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Gary Tipping

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Gary Tipping
Gary Tipping Bio:

Gary Tipping is a British singer, songwriter, and an accomplished musician, playing guitars and keyboards. He is an independent music artist, who writes and produces his own songs and music videos that are played on television and radio stations all over the world.

Gary Tipping-artist review posted: 10 Apr 2010 02:32 AM
Gary Tipping-artist review [
With a light and airy falsetto vocal style, Gary Tipping, is standing on the forefront of musical mastery. This independent artist from the United Kingdom is far from elementary when it comes to his music styling. Gary is a self-taught musician that has natural talent. His guitar and keyboard is the playground in which his esoteric lyrics find a home. This soulful singer has an innate ability to connect with his listener through the leaps and bounds of ballads. With powerful introductions and hearty melodies each song provides an in-depth look through sound into this artist’s deepest thoughts. Writing and producing his own music is only a small portion of the talent and genius behind this British phenomenon. His acoustic/folk genre is only a corner of his capabilities. Gary Tipping is an amazing artist with a bright future still ahead. In the past he has performed up to 300 shows a year and while he is no longer planning tours, his current venues include performing on stage for charitable events and working in studio. He currently writes and produces for himself and other artists in the industry.

Source: Miss J. Lynn Hall, Director of Muzik Reviews at Muzik Mill