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Dead Boyz Crew

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Dead Boyz Crew
Dead Boyz Crew Bio:

The crew was started in the heart of New Jersey in 2002 by rapper MC Plant and Producer Hyro. Soon the two would build there crew with rappers, not including MC Plant, MC Shit, J-Rock, 85, B, Chris Buck, The Doc, & J-Remy. They had an abudance of MC's, but even the groups producers (Roll'n Millz, KRK, Luke) started rapping amongst the crew. The group wanted one signer, but ended up with one who specialized in R&B (Sven G.) and one that specialized in Reggaeton (Jam Bob). Almost completely ready to take anything on, they got DJ T.Plant to make sure they were heard. Hyro, who controls most of the group behind the boards, hired an assistant sound engineer (MSS), gathered a beatboxer (T.K.O) and 2 hypemen (Gen. Lee & Mr. Rib-Rib Roo) to complete the 19 man crew.