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#1 Unsigned Artist SoulShifter
SoulShifter (Santa Barbara, Ca)
  Plays: 275 | Saves: 2608
  Influences: The Doors meet Pearl Jam
  Members: Paul Navarro-Guevara
Artist info

From the moment he picked up a guitar and opened his mouth to sing in 1993, Soulshifter was been touching others with his blend of raw emotion, soulful wisdom, and an understanding of the hardships of life. Self-taught and self promoting, he has...

#2 duvy
duvy (okc,ok)
  Plays: 195 | Saves: 1168
No artist info

#3 Unsigned Artist Edge
Edge (West Michigan)
  Plays: 475 | Saves: 629
  Influences: Nobody
  Members: Eric Schmidt, Jason Hardy,...
Artist info

West Michigan original music at it's best. Please let us know what you think of our musical style. CD's are available at our site at www.edgerocks.com. Thank you.

#4 Tokyo Pop Stars
Tokyo Pop Stars (Nashville,TN)
  Plays: 79 | Saves: 573
  Influences: Rock and Roll
  Members: David, Chris, Joanna, Tico
Artist info

Tokyo Pop Stars feature members from defunct East and West Coast Bands. The group came together for the first time in 2007 with one purpose in mind; make music that people would enjoy. The group’s raw sound favors a hard rock attitude with...

#5 Unsigned Artist Babel Complex
Babel Complex (Colorado Springs,...)
  Influences: Dream Theater, Incubus, God...
  Members: Dave Zeigler, John Harris,...
No artist info

#6 July Rising
July Rising (Leeds, England.)
  Influences: A younger Foo Fighters, an...
  Members: Joe Parry - bass/vocals,...
Artist info

High school friends: Joe Parry, Adam Storey, Matt Thurman and Jamie Roberts formed July Rising in late 2002. The West Yorkshire (and Newcastle) based rock outfit fuse their influences to create their unique and infectious punk-pop-alternative-rock...

SHELTER WITH THIEVES (Halifax,Nova Scotia -...)
  Plays: 93 | Saves: 374
  Influences: Queens of the Stone Age,...
  Members: Mike Johnson- Guitar,Vox ,...
Artist info

Shelter with Thieves Four white males described as veteran musicians of the “Halifax Music Scene” have been reported breaking sound bi-laws across North America. The disturbances have been reported in major cities including, Toronto,...

#8 Swivek
Swivek (West Hollywood)
  Plays: 212 | Saves: 2192
  Influences: Beck, Magnetic Fields,...
Artist info

Swivek is West Hollywood's celebrity stalker Bradley Jacobson and his gang of derelict teenagers. The brand new album darkness + light is now available - The record is abuzz with hypertensive energy and is among the most accessible of Swivek...

#9 Unsigned Artist Michael Frazier
Michael Frazier (Salem, Oregon)
  Plays: 782 | Saves: 849
  Influences: Bruce Cockburn, Bob Dylan,...
  Members: Michael Frazier
Artist info

Original music featuring acoustic guitars, vocal, flute & other instuments on occasion. Lyrical focus on themes of love, daily life, politics and the environment. Acoustic rock/folk reminiscent of the early 70's with modern, yet timeless...

#10 Lidna
Lidna (Alcester (Near...)
  Influences: Not Quite Sure!
  Members: Alex - Drums, Lewi - Bass,...
Artist info

Lidna is a four piece metal band all from the Alcester Area. We\'ve been together about 2 years and been doing the rounds for about a year. Played with a variety of bands and always seem to get a good response. Basically we do this cos we\'re...