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Artist Name: Anthony Laurence
Mixtape Name: Exposure Therapy
Mixtape Artwork Link (Front):

Mixtape Artwork Link (Back):

Mixtape Description:
Anthony Laurence presents his debut mixtape “Exposure Therapy.” His style is rugged, unapologetic and unsentimental, but always inspired and artistic. Adhering to the philosophy: “never waste a line,” this mixtape presents themes ranging from the pitfalls of love to the institutionalization of college students.

8x6Music[at] We truly appreciate and want to thank in advance anyone who throws their support our way. Please leave your comments and follow @8x6music

Mixtape Tracklist:
1. Master of the Universe (Prod. by The Makers)
2. Never Forget (Prod. by Anthony Laurence)
3. Mr. Laurence
4. Young Man (Prod. by Anthony Laurence)
5. Wrapper*
6. The Eulogy
7. 50 to 100
8. Can't Take My Place
9. Two Girlfriends (Prod. by Yung Sam)
10. A New Generation (Prod. by Anthony Laurence) (09 JLSC finalist)

Mixtape Download Link:
Download Now [DATPIFF]
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Anthony Laurence - Never Forget lyrics :

My ..when you love but beyond happy from regrets
My ..happy for from regrets,
so never forget yourself, never forget
Never forget yourself, never forget
Never forget yourself, never forget
Never forget yourself, never forget.
All beyond happy for regret.

Listen I don’t fight over women
‘cause I don’t love women like pocked love women
‘cause pocked love women like prince love women
But I love women like Picasso loved women
Now let me tell you how we get em, he would take em a ..
reassemble ..monsters images that would hunt them
until they broke down and then want them
And that’s a my own by any means that a woman can stop
not to be mean but I’ve seen a lot of guys get cut
got .. and got lives that they really didn’t wrong
and that goes for women too, I’m speaking from my perspective

Read the full lyrics here :
Anthony Laurence - Never Forget
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