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#1 Unsigned Artist 3 Kisses
3 Kisses (Wasilla, AK)
  Plays: 82
  Influences: Halestorm, Avenged...
  Members: Tish Meeks, Drew Owens,...
Artist info

Alaskan grown, energetic front woman Tish Meeks and her hard-hitting band 3 Kisses have performed in front of more than a thousand live audiences with crowds of up to 35,000 people, wrenching out their crisp, thought provoking, and...

#2 Parasol Caravan
Parasol Caravan
  Plays: 117 | Saves: 767
  Members: Alexander Kriechbaum - Voc,...
Artist info

Austria's Parasol Caravan play Heavy Rock with Stoner and Psychedelic elements, fat 70's influenced guitar riffs, whiskey soaked vocals and a nice modern touch.

#3 Unsigned Artist Svetlana
Svetlana (Novosibirsk, Russia)
  Members: Svetlana Maksimova
No artist info

#4 Rosy Tin Teacaddy
Rosy Tin Teacaddy (Wellington, New Zealand)
  Plays: 590 | Saves: 3618
  Influences: Over The Rhine, Johnny...
  Members: Billy Earl, Betty Grey and...
Artist info

This New Zealand indie-folk ensemble charm audiences with black humour, soft-focus whimsy and foot stomping good times. Accompanied by cello, violin, spatial electric guitar and chug-along bass, Billy and Betty sing their sea shanties to the...

#5 Unsigned Artist iTay Da Producer
iTay Da Producer (Va Beach, VA)
  Plays: 419
  Influences: Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Club,...
  Members: Tay
Artist info

Tay was born in Feb. 1987 in Norfolk, Va. Since Tay was an infant he has always loved music whether he was playing it or listening to it. In late 2001 Tay had the idea to start a record label called Skrate Gangzta Entertainment, with all of the...

#6 Ray Kepel
Ray Kepel (Heaven)
  Plays: 1133 | Saves: 3620
  Influences: Jazz, Hawaiian, Country,...
  Members: Ken Landry
Artist info

Ray Kepel passed away in Sept 1990. He was by far the most talented musician I had ever worked with. He played bass, drums and guitar with nearly equal mastery. He left this Earth too soon but he managed to get some of his tunes on tape. I still...

#7 Unsigned Artist Factory Air
Factory Air (Roanoke, Va.)
  Plays: 1633
  Influences: Alice In Chains, Overkill,...
  Members: Monger : Drums, guitars....
Artist info

Fall Well's Nightmare is a Virginia based band that blend theatrics with heavy, aggressive music to create a show that is entertaining and musicly solid. FWN's members come from varied backgrounds and various bands whose definitive styles...

#8 Franko
Franko (Chicago, IL)
  Plays: 36
  Influences: Mix of 60s & 80s British...
  Members: Ramin Streets
Artist info

After 10 years of performing out in the cultural wasteland that is Los Angeles, Streets has returned to his home town of Chicago. After a few years of performing with the Stone Puppets he has since moved on to write and record solo material under...

#9 Unsigned Artist SoundChild Crew
SoundChild Crew (Little Rock, AR)
  Plays: 1005 | Saves: 1686
  Influences: HIP HOP/R & B
  Members: Blu Tantrum, Mista Geech,...
Artist info

MTV's "PIMP MY RIDE" featd. SOUNDCHILD CREW won the INDY RAP ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD at the 2008 Southern Entertainment Awards. SoundChild Crew is a hip hop group that is dedicated to honing their skills and perfecting their craft; because of...

#10 Broken Ambience
Broken Ambience (Woking)
  Plays: 74 | Saves: 545
  Members: TBC
Artist info

Check out our myspace. http://www.myspace.com/brokenambience