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Hey All,

This is about 3 months old now, and it's about something my cousin told me happened at his junior high school, when I was just a freshmen at my old high school. I ended up thinking about it, and I just got the idea for it. What he told me is, I guess this girl was "cutting" herself for attention. Somehow everyone found out that what she was covering with a huge bandage on her arm, was a tiny little cut that was actually more of a mark. When he told me about that, it just pissed me off, a lot. It's title is, "With Fangs", and it's one of only a few songs I've written, that makes me tremble a lot, after I sing it. The reason for that is, because it makes me absolutely sick when people fake depression, to get noticed by others. Those people don't have any clue what depression really feels like, yet they act like they're going through it. Read it (if you want). That's all I want to say about it.

"With Fangs"

Take off your bandages.
I think it would be great, if you'd reveal
the spectacle beneath.
You cannot hide
the truth of all that you create.
How can you breathe
within your world of lies...?!

Oh, look.
That's a pretty bad scratch.
Wait, it seems, you've left, to spread the word.
You have my
sympathy..., but please
listen when I tell you,
"It's not sympathy for what you portray.
False pain,
with any gain
is absurd."

You lie inside your bliss, thinking, "rose-garden."
I see it as more of a, "jungle" of pity.
Let me serve you some honesty.
Decieving minds
can't cover your eyes. I see a snake,
through your plans of greed.
You hold a tiny knife...!


(Very powerful and intense Interlude)

(Bridge, same intensity):
C'mon now.
Can't you see your f*cking shield?!
To those who've felt true pain,
it's neon to us all.
You better get control.
I've felt enough to know
what is right,
and I fight
the urge to grap you by the neck,
throw you down...,
and force you to swallow
a bigger knife.

(Very light music begins)
Did you draw those abrasions...,
on your skin...?
-Quite the way to nauseate.
Still you wait,
for us...
to say..... again-

(Chorus the same as before, until it gets to the word, "portray." Then, revised to):
You show false pain,
with a hope to gain-
You snake(!)
You're absurd(!)


Well, that's what I wrote. I really feel like breaking something now.

Anyway, the title came about, because a snake has fangs, and you can probably figure out what I'm getting at...


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