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R. Camizzi

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R. Camizzi
R. Camizzi Bio:

Baltimore Maryland native. Performing live since 1997, with the National Boss League (N.B.L.) while stationed as a U.S. Marine in Japan. Camizzi has been a phenominal Producer since 1998. He has an Outstanding musical ability and his lyrical delivery is impecable. Camizzi has one full length Lp (N.B.L. Hardwork's Payoff Volume 1), two mixtapes including the legendary underground classic "ECU Live Volume 1", and several production credits to his merit. Some of his most notable work has been with North Carolina Rapper "DEAL". R. Camizzi is the type of guy an artist likes to work with because of his attention to detail and ability to help develop projects. His next album "MASTER OF CEREMONIES" is due out In February 2007. This will be his first release since being converted to Christianity.

Stay ready, you don't have to get ready!! posted: 07 Jul 2006 02:22 PM
Greetings and blessings. I am offering my assistsance to artists who are in need of music or song lyrics. My sole purpose is to glorify God and have fun doing it. I move in positivity and I am looking forward to expanding my circle of friends and colleagues.