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1 To The Third

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1 To The Third
1 To The Third Bio:

Hello! To those of you who have selected some of our songs as favorites and for the kind comments:  Thank you!  We have seen those comments and sincerely appreciate each and every one of them. We hope you'll visit us at  It's our website. Thank you for listening!! :-)  We are Randy Hill, Casey Schultz, Austin Hill, Casey Hill and Garrett Jones. Dudes!  What's up with that name "1 To The Third"?  Many folks don't understand the concept of the Holy Trinity because 1+1+1=3 .  Ya' gotta get the math right:  It is not 1+1+1... it is 1X1X1, in other words it's 1(to the third power)=One.  "1 To The Third"...I like it!  Father Son Holy Spirit Many of these songs available for downloading, burning, ripping etc. at:  Our prolific songwriters Randy Hill and Casey Schultz also have a website at for more of the secular music but the Christian music is there too.  The main site though is Thanks for taking a minute and sharing it with us!  Randy

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