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Nina Ross Queen of the South

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Nina Ross  Queen of the South
Nina Ross Queen of the South Bio:

There’s A Cost to be The Boss! Self Proclaimed Queen of the Dirty, Dirty Cashville Tennessee Nina Ross Queen of The South plants her victory flag over all of the competition.

Born Latonya Chambers, Nina Ross has been performing since the age of twelve playing clarinet for her High School Band from 1989 - 1992. From the year 1991 until she graduated she was section leader, playing both the clarinet and the tenor saxophone. After graduating from High School she received a scholarship to Tennessee State University a Historical Black University in music. She played tenor saxophone for T.S.U.’s marching band between the years 92 – 95. In the fall of 1993 she became a member of the Aristocrat Band S Psi, also during that same year Nina also pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha one of the first African American sororities.

The self described “Queen of the South” whose rapid fire rhymes is delivered in an accent thick enough to make her a “Georgia Peach”. Nina has a style and flare that has not been seen from a female rapper in years. Her distinctive voice and confident flare makes Nina one of the most anticipated artists that the underground has seen in years.

At the age of 18 she started her professional career as an artist under Talley Up Records/Sony Red Distribution. The undisputed Queen of the South blazes the heat with her twenty song track disc of dirty-dirty fury! Nina takes her listeners thru a wild ride of street banging blazers and bumping club jams that show why her diverse styles and sounds have made her the South’s Royal Highness. Guest features include Haystack, Tazz Daddy, Paisley Hill, Kriz Kang, Tim Dillenger, Kaos, Kool Daddy Fresh, Will Sharp and more. Her single “You Ain’t Neva” can be heard on several mid market radio stations.

Performing with several underground southern hip hop stars as well as opening up for many mainstream artists Nina Ross has the skills and experience to take her career to another level.

Over her career she has opened up for artists like Remy Ma, Trina, TI, Scarface, Yo Gotti, UGK, Lil Boosie, Tela, Devin The Dude, Kool Daddy Fresh and many other notable southern underground artists.

She has appeared on over 20 mix tapes and has one of the hottest singles out still going strong on radio with over 1200 spins to her name.

In 2005 she was nominated as “Artist of The Year” from one of the premiere underground hip hop award shows, The Southern Entertainment Awards. Poised to conquer the south with her single with Atlanta’s fame rapper, Maceo, titled “Trafficking”. Nina Ross has once again let the world know why she is the one and only Nina Ross and “Queen of The South”.

In 2006 Nina Ross signed to Godmother Entertainment Inc. And both of her hit songs “You Ain’t Neva” and “Trafficking” were featured on Godmother’s La Famiglia Volume 1 Compilation. Nina is currently preparing to work on her first Godmother Entertainment Inc. studio album ready to drop at any moment. So let the world be ready because the Queen has arrived.

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