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#1 Unsigned Artist CASCOVA
CASCOVA (Albuquerque, NM)
  Plays: 145 | Saves: 688
  Influences: Bjork, Depeche Mode, The...
  Members: Zenon Zamora
Artist info

Cascova has been a long time in the making. The idea started when Zenon's writing started to gear towards the synthetic as opposed to naked and raw rock. He wanted his music to be of orchestral quality, both in texture and musical merit. When...

#2 Elbow Sisters
Elbow Sisters (London, UK)
  Members: Shelley Li, Edgeworth...
Artist info

Elbow Sisters are an unsigned band from Muswell Hill, North London. Formed in 2011, have two home made albums, over 30 original songs on YouTube plus a cover of Nirvana's 'Help me I'm Hungry'. Shelley, born and raised in Shanghai, sings in...

#3 Unsigned Artist Circlesound
Circlesound (Chester)
  Plays: 277 | Saves: 671
  Influences: Led Zeppellin, Radiohead,...
  Members: Dave Lloyd, Luke Woods,...
Artist info

Circlesound Not many bands meet on a river raft, dressed as spacemen, throwing cow shit at each other, that is unless you're in Circlesound! This was the first meeting of singer Dave and drummer Bernie. Bernie, and guitarist Luke, persuaded...

#4 your own blood
your own blood (england)
  Plays: 211 | Saves: 1462
  Influences: metallica , motorhead , slayer
  Members: peavey , andy , scotty ,...
Artist info

5 lads hailing from north east of england album coming out end of year hope to see you on tour. Also check out www.myspace.com/yourownblood

#5 Unsigned Artist No More Heroes
No More Heroes (Warminster UK)
  Influences: Blink 182, home grown
  Members: Kieran Thomas-drums, Nafe...
Artist info

No more heroes are a punk rock band from Warminster. 3 guys brought together from high musical intelligence and great sex appeal. YEAH FUCKIN RIGHT!! Alex and nath met through a mutual friend who was forming a 'metal' band, later Alex and Nath got...

#6 The Toads
The Toads (Kingswinford, West...)
  Plays: 531 | Saves: 1428
  Influences: belle and sebastian, kings...
  Members: Louise Brown (piano/organ)...
Artist info

The Toads are a Alternative Acoustic Folk collective based in a shed located in Kingswinford, West Midlands. The Toads are currently Kingswinfords leading Alternative Acoustic Folk group based in an outbuilding. Sign our guestbook or...

#7 Unsigned Artist Alarm Drum
Alarm Drum (Columbia, SC)
  Influences: Tori Y Moi, Swans, Caribou,...
Artist info

Alarm Drum is a local, indie rock band from Columbia SC. Their sound has been described as "Slacker rock meets Radiohead", and "A medley between Talking Heads and Queens of the Stone Age". They feature prominent, distorted guitars and...

#8 Polygon Peach
Polygon Peach (Minneapolis)
  Plays: 43 | Saves: 719
  Influences: F oxygen U.M.O. New Order...
  Members: Brandon Acker Thomas Moe...
Artist info

PolygonPeach.com Check it out! We have our own website!

#9 Unsigned Artist nghenghiepviet
nghenghiepviet (Florida)
Artist info

Thông tin các khóa đào tạo ngắn hạn, đào tạo từ xa, tại chức mới nhất từ những tổ chức hàng đầu tại Vietnam. Hỗ trợ dịch vụ đăng thông tin các khóa đạo tạo, tuyển dụng nhân lực miễn...

#10 Chi City
Chi City (Chicago)
  Plays: 147 | Saves: 591
  Influences: The greats of Hip Hop
  Members: Chi City
Artist info

Chi City has toured with Philadelphia Freeway, performed for Slip N Slide and B.E.T., ghostwritten for some of today’s favorite artists, released over 9 underground mixtapes, and is now preparing to shake up the industry with his highly...