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#1 Unsigned Artist R.U.E.
R.U.E. (Montreal)
  Plays: 110 | Saves: 1613
  Members: Psaï, Kenz, Zone & Epsi
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R.U.E. (qui signifie Real Urban Expression) est un groupe de 4 MCs tous de MTL: Psaï, Epsi, Zone & Kenz. Le groupe ce distingue par sa présence sur scène, ses paroles engagées ainsi que ces refrains mélodieux. Pour plus de tracks de R.U.E. et du...

#2 neal mack
neal mack (OUT OF THIS WORLD...)
  Influences: COMMON/ FUGEES/ BLACK...
  Members: ICE MACK, HENNY BLACK,...
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#3 Unsigned Artist Choose Your Payment
  Plays: 192 | Saves: 591
  Influences: Black Sabbath KISS...
  Members: Jay Cal Stu Lock
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CHOOSE YOUR PAYMENT are a 4 piece hard rock act from Melbourne Australia

#4 The Illumination
The Illumination (Murwillumbah)
  Influences: Blink182/My Chemical Romance
  Members: Robert Mudge, Himi Johnson,...
Artist info

Chance meeting based on luck Brought together by the common interest in music Robert Mudge (Lead vocals,Bass) Himi Johnson (Lead Guitar, Back-up vocals) Dane Tatton (Rhythm guitar ,Scream vocals) Jesse O'rielly (Drums)...

#5 Unsigned Artist J-Mill
J-Mill (Maryland (DMV))
  Plays: 1174 | Saves: 1596
  Influences: Rap
  Members: 1
Artist info

The Real J-Mill. Books, websites, rap – the man is a Certified Hustler. By compiling his knowledge of rap into a book to teach others, and creating a website to cater to niche markets, J-Mill has taken the initial steps into making him...

#6 K-NAYA 93
Artist info

Soy originario de la Ciudad de mexico ,soy un rapper que con su musica trata de expresar inconformidad ,sentimientos y pensamientos a la sociedad ,a traves del rap que es parte del movimiento Hip-Hop el cual es mi vida.

#7 Unsigned Artist Psyracuse Pyramid
Psyracuse Pyramid (Portsmouth , England)
  Plays: 785 | Saves: 1175
  Influences: Rock
  Members: Gary Scaddan, Matt Taylor,...
No artist info

#8 Pitch White
Pitch White (Kenilworth, Coventry)
  Plays: 2363 | Saves: 4332
  Influences: Worship
  Members: Ollie, Luke, Tim, Chris
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#9 Unsigned Artist The Diesel Society
The Diesel Society (Finland)
  Plays: 439 | Saves: 1727
  Influences: Rock
  Members: E. Jylli, J.Nik, S. Fors
Artist info

Formed in the end of 2006. Western Finland. Searching a singer to join!

#10 Caliber 39
Caliber 39 (Cedar, Minnesota)
  Plays: 274 | Saves: 1813
  Influences: Breaking Benjamin, Trapt,...
  Members: Mike Hill (Vocals, Guitar,...
Artist info

I am a solo artist from Midwestern Minnesota. I have been playing drums since I was 8 years old, guitar and bass since I was 13, and singing for as long as I can even remember. I was the drummer for a now-defunct local rock band named Autotoxin...