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Striving in Greater Hopes (S.i.G.H.)

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Striving in Greater Hopes (S.i.G.H.)
Striving in Greater Hopes (S.i.G.H.) Bio:

Leaving audiences in a state of euphoria and awe with their vibrant and haunting vocals and hard-hittingfrenetic chords, Striving In Greater Hopes, better known as S.i.G.H., breaks out of their Long Island enclave into the Tri-State area's bustling music scene.

From their multi-cultural backgrounds and their diverse wealth of influences and skills, they have strung together their own distinctive brand of music in a fusion that they have described as melodious hard rock. With their eclectic blend of hard rock and pop, they do not wish to be classified or aligned into any particular genre as they strive and evolve to create music that evokes people's spirits and sentiments.

This multi-talented band boasts of its perfect line up with Cyrille Robes on vocals, Frankie Bianco on drums, Jason Mueller on guitars, JayR Castillo on bass, and Daniel Buquicchio on guitars. As a testament to their talents and dynamism as a formidable new band, they have already performed at numerous hotspots in the Northeast.

Definitely a band to keep audiences' ears and eyes hooked, SiGH, with the imminent release of their first album, promises to be a major player in today's colorful urban rock scene.

To hear S.i.G.H.'s music, please visit their official website at or . Make sure your speakers are on because the music will automatically play for you.

Call: JayR @ 631.375.3285 Email:

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