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In the winter of 2001 in the dark basement of one small club in downtown Zagreb the bass player met the guitar player for the first time. In a few days they started jammin' togetha in the bass players kitchen and discovered that they musicaly very much understand & like eachothers ideas & aprouches to music, instruments and life in general.
The idea was to make a band which could play very rhythmic, groovy & atmospheric drum&bass music, but only with the "live" instruments, that is without the use of elektronics
( computers, samplers...).
The bass player was already in a band with the drum player ( extremely imaginative musician, who was already way ahead of his time ) and some other musicians, but the band didn't fully satisfy both the bass&drum player needs, so he decided to try out the new ideas with this drummer and the newly found guitar player. The trio had their first rehearsal...and they knew that was it. They had a Band but something was missing… and then one foggy day she arrived from nowhere and brought spring. She was the missing part of the puzzle.
The music was very much drum&bass, but because the members are influenced by many other musical styles and individual artists ( Pastorius, Zavinul Syndicate, Wes Montgomery, Dennis Chambers, 4Hero, Fourplay, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Lamb...) the music of the band also incorporates many different elements ( a touch of jazz, teaspoon of funk, a drop of bossa nova...) wrapped around drum&bass foundation.

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