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Taikes was founded on the fall of 2002 by Johan, Alex and their previous drummer Axel, who was later replaced by present drummer Oskar just a week before their first gig in spring 2003. They started off as a true grunge-band in best Nirvana spirit. Although their early "hits" My Thoughts, Reflections and Could It Be Love had a good melody and a heart of its own, it almost sounded as a duplication of Nirvana, which they got to hear a lot after their first gigs. This had different impacts on the audience. Some loved it because they saw it as the revival of the grunge and starting of a new era, while others hated it and claimed it was being a complete rip-off. Although Taikes has never abandoned the genre, singer/songwriter Johan and the band itself has gotten more influences from bands as Placebo and Muse. Combining those two slightly different genres makes up for a quite original sound, which they've slightly ironically named "Emo Grunge". Which stands for "emotional grunge-rock". But there's also quite a lot of pop in it as well. Today Taikes is making real progress. They have won several music contests and had over 60 gigs in different parts of Sweden and made two tours in Mexico. Their repertoire consists of over 30 original songs, recorded on five EPs and one studio album. Songs by Taikes have been played on radio stations in Mexico and Sweden and are available for download worldwide through iTunes and their website,

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