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Kaotik Bio:

"Well, I guess I should start out by telling U when I first began in this world of music. I was probably 7 or 8 years old whenever I heard my first bit of hop hop, which wasn't exactly the 'basics' or 'real' hip hop that would later be heard. I remember spendin' the night over my aunt's house and watchin' MC Hammer on MTV. I was fascinated with the quick paced style of the music and dancin', flashy ****, U know. It was more entertaining to me than anything. That same year, my teacher at the time was set to have my class perform at the little awards program that my school would have every month or two, I can't remember. She would ask what each individual's idea would be for their part of the performance. She got to me. I said, 'Well, I don't know, I like rap, I could rap.'. She asked if I would come up with a song and perform it. I agreed. I wrote and performed my first rap song in 2nd grade.
Years went by and I was barely edging by in my grades. Hip hop was not on my mind, football was. I began liftin' weights, runnin', training everyday for about 4 years straight until I was a sophomore in high school. I hated every coach, every authority figure in high school. I would train everyday, yet I admit, I missed practices. I thought, why the hell should I practice if I ain't gettin' 2 play? Still, I tried 2 stay with it.
Later in the first semester of my sophomore year, I met a guy named Joe West. He was different from the people I was used 2 hangin' with. He didn't drink or smoke, he did however cuss like a sailor, but that's just Joe. One day in Biology class I noticed he was scribblin' somethin' down. I asked him what he was doin'. He replied, 'Ah, just writin' stuff, man.' I leaned over and said, 'Looks like a song. Why the hell U writin' a song for?'. He said, 'I'm in a group, man, called Legacy. Me and Banks and his brother. We're lookin' for a rapper if Ur interested.' Everyone knew I was into hip hop. My repetitive days of havin' a 2pac shirt and headphones must've been the tell-tale sign. I said, 'I don't know, man, I ain't rapped in years. I wouldn't even know how to write a song.'. Bein' the laid back passive guy that Joe was, he stated, 'Shit dude, there's nothin' to it. Whatever Ur feelin'... write it. Doesn't have to be set on the page any certain way.'. I told him to let me get back to him.
That night I was sitting down in my room. I grabbed a piece of paper and notebook. I began listenin' to a cd that I just heard that day entitled 'Nelly - Country Grammar'. I disliked a lot of the tunes, but it was one song that caught my ear on the bus ride home that I couldn't shrug off. It was the last song on the album (I think) called 'Luvin' Me'. I listened 2 the song while I began to write. I called the song somethin' that was later changed to 'The Question', this would be the first song I ever wrote by myself.
I took the song to Joe the next day. It was kinda corny and had a few lines that could be criticized, which Joe did, but it was a good start. Joe asked if I was in. I said I guess.
I knew David Banks from middle school. I always thought he was a preppy boy. I never thought I would see eye to eye with him until the 3 of us met up at Joe's grandpas house for our first recording as a group. They did their singin' thing and I had already accumulated about 20 more written songs. Our recording equipment consisted of Joe's AIWA (which was past it's prime due to the abuse it had taken over the past year or so) and a 10 dollar mic. There was nothin' digital about what we were doin'. The AIWA was a basic karaoke machine that had 2 tape decks.
Due to my nerves, I refused to record in front of anyone. I asked Joe if I could take the machine to my grandma's house where I was plannin' on recordin' in the attic. The attic was hot as hell and it was the beginnin' of summer. Having no means of making our own beats, we downloaded instrumentals off of Napster. I was obsessed with Three 6 Mafia's 'Late Nite Tip' at the time and noticed that there was a track on the album was only the instrumental. I wrote a song called 'Cry 4 Me' and was set to record it to the beat. I was nervous, like anybody, about hearin' my voice for the first time to a beat. After messin' up about 5 times, I finally made it through the song. I played it back. My heart drops. I hated it...
I began thinkin' that the last 6 months of writin' and hopin' and the excitement for this new dream was shattered. I hated my voice. I hated my flow. I liked the lyrics, but without the other qualities, they faded in comparison. Having known nothin' about the dubbing process, I became sorta depressed and disappointed that the dream was over. In a way of passing the time, I began fiddling with the volumn, treble, bass, etc... anything to get my mind focused on somethin' else. I swapped the tapes and rewinded the recording and relistened to the rough, poor quality underground rap in the other deck. I pushed play and about half-way through the verse I pressed record on the other other deck. I noticed it continued playing, so I simply started mouthing the same lyrics to the song. This dubbed (doubled) the voice. I played it back and I became a little more excited when I heard the dubbed version. It added a more professional sound to the track. I called my cousin upstairs to listen... he liked it. We played it about 5 times and I told him to go back downstairs and I'll record another one to the 'Late NIte Tip' beat. I called the song 'Fear'. It was about a boy who has a demonic possession one night and goes upstairs and kills his family and himself by the end of the track. A brutal concept that was influenced by my fear of the movie 'The Exorcist'. My cousin liked it, as did Joe and my sisters. This completely changed my outlook of my music career.
About 6 months later, me, Banks and another friend Kirk (aka Def) formed a group called DSP. We recorded about 10 tracks or so, then decided to just let it fade out another 3 months later. I never stopped with my solo career and had a shitload of tapes with me, Joe and Banks on it. This is around the time (late in my Junior year, 2001) that the name 'Kaotik' came up. The name was originally meant for another member of Joe's group and was spelled 'Kaotic'. Banks came up with the name. After the member quit the group, I took the name and stayed with it.
About a year and a half later, we had all graduated and went our seperate ways. I began working at a local factory in Gainesboro, Tennessee and started havin' thoughts of upgradin' the recording equipment. I bought a program called Cool Edit Pro 2.1 and began recording everything digital. This greatly increased the sound and quality of the recordings and allowed for more control over the individual songs. This was around January of 2003. I did the typical thing that most artist do. Sent cd after cd to record companies that turned up with little to no response. I placed my songs on the internet and started handin' them out to people I knew. After years of learning and growing as an artist I began working on my first album in the spring of 2004.
I came up with the title 'Poem of a Stranger' for a song one night in high school. It was my complete and overall outlook of all the bad things in the world, whether it be racism, religous feuds, wars, anything. I looked back in my rhyme book and came across this song and quickly decided this to not only be the title for the album, but also the concept. After about 5 months of recording the project was finished. I searched for a manufacturer over the net for the cd and found Play-It Productions in NYC. The entire project was completed in October of 2005 while I was incarcerated for simple possession."

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Produced by Mister KA; Verse 1: Kaotik, Verse 2: Def, Verse 3: Valley    

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Produced by: Kaotik; This is one of the more popular tracks featured on Kaotik's 'Poem of a Stranger'. Buy today for only $9.99 and recieve an absolutely free copy of Kaotik's 'Lost Tapez' (This will only last through December '06)    

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Instrumental from "Starin' Thru My Rearview" (2pac)