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Quay Porters

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Quay Porters
Quay Porters Bio:

The Quay Porters came together in the winter of 1991, when Jan Arthur Pedersen & Morten Gusfre linked up with drummer Jan Tore Sandvik. During the next months the band rehearsed with several guitar players, and eventually the trio setteled with Tor Dahl. Early days were spent rehearsing intensively, and the band made their debut performance at a local talent show in the fall of -91. The next two years were spent writing songs, rehearsing and playing local gigs. The band also recorded a demo with producer Erik Honore, featuring the tracks Diving, Crosstown Bus and Once Upon a Town. In the winter of -93 the four members got increasingly frustrated by the lack of success, and creatively the band started to stagnate. It didn't take long before Jan Tore signed off, but the band made one last studio effort, a recording of the live favourite Awake in a Sleepy Town. Back as a trio, Quay Porters started searching for a new drummer, but failed to find anyone who could fill Jan Tore's shoes. In the spring of -94 the band split up, and Tor went on to form Scream Opera in addition to perform solo gigs (a dead ringer of Bob Dylan's voice it's said!). Disappointed by yet another band-failure, Arthur and Morten decided to take a break from playing music. The break lasted until the summer of -96, when the long-time buddies came together to record a few new tracks on Arthur's 8-track studio. These sessions, recorded with a drum machine lacked the groove and energy of the porters, but quite a few good songs came out of it. This was the first step towards the reunion of Q.P, and in the spring of -98 Jan Tore rejoined the band. After a somewhat shaky start, the band became increasingly comfortable with the trio-format, which has brought out new and exciting sides of the band. After the release of their non-selling album A Little More of Nothing, the band did a one-off support gig for Vidar Vang, before returning to writing and rehearsing new material. The goal was to release a new album as soon as possible. But as usual, things did not work out the way the band had planned. Finally! A new single: Shout it out Loud!/ All Summer Single/ Clocktower was released. The tracks will also be featured on the upcoming album Canicular Days.

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