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#1 Unsigned Artist Nine.8ty2
Nine.8ty2 (Stockholm Seweden)
  Influences: 90s hradrock
  Members: Jonny Cedergren, Willy...
Artist info

Jonny and Willy met in the early 90´s and later on they recruited Rudy and Oliver. The band took a long breake and now are reunited.

#2 Ladrăo
Ladrăo (Brasil)
  Plays: 1635 | Saves: 4801
  Members: 5
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Thief? This project was idealized by a Brazilian musician from Belo Horizonte, living in Juiz de Fora(MG) Brazil, Daniel Vitarelli. Stealing Melodies, Rhythms and Grooves do not pretend, in any way, to copy anybody. The idea, on the other hand,...

#3 Unsigned Artist Progressive Chemistry
Progressive Chemistry (North Port Florida)
  Plays: 39
  Influences: Five Finger death Punch,...
  Members: Kevin Wallace, John...
Artist info

Pro·gres·sive (pr-grsv) Moving forward; advancing + Chem·is·try (km-str) the composition, properties, and reactions of a our band! Progressive Chemistry formed September 2012 in North Port Florida an original metal band with members PJ...

#4 Jayelayche
Jayelayche (Olathe, KS)
  Plays: 438 | Saves: 646
  Members: James Harrison
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist Serge Bethsaleel
Serge Bethsaleel
  Plays: 84 | Saves: 2121
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Serge Bethsaleel est un Chantre-Evangéliste Burkinabé, à l’état civil il se nomme SAWADOGO Serge Eric. Il est Ingénieur Génie civil de profession et Fils spirituel du Révérend Mamadou Philippe Karambiri .Deuxième d’une famille de...

#6 Angel DeLuna
Angel DeLuna (Phoenix, Arizona)
  Plays: 2525 | Saves: 3150
Artist info

Angel is a smooth R&B singer songwriter with a mellow edge that is uniquely her own. She is a multitalented artist that composes her own vocal arrangements, creates her harmonies and write her own lyrics. Born December 30, 1982 with a Spanish...

#7 Unsigned Artist Unheard
Unheard (Sarasota, Florida)
  Plays: 261
  Influences: No one!
  Members: Callahan-voice Kelly...
Artist info

Formed in Sept. 2004 Featuring former Neurotica singer Kelly Shaefer stepping off the mic to play guitar and allowing the soaring vocals of former Burial Vocalist "Callahan" to lay it out ,like it has not been layed out since the mighty zeppelin!...

#8 Anne Loper
Anne Loper
  Members: Anne Loper
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#9 Unsigned Artist KOMNAS
KOMNAS (Athens)
  Plays: 715
  Influences: Soundtrack
Artist info

George Komnas was born in Nikea, a city near the port of Pireaus. At the age of 12 he started taking piano lessons but soon, he gave up the piano courses and started studying Journalism. He worked as a music producer for many Radio Stations until...

#10 Mobb
Mobb (Atlanta)
  Influences: Everything
  Members: J-VO,D-LO,Lil...
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We all cool **** hell ya dig