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This 21 year old solo artist has been threw a lot of ups and downs but threw It all she remains the unique Diamond that she Is. October 22, 1985 in Towson, Maryland, Dominique also known as Diamond was born. This talented artist spent most of her life in different states. At the age of fifth teen Dominique a. k. a Diamond graduated from Home school so that she could spend more time singing and writing music. In 2004, this artist did shows in Orlando, Florida at the big attraction Pirates Dinner Adventure and Orlando Pointe Mall. 2005-2006 she attended University of Toledo for a Bachelor in Music, She believed that Toledo was not a place where she could benefit from and continue her music career. Diamond has done Vocal Lesson and some Guitar Lesson she also writes most of her songs. This artist always enjoyed being on stage from elementary to middle school. Dominique States: I know what I want to do and where I want to be In Life but I just havent found a positive road that will take me there. Ive met a lot of talented people during my journey and Ive cut off a lot of people because I felt like they werent helping me but they were hurting me. Im sorry If I offend anyone or Hurt anyone in anyway during my life time but I have to do whats best for me and my health, also my career.

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