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#1 Unsigned Artist Gypsy Sullivan
Gypsy Sullivan
  Plays: 172 | Saves: 668
  Influences: chevelle, breaking benjamin
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Seen it, done it, played it, now we are ready and won't stop till we get there.

#2 SoftedgE
SoftedgE (England, Bristol)
  Influences: Heavy thick sounding B...
  Members: Chuck Creese/lead guitar....
Artist info

Softedge are extreme heavy metal band, they have just realsed a E.P 'The quite before the Storm' this E.P contains every touch of musical elements such as Groove, Melodic acoustics, flat out heavy assault and technical blistering solos. If you...

#3 Unsigned Artist Moist Vagina
Moist Vagina (Castelfiorentino (Fi)...)
  Influences: Radiohead, Nirvana ecc.
  Members: Francesco Falorni (vocals...
No artist info

#4 Orange Doors
Orange Doors (Summerville, SC)
  Plays: 121 | Saves: 2029
  Influences: Neutral Milk Hotel, MGMT,...
  Members: Ian Russell & Michael Ewens
Artist info

Independent rock band that released their debut album in Nov. of 2012. Currently playing shows in the Charleston area and working on a second album. Contact us at ianrussell21@yahoo.com or michaelewens@scgsah.state.sc.us

#5 Unsigned Artist Saratoga Park
Saratoga Park (Vancouver, WA USA)
  Plays: 843 | Saves: 1114
  Influences: Fleetwood Mac, Dave...
  Members: Paul & Ginger Howard
Artist info

Since 1989, Paul & Ginger Howard have been writing and performing music under several pseudonyms. The most current, Saratoga Park, has been going since 1997 and they have performed both acoustically and with an entire ensemble. Currently, they...

#6 Reality
Reality (San Diego, CA)
  Plays: 353 | Saves: 1507
  Influences: R & B
  Members: Nina & Teesh
Artist info

California's Finest 2 Upcoming artist by the names of Nina and Tesh have come together to form a Duo group by the name of *REALITY*. The 2 Women have been friends for over 15 years and are ready to show the world there Music Capabilities. Not only...

#7 Unsigned Artist hollywood
hollywood (philadelphia)
  Members: 1
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#8 leighattack
leighattack (Trelleborg Sweden)
  Plays: 1150 | Saves: 3041
  Members: Leif...
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Hahahaha!!!! Two more crazy fools from Trelleborg that splits your brainhalfs. One that tries to make something good, the other that just doesnt give a shit...but if you bend over we really forget ourselfs!

#9 Unsigned Artist Two Days Drive
Two Days Drive (Longmont, CO)
  Plays: 196 | Saves: 1002
  Influences: Acoustic
  Members: Matthew Eizenga- Lead...
Artist info

If you thought you knew Two Days Drive, keep your ears open. The guys describe their sound as an ‘ever-evolving culmination of faculty and experience,’ since there foundation in 2005. Their current sound can be categorized as...

#10 vengance garden
vengance garden (novi, hartland)
  Plays: 221
  Influences: HIM
  Members: adam, saun
No artist info