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Dreamwind Bio:

Bio: Dreamwind Band
What is Dreamwind: Dreamwind is an electronic ambient band from Birmingham, Alabama.
Personnel: Rick Bales, keyboards, Andy Douglas, keyboards and Ray Gantt, bass guitar.
Discs: "Nightlight", "Warp Date" and Ambient Trails. The CDs are available at
Relating to the music: The band says most people who have heard their music say it is relaxing. Some have told them that they like to listen to the CDs as background music or that they take it along for long driving trips.
What to expect: Expect a different type of musical experience from a typical rock 'n' roll show, the band says. They say their music is more relaxing and spacey.
Band in making: The band formed in July of 2000. Gantt and Douglas have known one another since the 1970s when they both played in rock bands. Douglas and Bales met in 2000 at a music store. After a few jam sessions, the musicians decided to form the group.
Name game: The bands name Dreamwind is a combination of the names Tangerine Dream and Hawkwind.
How it's unique: Since the group plays an improvisational ambient electronic style of music, the band members say they feel their music is quite unique for the Birmingham, Alabama area. The music ranges from soft ambient, New Age style music to hard driving sequenced electronica that comes close to techno without crossing that line. The band uses up to nine keyboards at a time.
What they hope to accomplish: They hope to promote electronic music.
Influences: Hawkwind, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kitaro, Ozric Tentacles, Steve Roach, Nightwish, Pink Floyd, Wooten Brothers, Charlie Hunter and The Who. If they could play with any musician: Douglas would choose Vangelis. Bales says he would love to share the stage with Hawkwind. Gantt prefers Joni Mitchell.
In 10 years: The group hopes to still be producing music. They also hope to have a record contract and gain some international exposure as an electronic music band from Alabama.
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Ambient Eastern song    

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Electronica song similar to Tangerine Dream    

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Acoustic sounding song done completely on keyboards.