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#1 Unsigned Artist Virgio
Virgio (Sweden västerås)
  Plays: 2239 | Saves: 3484
  Influences: littlebit like fragma
  Members: Daniel Ahlström
Artist info

Simple.. concept of Virgio is all about good melodies that makes you wanna dance!

#2 Voyd-X
Voyd-X (Toronto, Canada/ LA, USA)
  Plays: 327
  Influences: Alternative Rock
  Members: Joe-Vocals+Guitar;...
Artist info

Passion, intensity, rage, pain, and the underside of the soul...Now just go beyond that and you'll find Voyd-X. Crawling from the aftermath, Voyd-X pry their way out leaving nothing. Grinding through, eluding whatever crosses the way. Voyd-X tends...

#3 Unsigned Artist Nada Nuevo
Nada Nuevo (CABA, Argentina)
  Members: Nahuel Ramos, Sebastian...
No artist info

#4 Black Cat Bones
Black Cat Bones
  Plays: 1089 | Saves: 1635
Artist info

Black Cat Bones was basically formed in the summer of 2002 with the lead guitarist and singer of the band who met in a party by a complete coincidence. After a while they realised that they share the same musical vision not only during the...

#5 Unsigned Artist beyond
  Plays: 404 | Saves: 1499
  Influences: deftones.korn,mudvayne
Artist info

BEYOND started in 1998 from a bunch of friends who wanted to jam together. Matt (drums) already played music with V (guitar) when DD, Mik and others friends played on their side. Matt met DD and Mik and they found out that they all played...

#6 Perseverance
Perseverance (Ankara - Turkey)
  Plays: 4625 | Saves: 6608
  Influences: Progressive Death Metal
  Members: Emir Akkaya, Deniz Ülger,...
Artist info

Perseverance is formed in Ankara by two guitar players to perform Death songs, however their attitude for music has changed to play their own songs. Lastly they recorded their first EP 'Unperceived' in July 2009. It has lots of sentiments of...

#7 Unsigned Artist Ben G.
Ben G. (Canada)
  Influences: organic rock
Artist info

The musical stylings of Ben G. are difficult to cram into just one catagory. "... I'm not the kind to follow trends. I do what I do, whether its in or not..." In an age where Las Vagas style acts seek sanctuary in reality t.v. Ben G. is...

#8 Caught In The Crossfire
Caught In The Crossfire
  Plays: 1349 | Saves: 4663
  Members: Mal Fry
No artist info

#9 Unsigned Artist Movie Script Ending.
Movie Script Ending. (Arizona)
  Influences: Alexisonfire, Poison The...
  Members: Shawn- Vocals, Brandon-...
No artist info

#10 Terencio
Terencio (Harlem)
  Influences: kid cudi cam'ron jayz...
  Members: Terencio
Artist info

Young New Yorker who deserves the fame