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My name is Mark Matovich. I am a film producer and am looking for royalty free music to use in my upcoming film. I am currently working on a project that will require Electronica, Techno, Chill and Lounge music. I will give the band full credit with every song that I use during the film.

I have filmed and produced “Monster Maverick’s”, “Beyond Monster Maverick’s” and “Cold Heaven”, surf documentary films which have been seen by millions of surfers worldwide. The movies explored the dangers of the then, little known surf spot “Maverick’s.”

“ Monster Maverick’s”, was nominated for three Surfer Magazine Video Awards and won a Video of the Year Award in 1996. It has been critically acclaimed by the surfing media and the general press. “Monster Maverick’s” was recently reviewed by the world famous sex columnist for Playboy and the N.Y. Times, Susie Bright (Susie Bright’s Journal, December 19, 2005 “My secret Wipeout”) who writes that “Mark Matovich has created a punk/grunge soundtrack of insane caliber. It’s like Cobain goes surfing.” “Beyond Monster Maverick’s” was nominated for two Surf Video Awards.

All of my films have been distributed worldwide by Surf Video Network and have been transferred to DVD.

Please contact me @ mark@siliconshore.com if you are interested. Thanks
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