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Ron Bowdery

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Ron Bowdery
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BOTH I & PAUL BRICE WILL BE GUESTS ON THE DELL RICHARDSON SHOW ON THE LEGENDARY RADIO CAROLINE ON MAY 19TH 6-PM TO 9-PM,. I have music included in a film called 'A horse with no name' and there is a CD of the music soundtrack . Click on to a 'This is a long shot' I worked with Joe Meek, legendary record producer of 'Telstar' & Jack Baverstock of Fontana, who produced some of Dusty Springfield's early records. Worked with Gene Vincent,Garry Mills, Joe Brown, Ricky Wayne, Sounds Incorporated, Nero & the Gladiators & many others. In the 60's & 70's I worked with Ray Rice, who I still work with to this day. I the 70's Ray & I were in a great band called 'Pepys Diary'. Ray Rice, Jeff Norman & myself have as much a laugh these days as we did then