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#1 Unsigned Artist sethallison
No artist info

#2 Dee Girard
Dee Girard
  Plays: 87
  Members: Dee Girard
Artist info

Dee Girard is nobody...Dee Girard is everybody...Dee speaks for the common man...Dee is not a band...Dee is an idea...Music should communicate something...thoughts ...emotions...Ideas...the music of Dee girard is this...Unencumbered by...

#3 Unsigned Artist Sr.peppers
Sr.peppers (los angeles)
No artist info

#4 Sidharta
Sidharta (Canada)
  Plays: 99 | Saves: 1341
Artist info

Rock band from Canada!

#5 Unsigned Artist Jim Davis
Jim Davis
  Plays: 3574 | Saves: 8
Artist info

Singer/Songwriter for 30+ years. I hope you enjoy my music, everything is written , composed, and copywritten by Jim Davis. My songs are for hire or lease to the right established or up and coming artist/producer. I am also unsigned and always...

#6 Kyra Bernice
Kyra Bernice (Bristol, UK)
  Plays: 84 | Saves: 706
  Influences: ? Country/Rock/Acoustic
Artist info

I've been performing and writing about 15 years, fronted bands and worked on loads of projects. Signed to a white label in 96' on collaboration project. Currently promoting my first solo/original album, 'Dead Girl On Earth. 2nd album in...

#7 Unsigned Artist Chance Owen
Chance Owen (Price)
  Plays: 154 | Saves: 1345
  Influences: All Real Hip-Hop
  Members: Just Me
Artist info

Check out my main web pages: http://www.myspace.com/chanceowen & http://www.soundclick.com/chanceowen

#8 KiiD Craft
KiiD Craft (Elizabeth, New Jersey)
  Plays: 646 | Saves: 2371
  Influences: Jhalil Beats, Ma Fam, Swizz...
Artist info

Tha Name Be KiiD Craft BCuz EryThing I Do I Do With A Full Sense Of Creativty & Imagination. 17 & I Been Doin This Music Thing For Damn Der Ma Life. Ma Eyes Not Really Set On Being A Rapper But I Just Keep Doin It For Tha Fun Of Recordin' & Do...

#9 Unsigned Artist Alum Phaix
Alum Phaix (Seattle, Washington)
  Plays: 119
  Influences: Eno
  Members: Elads & TAR
Artist info

The Alum Phaix... Bio: Welcome 2 the origin of "Robot Rock". Robot Rock has been dancing in the electronic scene for 30 years now, and is finally out with his debut music being played by two minions under the name of... The Alum Phaix. The...

#10 LOG
LOG (Canberra ACT Australia)
  Plays: 205 | Saves: 1500
  Influences: what rock doesn't sound...
  Members: Brad DD Dave Bob Lach Amos
Artist info

LOG are a bunch of freaks known for a very enthusiastic live show hard to explain but these guys are frustrated rock/n roll cock rockers