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Vin Lamar

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Vin Lamar
Vin Lamar Bio:

Vin Lamar has joined forces with legendary music producer, Neal James, to produce Vin's new single, “Fittin’ In,” and self-titled cd. The single "Fittin' In" is currently being aired by radio throughout the US as well as internationally. The self-titled cd "Vin Lamar" will be released on Aladdin Recordings at the beginning of February.

“I got into music by going to church,” says Vin. “It's where I first heard music being sung and where I learned about harmony and song structure.” Vin plays both piano and guitar, both from professional & self-teaching. He began writing in college and played in a Top 40 cover band, but really became serious about performing over the last 4 years, compiling hundreds of original songs.

The Vin Lamar musical style is considered to be somewhere between Americana, Alternative, Country and Pop. As a singer/songwriter, Vin has the ability to express and define certain chosen moments when life hands you challenges and obstacles. Yet, without missing a beat, Vin can cleaverly embrace the amusing and lighter side of life in lighthearted and humorous offerings of the pen. Vin addresses the full gambit of life's emotions filled with painful decisions as well as moments when you are able to laugh at yourself.

Having the ability to express and define those chosen moments when life hands you monumental challenges is the heart and soul of Vin's music. He sees the struggle, sorrow, or pain of his own misfortunes, or that of others, and transcends the feelings from each of those moments into beautiful resonating songs. He sees the silliness, playfulness and the childlike beauty in our everyday life and harnesses this with extraordinary simplicity into fun light-hearted songs.

Part of Vin’s childlike silliness comes from his love of animals. “I have a large dog, Max, a small dog, Mini, three indoor/outdoor cats, and three cats that found other homes in the neighborhood after I got the dogs,” says Vin. “My favorite animals are ones that I would never think of caging, birds.” Vin’s dog, Max, even makes a special appearance on the cover of the Vin Lamar cd.

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