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Kenneth Higgins

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Kenneth Higgins
Kenneth Higgins Bio:

The artist Kenneth Higgins was born on a November full moon in London and now lives a fairly private life in Asia.

To me, starting a musical piece is much like approaching a canvas and at times it feels like the energy just passes through and it’s always interesting to know how something will turn out. You have the general outline but there is something else which makes it come alive.

The pneumos that inspires can come from anywhere at any given time..

The words “must be heard” encouraged me to take a further step from just getting down some tunes from the past to a new energy that is coming up with some interesting ideas and sounds.

A recent experience taught me that although some music can be pleasant to listen to for a while, there are other forms that truly reach into one’s very inner being.

Soon nueng connects the artist to the great beyond.

My music is kind of like different paintings that take you to different places.

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