Points System Q & A

Q) So what's the points system all about?
A) The Unsigned Band Web utilizes points as a reward system for those members which actively provide feedback to our database of artists. Artists absolutely thrive on your feedback! We want to make it worth your while to support our artists.

Q) How do I earn points?
A) Points are awarded for many of the activites around the site that benefit our artists. Activities such as song reviews, comments, and ratings all help you build your points. See the points chart to your right.

Q) What do I do with my points once I've earned them?
A) You spend them! You can spend your points on artist merchandise you see on the store page, or on promotional items from the Unsigned Band Web.

Q) Do the artists benefit when I buy their items for points?
A) Absolutely! When you spend your points on an artists item, the Unsigned Band Web buys the item from the artist and have the item shipped to you. (The Unsigned Band Web is not responsible if the pricing listed by the artist is not accurate. For example: artist sets the price of an item to $0, but still keeps it listed as available.

Q) Can I trade points for cash? What is the cash value?
A) Points have no cash value and cannot be traded for cash. Points can only be redeemed for items on our store page.

Q) What if an item is out of stock?
A) The Unsigned Band Web will credit back your points so that you may purchase another item.

Q) Is there a max item value?
A) Yes, $100 is the max equivalant value for any points purchase.

Points Menu
New Forum Posts*1 - 20
New Forum Replies*5 - 20
Artist Song Comments5
Artist Song Ratings5
Adding Songs to Favorites5
Winning Casino Games1 - 100
Winning the Lottery250+

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