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#1 Unsigned Artist Glish Productions
Glish Productions
  Plays: 1449 | Saves: 3344
  Influences: Glish
  Members: Glish
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Bangin\' You Wit\' Tha Hottest Professional Hip Hop Rap And Rnb Instrumental Beats. Download Free Beats, Drum Kits, Buy Music Cds Downloads, Sell Your Music Cds Downloads, Free Unsigned, Independent, Underground Artists/Producers Promotions, Rap...

#2 Barking Jacqueline
Barking Jacqueline (SLOVENIA, EU)
  Plays: 14 | Saves: 288
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Barking Jacqueline MUSICAL PREHISTORY At two distant ends of the Gallus Gallus Domesticus hunting ground, three musical hominids were pondering in a melancholy manner, how the music scene was experiencing a glacial cycle of individualistic...

#3 Unsigned Artist The Paquette-Preston Project
The Paquette-Preston Project (Worcester, Ma.)
  Plays: 711
  Members: Frank Paquette
Artist info

Frank Paquette and Larry Preston have been involved in creative projects since their early teens. Together, they've played in a number of local Massachusetts bands, collaborated in the writing and illustrating of children's books and have...

#4 orangejules
  Plays: 92 | Saves: 493
  Influences: acoustic rock
  Members: orange jules
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Brand New Album OUT NOW !... Orange Jules - OUT OF THE BLUE check out Album Sampler - Jules Current Album Orange Jules - OUT OF THE BLUE on myspace/0orangejules ... Successful Emerging Songwriter Fine Crafted Lyric Tunes & Great Music...

#5 Unsigned Artist Danny Weis
Danny Weis (Toronto, Ontario)
  Plays: 160 | Saves: 2881
  Influences: george gershwin, diana krall
  Members: danny weis
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DANNY WEIS Raised in San Diego, California, Danny was taught guitar by his father Johnny, a well known country jazz guitarist who performed with many Grand Ole Opry stars including Johnny Cash and Tex Ritter. At their home, legendary jazz...

#6 DJ Roc-One
DJ Roc-One (U.S.A.)
  Influences: Nothing You Ever Heard Before
No artist info

#7 Unsigned Artist One 2 Many
One 2 Many (Northampton)
  Plays: 933 | Saves: 3606
  Influences: Saw Doctors, Pogues, Waterboys
  Members: 2
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Irish contemporary folk/rock duo from Northampton.

#8 James Official
James Official (Memphis TN)
  Plays: 113 | Saves: 499
  Influences: LIL Wayne & Tupac
  Members: James Official
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Well and Up.

#9 Unsigned Artist DIRGE
DIRGE (La Crosse / Sparta,...)
  Plays: 623 | Saves: 2745
  Influences: Thrash / Metal.... BLS /...
  Members: KEVIN CLARK - guitar &...
Artist info

Www.myspace.com/dirgesparta www.dirge.us Dirge is a true metal band, creating thick, heavy sonic onslaughts as deep and dark as the backwoods they come from. A power trio with emphasis on power. Mitch Larson (drums) and Kevin Clark...

#10 the wreckreators
the wreckreators (metry, la)
  Plays: 1350 | Saves: 4993
  Influences: the beatles, the kinks, xtc,
  Members: m.a. sample, rev. a.g....
Artist info

Just your average semi-mutant quasi-guerilla suburban new orleans pop band, playing a muddy, moody, almost moist music that has a rhythm that smolders like a slow landfill fire, with words askew and muggy melodies. playing high or low, using...