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Smokey D

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Smokey D
Smokey D Bio:

Basically we are here to bring a new distinctive sound and make a BIG DENT in the urban/ Mainstream World of music and entertainment. I have been involved in the music scene from a very young age, when i was listening to drum & bass, and I would listen to the music wanting to hear a nice little melody, or a devastating bassline, but it was not there. so i had the urge to make plans of my own to start making BEATS myself. I had no clue of how to play the KEYBOARD then i asked my dad to show me a thing or two. My father is one of the founders of the well known roots reggae band called (MISTY IN ROOTS).... GO TO GOOGLE .COM and type in Misty In Roots you will get more info. So he showed me the basics what each note on the KEYBOARD was and then showed me a SCALE and from that moment on, I took my own Inititave and started to learn all the keys with the SCALE, then I started to create my own MELODY'S....Then I was off on a MISSION, to make a lasting IMPRESSION all over the WORLD. So basically I have been PRODUCING beats for about 8 YEARS now and I have just started to do the VOCALS from 2006 so im still in the "perfecting" phases. Me ( SMOKEY D ) And ( CRYPTIC CRAFTSMAN aka FIYAH ) Have been putting together the DARK DOKTAHZ for about 3-4 years, and we have been in the DOKTAHZ LAB making enough beats for about 3 ALBUMS worth, and of good QUALITY. I understand that it is a ROUGH and TOUGH industry and if your going to STEP OUT into the scene you got to be good and bring something NEW & FRESH to the TABLE, and im sure that what we have in the bag, for you "LOOSE MINDS",,,,WOW. What your hearing on my MUSIC PLAYER is nothing , you will have to WAIT for the ALBUM to hit the STREET before i can give all of you a listen of the ( CRYPTIC CRAFTSMAN ) and ( SMOKEY D productions ) at WORK. Keep posted for more DEMO'S.... Thank you for taking time out! to READ this ! ,One love.

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Song written by "Serena"

Voiced By "Serena"

Music Produced By "Smokey D" (Doktahz Lab Recordings)

Mastered & Mixed Down By "Smokey D" For (Doktahz Lab Recordings)

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