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R.L.S Bio:

R.L.S (Kenneth Williams) was born in Williamston North Carolina and moved to Brooklyn Ny at the age of 2. His father was a singer and performed reguraly at the Bedford-Stuyvesant NightClub. Kenneth grew up with music around him and found a retreat in it.
Kenneth Eagerly Pursued Music and over his teenage years developed his music skills as a self taught keyboard player, When he was 15 years old he began working with various rap groups out of New York (Fresh Gordon, Stet sonic, Z-rock Crew etc.. At age 19 Kenneth joined the Navy where he remained for years still self-training as a musician.

At age 25 Kenneth returned to Brooklyn and started his first production company and named it MadCap Productions He spent time producing /writing R&B songs and rapping while attending school for sound engineering over that time building hundreds of unreleased singles. In 1991 he relocated to Ft Lauderdale Fl. Pairing up after a short time with Vincent (Freeman) Batson they developed an independent label called Naked Town Records and released their first compilation C.D called Southern Uprise featuring Local artists such as the Foundation, Prophecy's, Ca-Cno and many more. He also started and founded small companies in Orlando Fl Such as: The Regiment & The Creative Youth Foundation connecting himself to various music movements throughout Orlando. In 2002 He brought his unique style and energetic presence to Miami Fl. where he now remains, owns and operates The Crib Entertainments Partnering with a long standing family member Levar Davis owner/ operator of Progenii Music Group, these two entity's have set out to make a fierce impact on the entertainment scene with the release of their gutsiest album this year ~R.L.S - solo album Grown Folk Bizness~. This combination of old school feel with new flavor twist brings something much needed back to the industry, Talent!

A Note from the Publicist,

R.L.S is a true artist with skills and talents that will make his entry into the music industry explosive.
I commend him for his great accomplishments & diverse skills.
After Years of what I feel has been a sad attempt at true artistry with only a few worthy, filling the airwaves & industry, It is refreshing to listen to this album. It leads me to believe that there is still hope in bringing back the once high standards that were used to measure the field. I have fallen in love with several songs from the album, and would love to see more from R.L.S, The Crib & Progenii. This husband and father talented writer, producer and lyricist with his baritone flow and smooth but aggressive tracks, has clearly shown that his passion for music earns him a seat at the industry table, and that the world should be well informed as to the future releases from Progenii MG and The Crib Entertainments,
Congratulations Progenii and The Crib on a job well done!

And good luck R.L.S on the pursuit of your music career.
H. L Criswell, ~ Publicist

R.L.S Quote!
I have been doing this for a long time, which has helped me understand what a real solider is, it is someone who continues to fight even when logic, rationality and reason are being questioned by all around you and they wonder why you still continue. It is someone whos ambition & drive wont let them let it go.
I feel you should never stop chasing dreams even when others think they are impossible. If you can wake up everyday to go to work to gratify someone else's dreams & pockets why not gratify yours. Just because people dont believe it can be done doesnt mean it cant or shouldn't. I rather try 100 times and fail then fail to try 100 time. R.L.S

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