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...Starting with the Great War between the Affrage and the Diplomats, the struggle for power, resources, slaves and planetary occupation raged on through generations. Most of the earliest recorded galactic history was lost during the 2nd Quadrant Burn, when hundreds of galaxies were disintegrated by a disaster on a planet-sized weapons development satellite. This catastrophe affected different races in unique ways. Some sought to take control of the remaining resources and governments, others were content to be ruled. Still, others were desperate to find a calm existence in a natural environment where generations of peaceful development could eventually lead to a positive dominance in their dimension. These people banded into diverse tribal units under one code and called themselves the Dreemurz. These beings stood for peace and preservation, progress and protection, love and hope - the common dream of most higher sentient corporal life forms. Early on in their history, thousands in the tribes of Dreemurz eluded the battle front and war-ravaged solar regions, and dispersed throughout the remaining galaxies in the uncontaminated outer lying quadrants. One tribe had earlier restored the songs and poems of their pre-space age ancestors from a transparent acetate platter that was found sealed in a Prism Ice meteor fragment floating in a sea of asteroids - once an inhabited galaxy. These songs and poems preserved the truths and principles of the Dreemurz nation and each of the tribes took a set of scrolls with them as they split up in search of refuge from the ceaseless conflicts in known space...
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Citadel® “THE CITADEL STAR TRACKS” Now Available on CDBaby and iTunes! posted: 30 Aug 2007 01:57 AM
Citadel® “THE CITADEL STAR TRACKS” Now Available on CDBaby and iTunes! Citadel® “THE CITADEL STAR TRACKS” Now Available on CDBaby and iTunes! The Citadel® Star Tracks is now on special at only $5.00 from CDBaby (see $5 details at! Whitman Enterprises & Citadel of Cynosure Prod (BMI) presents Citadel® "The Citadel Star Tracks"! Thanks to this expanding age of digitization, you can now hear the earliest recorded musical works from the first, authentic & original CITADEL® folk/prog/metal/rock music band in their follow up to the QFM Album & Concert Simul-Cast Series. Citadel® launched their 28-year (and still counting…) musical career with this 1979 full-length release which has been painstakingly extracted & remastered from the original Star Track Studios analogue tapes. Eight exciting tracks of three-piece classic, progressive, symphonic, folk & hard rock music available for the first time on CD! Don’t miss this chance to get it for only $5.00 as part of CDBaby’s $5 Specials! Citadel® “The Citadel Star Tracks” CDBaby Citadel® “The Citadel Star Tracks” on iTunes Also at Rhapsody, AudioLunchbox, PayPlay & everywhere you surf!!!! Citadel® is a registered tradename, used with permission, all rights reserved. Visit for more of the first, original, authentic Citadel®

Citadel® “Vintage Vinyls” posted: 20 Apr 2007 02:46 PM
Citadel® “Vintage Vinyls” 14-song CD with 5.5 x 8.5 16-page Photo/Lyric Booklet Whitman Enterprises and Citadel of Cynosure Productions presents Citadel® "Vintage Vinyls" - a compilation of Citadel® songs from their early analog vinyl years. A preserved collection of music from the inception of Citadel® including the first 45RPM, the QFM Hometown Project LP, and four LP's pressed thru The Recording Workshop. Citadel® co-founder, G. Whitman wrote and produced these tunes through several versions and various CITADEL® band lineups. The mix interpretations on this disc are from 12 various engineering teams - many sounding quite different from the mixes the band later released and performed. Although several of these and other Recording Workshop tracks were later re-released after many an instrumentation, performer, mix and lyrical revision, the lyrics in the accompanying Vintage Vinyls booklet are presented as they are sung on this release. CDBaby Vintage Vinyls Direct Link: CDBaby The Citadel of Cynosure and Other Tales Direct Link: Also available on iTunes, Rhapsody, PayPlay,, and more!!!! Citadel® is a registered US tradename, used with permission, all rights reserved.