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I will be on the The Michael Nayt Show on Monday, March 29th from 3PM to 4PM Pacific.

It was a cold rainy night, the kind that often plague the west coast on a fall evening. In my hand was a tape. I had thrown an old mic against a cheap synth that I couldn’t play and bounced a mess of sound back and forth on a dual cassette tape deck. It was my first song and I was taking it to my friends house to present my troubled master piece. There, three of us stood under the balcony of his house in the dark listening to the churning tape just ever so slightly above the pounding rain. The muddy, garbled, out of tune mess that came out of the radio that night created a powerful memory that can be qued at any time with a spin of that tape. I had discovered an immeasurably powerful media that preserved memory. It didn’t take skill, talent or brilliance it just took honesty. Many years and many songs later I’m still writing and recording music as a means to remember, express emotion, create longing and change, all because of that night. The songs and the recordings have become better but the power remains the same.

Behind the Yellow Trees posted: 25 Mar 2007 08:35 PM
I found my self at a house party one Friday night with a bunch of people I barely knew. There was guitar in the corner of the living room that I had been eyeing most of the evening but I was far too scared to play it in front of people I didnít know. Later that evening a fellow picked up that guitar and began to play a song he had just wrote. The song was good but I was more impressed with how he managed to captivate everyone at the party with it. Some one asked him to play another and then another, no one moved for almost 45 minutes. Someone asked me if I played the guitar but I lied and said no. I left the party that night feeling like a failure in song writing. There was no way I could captivate an audience like that and I decided that I would quit wasting my time writing songs that no one would ever hear. When I got home the first thing I did was write a song, I had to write, I was so emotional and I needed to get it out. It was then I realized that I didnít write music for other people but rather as a means to remember how I felt and what I learned. Yellow Trees was born. The road is long; it drives through love and heart ache, happiness and despair, friendships and wars. And just because the road begins to fade does not mean its time to turn around.

Can I have your attention please? posted: 25 Mar 2007 08:38 PM
Every one wants change to happen when time passes. I sit down for coffee with an old friend I had not seen in years. We both talk about how weíve changed and that all the things that drive us apart no longer exist. Just as weíre about to make a break through an announcement come through the intercom, ďCan I have your attention please, to the owner of a red pick up truck, license plate 1810 HC your lights are on.Ē That was me, I always leave my lights on. On my way to the truck I was reminded about how little things change and about how people pretend to be different but at the core they remain the same. That changed the rest of the conversation to reminiscing and laughing like ancient friends should.

Story behind "Jesus with a pack of cigarettes" posted: 25 Mar 2007 08:40 PM
I was at a wedding in the summer and I sat at a table with 9 other people I had never met before. Upon arriving at the table I could tell that one of us was different. The fellow across from me seemed distant, unapproachable, uncomfortable and almost disgruntled. I could tell that he did not want to talk when I asked him his name. Beer was on the house that night and there was no shortage, we all had a few, except him. He stooped over his coke, muttered something about the evils of alcohol, got up and left with out saying good-bye. It dampened the mood at the table a bit. The guy beside me stoically mused about how Christians never act like real, normal people and how they always seemed to live only for themselves and their beliefs. He said it made him hate the Church and he didnít ever want to be a part of it. I thought about that for a while, about how people with strong beliefs often put their beliefs high above others and how that created such a large separation. The fellow didnít have to drink at our table to fit in; he just had to not judge the rest of us. I was reminded how Jesus hung out with everyone regardless of lifestyle and he never judged. It was also an interesting concept for a song. I turned to fellow beside me and said, ďI happen to be Christian, can I get ya another beer?Ē

Screaming out Loud posted: 16 Sep 2007 12:47 AM
I can't seem to upload the lyrics for the song 'Screaming our Loud'. I will put them here till I can get it to work. Screaming out loud. Its hard to love when its not enough Take a different road when you know its tough And climb up through the yellow trees The view around brought me to my knees You and I cry the same tears Different worlds and different fears Then Iíve broken the world Iíll call you on the phone But in that aperture its you alone And I will search for you till the ends of time And when I have no more Iíll have no regrets Am Em F G Thereís dying stones and thereís broken glass They support the wheels of the past And the crimson sun it stains her skin But you canít tell where, where it begins Iím screaming out loud Giving all the I have And if its not quite enough Iíll have no regrets Iím screaming out loud This is who I am Iím telling you Iím telling you now Busted up the road it ends But begins again perhaps its just a bend And now one cares what the weather brings Iím hoping you understand what I sing Every day the battle rages on Some are ahead and some are gone The light shines down upon the ground Everywhere around their falling down I will raise my hands I will surrender I could promise you the worlds but I gave you today These unknowns have opened us In the world we discuss And I could have said so here it ends Instead I said so here it begins So I was thinking about yesterday and how little things changed I guess you knew me then why wouldnít you still know me now
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