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#1 Unsigned Artist LyingMouth
LyingMouth (EUROPE: United Kingdom...)
  Plays: 288 | Saves: 1039
  Influences: Moby, Air
  Members: Will Doyle
Artist info

Will is 14 years old and is a very ambitious person. Will Doyle started off making music in his early childhood. He was forming and dropping out of rock bands all the time. Then, when he finally moved town in 2004 he found many people to have...

#2 King Street Conspiracy
King Street Conspiracy (Indiana)
  Plays: 143
  Members: Jason vocals Ben keys...
Artist info

King Steet Conspiracy is a five piece, jazz influenced ,original rock band. They also have a list of covers that range from Cyndi Lauper to Jonny Cash to Modest Mouse.The band formed early 2005. Located around the Indianapolis area, they have...

#3 Unsigned Artist KOAH
  Influences: Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin,...
Artist info

KOAH is a singer-songwriter and performer in Los Angeles, California. Check out his music on myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/koahmusic

#4 Ashton Vidal
Ashton Vidal (Bay Area)
  Plays: 224 | Saves: 986
  Influences: Usher ,Neyo ,Jon B.
Artist info

At the age of 21, Ashton Vidal is at the prime of his life. With no need for a stage name, the breakthrough artist stands above the rest with his sensual voice and seductive lyrics. He attributes his music style to legends such as Michael Jackson,...

#5 Unsigned Artist Human
Human (Birmingham, England)
  Members: Ben Potts
Artist info

Birmingham Producer looking for vocalists and singers to work together on songs of all styles. I write grime, house, dubstep, house, pop, ballads, film music, jazz, classical and chill out.

#6 Grodule
Grodule (AMERICA NORTH:...)
  Plays: 68 | Saves: 778
  Influences: Ween, Guided by Voices,...
  Members: Tyler Graham and Trevor...
Artist info

They met in a Japanese class at the University of Oregon and have been playing music together for 3 years or so. Tyler is 24 and is from Charlotte, NC and Trevor is 20 and is from Eugene, OR. Trevor designed the logo. All songs are recorded on...

#7 Unsigned Artist Gina Carey
Gina Carey (California)
Artist info

After a 3 year hiatus Gico Music recording artist Gina Carey releases her new soulful CD “Melodic” On June 18, 2011 soulful recording artist Gina Carey formally known as Gina Green will release her smoking hot new CD release “Melodic”...

#8 Refrag
Refrag (Auckland NZ)
  Plays: 808 | Saves: 1254
  Members: Me and The Lord
Artist info

I make music on the computer when I get the time,

#9 Unsigned Artist city coin laundry
city coin laundry (toronto)
  Plays: 184
  Influences: elliott smith,bright...
  Members: will cowan,marco longo
Artist info

There was a "sign" that stood above an old shop that seemed to make sense to me one night when I was filled with all sorts of stimulants in the drab town of Peterborough. I threw myself from a cab and looked up at the words, "city coin laundry"....

#10 Our Fading Trust
Our Fading Trust (Saginaw, Texas)
  Plays: 309 | Saves: 1225
  Influences: Metal
  Members: Lead Vocals: Kenneth...
Artist info

WE are a local band in Saginaw texas which is liek right close to ft. worth... ya our band is off and on complet and stuff ppl leave and some ppl sty but for the most part we do good as a band. We did our first ever OFT show on Aug.4th it was a...