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from the ashes

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from the ashes
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To comfort those who mourn, the oil of joy for sadness,
Consoling those in pain, and bringing beauty from the ashes

Formed in 2001, From the Ashes came together because of a love of music. Something about what music can do, its ability to affect, that they knew words alone could not do. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Cynthia Holland draws from her life and those close to her to write songs of life, loss, rejection, and redemption. The hopeful, yet haunting quality of her voice draws the listener into a place where you can see the sadness of your life, but you dont feel despair. You are able to see yourself through her lyrics and realize that youre not alone in what you feel, and that there is light in the darkness.

Cynthia is joined in the band on drums and back-up vocals by the other founding member, Dominique Labonte and Michael Holland on Bass guitar. Together they anchor a solid foundation from which Cynthia can launch out and explore with her voice. From the Ashes understands that the general themes of their songs have been told a thousand times on a thousand other songs. What makes them different is that they realize that although the story may have been told before, there is a real person in their stories, and every one of those people are uniquely beautiful inside. To Cynthia and Dominique, everyone has worth, everyone is deserving of love, and no one is a throw away. There is a life full with hope and a future available to all.

From the Ashes released the EP album, Take Over in February of 2006 and have begun touring to promote the album and to connect with people outside of their native Las Vegas. It is the bands sincerity and raw honesty, sung by a voice that is full of emotion and velvet smooth that will draw you to them. Once there, you feel a peace you dont understand, and a hope unexplained. You also feel that you want to stay there a long, long time.

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