Artist info

I've been performing and writing about 15 years, fronted bands and worked on loads of projects. Signed to a white label in 96' on collaboration project. Currently promoting my first solo/original album, 'Dead Girl On Earth. 2nd album in...

#4 Last Rites Appealed
Last Rites Appealed (Fresno, Ca.)
  Plays: 205
  Influences: D.R.I, Sick of it all,...
  Members: LRA band members= Bones:...
Artist info

L.R.A. signs with Embryo Records 2007!!! New Cd release coming soon!!! Former member of Distilled Spirits Johan Heineken hooked up with Second Wind Drummer Brad and Bassist Troy & Andrew on Rhythm Guitar early 2004. Bones was immediately recruited...

#5 Unsigned Artist DHP
DHP (San Jose, CA)
  Plays: 1486 | Saves: 2598
  Influences: Scooter, DJ Bobo, DJ Encore...
  Members: DJ Dysmal, DJ Headman, DJ...
Artist info

The current name of our band is DHP New Generation. We origially started as simply "DHP", but after making use of one of the most magnificent generators out there, Sytrus, we re-named ourselves by adding "New Generation". We all met each other in...

#6 KAMEL the D.O.N
  Plays: 450 | Saves: 1941
  Influences: Me
Artist info

What it is! I am KAmel and I am a Artist/Producer coming out of Delaware.There aren't many if any talent making waves in the music industry, but I plan to change that.I'm putting the whole state on my back!For the listeners, thanks and enjoy the...

#7 Unsigned Artist Kraft-Beats
Kraft-Beats (Manchester)
  Plays: 190 | Saves: 771
  Influences: DMX, Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent...
  Members: oldh4m & FishFace
No artist info

#8 Alabaster Morgue
Alabaster Morgue (Colorado Springs, CO)
  Members: Rob, Tim, Boo, Cianna, Vik,...
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Nebelwaechter
Nebelwaechter (Berlin)
  Plays: 184 | Saves: 475
  Members: Marco
No artist info

#10 Circlesound
Circlesound (Chester)
  Plays: 274 | Saves: 511
  Influences: Led Zeppellin, Radiohead,...
  Members: Dave Lloyd, Luke Woods,...
Artist info

Circlesound Not many bands meet on a river raft, dressed as spacemen, throwing cow shit at each other, that is unless you're in Circlesound! This was the first meeting of singer Dave and drummer Bernie. Bernie, and guitarist Luke, persuaded...