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Female: lyricist/singer/songwriter, mainstream commercial, pop/rock/electronica music market. I am born/bred west london/uk. I believe strongly/firmly justice, in standing up for personal rights.
I was born into a very much dysfunctional, mixed-race family environment/background. But from an early age, music was all around me, predominately, commercial music. I used to sing/dance to the radio all the time at home. I had one relative that worked for a magazine, so I would hear about their work, and what artist’s/person they would be covering/writing about.
In school/college, my favorite subject’s were: english language/literture,as well as pass rate in communication skill's,365 foundation skills, as it was known back then. among other academic’s along the way.
I had a relative, who when wasn’t doing their day job, was an aspiring DJ/ARTIST, who had invested in covering the track:Kung Fo Fighting, when they showed me the cover with them on it, striking the “pose”, I thought “wow”, and whenever they did DJ gig’s, would take me with them,especially,when they were paid for doing gig’s at my secondary school, which for short time, made me very popular(!),but I didn’t care, when the music started, I was dancing, having fun, and for those moment’s, outside from the negative environment I was living in.
They would play 60/80’s music, whenever they were driving, and I would sit there, in the sit, quietly “bopping”, away. To me it was fun music, I could just imagine I was “somewhere else”, with the music “soaking me up”. Artist’s like: Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Full Force, Gwen Gutherie,Donna Summer, Diana Ross/Supreme’s Lionel Ritchie,Prince,among other’s.
It was full-on60/ 80’s,a time of “happy”,”poppy”,music,that you could go could listen on radio, read in magazine’s, and let your hair down to in the clubs/disco’s.
When I left home, was living in a bedsit, in Hammersmith, I met a friend, who came from Ireland, Five Star, had just exploded onto the music scene, and along with a tape of some muscic,that I had “pinched”, from the relative before, I was in “seventh heaven”, whenever I was feeling down, I started writing down lyric’s, of my feeling’s around that time, and would play the music all the time, to feel happy again.
It was around this time, Madonna had just released her single:Borderline,I was transfixed. From then on, I became big Madonna fan, buying everything,poster’s,tape’s,etc.
Some time afterward’s when I got my first flat in Fulham,I met a male friend of a neighbor, who was working in a retail store as sales assistant, we got talking and I discovered he was also a backing dancer for various artist’s at the time, I told him about my love of music enrterest,and we started writing some song’s together, along with this, he told me about a studio person I could approach about doing some demo’s with, I contacted the person, and arranged to do some demo work, this was my first time in the recording world.
This went on for few months, and the friend moved on. I didn’t feel confident to carry on, on my own, so stopped.Some time passed and I took on various Hotel job’s, it was easy, and didn’t need lot’s of qualificaction’s,but throughout all I could think about was music, especially during busy time’s, I would “fantasise”,I was somewhere else,studio,writing song’s,interviews,etc. I began to have this huge “aching feeling”, of wanting to do be/something else, but I couldn’t put my finger on it, pinpoint it, it was just there.By this time, I had written a lot of lyric’s, I found it almost,therapeutic,to release my thought’s/feeling’s, but still couldn’t pinpoint that feeling. I just knew I wanted something better for myself. Time went by, and I took up some singing lessons, which I also found a bit therapeutic, it helped to release,emotion’s,and helped boost my confidence a bit.
Aside from doing various job’s, within Hotel’s, and moving around a bit within Hammersmith/Fulham area, I found some avenue’s in Music/Media, I did various course’s in Recording Studio Production/Business which I loved,favouring the recording side of thing’s.
I plucked up the confidence, and decided to do some more recording’s, I bought a Melody Maker, which had a good section on Musican’s,etic.i contacted a guy who was just starting out with his own home studio, based in Enfield, High Barnet. I wrote/recorded a 3track demo of song’s called: I’m in control, don’t be fooled by my cover and s with me(!). At the time, that’s where I was at in myself. It took some time, and I was working in Hotel, and he was charging reasonable rate’s, compared to some other’s out there.
I put them out to, with some interest, especially from “pwl”, Kylie minogue’s record label at the time. I wasn’t partically aiming for that market, but I knew they were really good song’s, and wanted to know, if they would get noticed. the a/r guy at the time for the label got back to me, and said that he liked the track’s, and could I give some more, but because of my personal situation at the time, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. missed opportunity? possibly, but at least now, I had something to work with.
Anyway back to today/present, I got back in touch with the guy I originally worked with, at his own studio, and have updated the tracks.
First track:i’m in control (hey!) : it’s in part of myself ,but also for anyone regardless of the situation:abuse/abusive,dominating/controlling,personallife,work, etc, letting people know, that it’s your life, and you’re taking back control.
Second track: wish upon a star:it’s about having something to look upto,when you feel you maybe being judged from other’s because of who you are/what you are etc. staying strong, and “wishing upon a star”.
Third track: don’t be afraid (I’m here to help you)(demo version), similar, basically saying, don’t be afraid, speak out. I have a very strong, “out-going", personality, and like to have fun, listening to music. but I take my music very seriously and am committed.Music to me is my form of "escapism", and expressing my feeling's/emotions'. I write about various issue's, some personal, political, social issues, whatever reflects the mood that I am in, and is strongest on my mind at the time. I believe firmly, you only live "once", make the most of it. don't answer to anyone else. answer just to yourself. stay firm. Stay positive. stand strong. be assertive. Stand up for what you believe in. you answer to yourself, no-one else. respect yourself, because no-one else will, if you don't. I write strong, powerful, meaningful, controversial lyric’s that stand out, with the intention of "making people think".I believe strongly against racism/homophobia, and ****/lesbian/children's/animal's support/right's.
Track one: I’m in control (hey !) Second track: wish upon a star Third track: don't be afraid demo version.

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Taking back Control of youre life(!).    

"WISH UPON A STAR(C) (2008)" » Electronica 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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In time's of need,look upto the sky,see the star's,and "wish upon a star".