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#1 Unsigned Artist Ferry Hunt
Ferry Hunt
  Plays: 114
  Influences: Turin Brakes, Muse, Jeff...
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#2 Face 007
Face 007 (Charleston, SC)
  Influences: Me
No artist info

  Members: Marcus Zuger(drums) Nikki...
Artist info

Haunting the Disconnect is an explosive and dynamic heavy rock band from Seattle who are currently writing and recording songs for their debut album, spring 2012. Following a national tour and subsequent breakup of Homewrecker (Ash America),...

#4 Kaldi and the Dancing Goats
Kaldi and the Dancing Goats (Simi Valley, California)
  Plays: 446 | Saves: 160
  Influences: Rock, Blues, Acoustic,...
  Members: Joshua Jacobs, Jarreth...
No artist info

#5 Unsigned Artist ArkaneArtist
  Plays: 807 | Saves: 4557
  Influences: Dark Ambience
Artist info

DeviantDezignz* I kreate Album/Poster Art, Dark-Ambient Instrumental Muzik, Lyrikz, SpontaneousThoughtPatternz, Websytz/Graffix etc., for myself and otherz...

#6 Make Custom Patches
Make Custom Patches (walnut)
  Members: gs-jj
Artist info

When you need customized patches, customembroideredpatches.com is your first choice. You can design your custom made patches for any purpose. Our team is committed to providing the best patches and the best service for all of our customers. Your...

#7 Unsigned Artist The WiLd EyeS
The WiLd EyeS (Earth)
  Plays: 7093 | Saves: 6698
  Influences: the cure, joy division,...
  Members: Nikhil, Gareth & Len
Artist info

The Wild Eyes are a three piece band. They penetrated into this dimension using the carcass of a fallen angel hot-wired into a 1948 John Deere-Special Road Clearance Vehicle. When they were abandoned in outer space, they listened to the radio a...

#8 unified division
unified division (Wichita, KS)
  Plays: 673 | Saves: 4281
  Members: Matt, Thomas and Jared
Artist info

Unfortunately, The Unified Division is no longer unified. However a few individual acoustic pieces have been posted. Enjoy!!

#9 Unsigned Artist air traffic control
air traffic control
  Plays: 436 | Saves: 3769
  Influences: joy division, beatles,...
  Members: lc12345678
Artist info

Personnel Kirk Comstock (lead vocals/guitar) Jordi Comstock (drums/vocals) Luke Comstock (bass) History Brothers Kirk and Jordi were founding members of long-standing East Coast indie rockers, Madhat - a band they started while barely old...

#10 Deadbeat Descendant
Deadbeat Descendant (Brighton/London (UK))
  Plays: 54 | Saves: 772
  Influences: The Fall, Captain...
  Members: Raal Harris Dean Marchant...
Artist info

Formed in spring 2004, deadbeat descendant locked themselves away in Studio 284 with the simple mission of creating a soundtrack to a great night out. When they emerged 4 months later their sound was already distinct and defined. Stomping,...