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Chemical misuse

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Chemical misuse
Chemical misuse Bio:

The initial spark of what would later become CHEMICAL MISUSE
shined on April 1999 in Quebec City ( Province of Quebec,
Canada ). During a number of years, the band acted as a cover
band playing in several bars around the province. They then
decided to stop playing covers and concentrate on their

Chemical Misuses attitude is what makes them a live band.
Their onstage energy is overwhelming and their sound is like a
ton of bricks falling right on the crowds head.

The band takes pride in recording their own material themselves
in their own studio (not including the songs on this site).

Chemical Misuses reputation continues growing in the province
of Quebec and with the help of a record company, the band will
be able to accomplish its ultimate goal :

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"Distorted" » Hard Rock 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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