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#1 Unsigned Artist Don Mega
Don Mega (Jersey City NJ [to NC])
  Plays: 3147
  Members: Q CREW
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(MAIN MUSIC PAGE) www.myspace.com/MegastarDon (MAIN PAGE) www.myspace.com/Fresh2def_donl All the other pages of me are fakes so dont add them.... THNNX -Don Mega- [Swag President] Q CREW CEO

#2 Peter Gevisser
Peter Gevisser (Venica, CA)
  Plays: 781 | Saves: 3320
  Members: Peter Gevisser:...
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Peter was born to a Jewish family in South Africa. He grew up around music - his mother and grandmother concert level pianists.  He could play almost anything by ear, but gave up after two years of piano lessons. It was only when he attended...

#3 Unsigned Artist Shotgun Soul
Shotgun Soul (Detroit, MI)
  Plays: 99
  Influences: Motown, Led Zeppelin, The...
  Members: Liz Girard, Jason...
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Shotgun Soul is a band that knows no boundries. Mixing styles of Rock, Funk, Soul, Motown, Pop, Reggae, Hip Hop, Blues, and Jazz; Shotgun Soul is always looking to mix the old with the new, and taking it to the next level. Known for their live...

#4 Something for Jess
Something for Jess (Lafayette, LA)
  Influences: Natalie Merchant, Sarah...
  Members: Jess, Frankie Russo
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"Radio ready, film ready, and major label ready, Something For Jess offers great pop hooks and a vibe that inspires all kinds of creative ideas. Especially recommended for screen writers suffering from writer's block." †-IndieMusic.com...

#5 Unsigned Artist the grand parade
the grand parade
  Plays: 159
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Four boys with completely different musical interests, coming together to play music they love. god knows how they found a common ground but they have. compared only to the early smiths and bloc party, we say listen and decide for yourselves ....

#6 Katch
Katch (Burtonwood, Warrington)
  Plays: 84
  Influences: Green Day, Milencolin
  Members: Jay, Vinny, Siy and Neil
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The Whole Story The Music Style Well What Can I Say Punk-Metal? Or Pop-Punk-Rock Well I Suppose I Would Have To Say Its Up To You We Don't Really Know But We Are Not Saying We Have Invented A New Genre But We Can't Really Put A...

#7 Unsigned Artist Shilo
Shilo (Fort Wayne, IN)
  Plays: 2323 | Saves: 4490
  Influences: Diamond Rio, Lonestar,...
  Members: Rod Clear, Mike Stoner,...
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Shilo was established in 1997. Amidst humble beginningís, Shilo performed for small clubs across Northern Indiana and Western Ohio, developing their unique style. In the late 90's Shilo's popularity began to grow, as did the demand for...

#8 3-R-D
3-R-D (UK)
  Plays: 660 | Saves: 744
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3-R-D is the brain child of Brooksy, who, for the most part has listened to rock, acoustic and country, began to listen to Hip Hop/Rap through various sites. Not one to pass up trying something new, 3-R-D was born, merely as an experiment, which...

#9 Unsigned Artist DK
  Influences: Christian Pop
  Members: Destiny Eades & Kendyl Rowe
Artist info

Hey everyone, this is Destiny from DK. Kendyl and I have been best friends since grade 6. We are fourteen years old, and we've wanted this chance for a very long time. We sing contemporary christian and christian pop. Please keep us in your...

#10 Echoes of Pain
Echoes of Pain (SF Bay Area)
  Plays: 8461 | Saves: 8127
  Influences: Random Genres
  Members: S. Evil
Artist info premium member

Welcome to the UBW Echoes of Pain page. Currently streaming fusion jams only. Enjoy! All songs copyright Echoes of Pain, 2006-2011 Thanks for the listens!