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Marc Whitson

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Marc Whitson
Marc Whitson Bio:

It was no coincidence that Marc Whitson was born and raised in the
heart of the Appalachian Mountains, because his love for country life is
only matched by his love for country music.

Marc grew up in a small town, population 1,600. As the son of a Pastor
and gospel performer, he was no stranger to musical harmony. It was
there in his Dad's church that Marc began to sing regularly. He loved
performing and would look for an audience that would listen to him sing.
Growing up in a musically inclined family who sang at community functions
helped to encourage him to pursue his dreams. The rich
Country/Bluegrass/Southern gospel music of the Appalachians was instilled in him.

"I remember singing whenever I would get the opportunity. Church
helped me realize that singing was something that I enjoyed. I remember all
those revivals and hearing all the perfect harmonies in the church
house. During the holidays, I seem to always get chills every time I stand
between my aunts because we all will gather up and sing and if you
haven't heard my aunts, then you should. They are what I think everyone
will sound like when we go to heaven."

While in high school, Marc had the opportunity to learn to play guitar
and soon mastered the art of it. He actively began to sing and play
with a local group of students as a hobby that he enjoyed. Of course, Marc
has always envisioned becoming a performer. He soon started drawing
influences from other types of music, not only country and gospel. He
felt that he needed to branch out and have an open mind for all types.

"You come to a point where if you don't listen to everything, it just
becomes monotonous. I like to mix it up a little bit. I have many
influences within the rock world as well. I remember late nights beside
campfires listening to Skynyrd and all my friends and all of us hanging out until
2 in the morning. My cousin and I use to always drag out a guitar and
sing for everyone. When we would finish, people were always amazed that
me and him could do that."

When talent shows would present an opportunity for him to perform, Marc
and his buddies were the first in line. They were honored when they
were asked to perform in his local high school talent show during his
senior year in which received a standing ovation. On graduation day, he was
again given the opportunity to perform to his fellow classmates and to
all in attendance for that special occasion.

"When I was in high school, my biggest motivator to get through it was
my mother. She would push me to try and be the best I could be and she always supported me with my music. On
graduation day, I sang a song that I dedicated just to her. The song is
called "The Perfect Fan" and it paints the picture of Mom always being
there by my side.."

After graduation, it was off to college; but he continued to reverie
about one day sharing his talent with the world. He kept this dream alive
by performing at many open mic nights. While attending Appalachian
State University in Boone, North Carolina, he became a member of an A
cappella group called Higher Ground. The group has held concerts on college
campuses such as NC State, Elon University, Virginia Tech and many
more. They had the privilege of competing with other university A cappella
groups for fun and for BOCA, also known as Best of College A cappella.

"Performing with Higher Ground gave me the opportunity to allow myself
become more comfortable on stage. I have learned techniques on how to
get rid of the butterflies. I still get them but deal with them better.
Also singing with them, I have a keener ear for better harmonies."

Marc now has graduated from Appalachian State University and is working
on his first LP with producer Jeffrey Vice of Red Tin Roof Music,
Nashville. His family and friends, who have been his best critics, as well
as his loyal supporters, are encouraging him to continue with his dream.
He now has honored the request of his parents to finish school and now
is hitting the ground running performing some of his new material a
festivals and other " Get-together" as he puts it.

"We've been playing anything from local festivals to luncheons. We
just love the music and love to play. I haven't seen to many people
except the muzik mafia that can play anything from country to rap songs like
we can. It's something that always got a laugh at parties while in
college or it was something that was requested that we played and still do.
Don't let my different taste's in music fool you though. I still have
my Waylon and Johnny CD's on rotation. We just like to have a good time
and enjoy good music."

Marc has his sights set on Nashville, and he is not one to give up
easily. Keep your eyes and ears open for Marc Whitson in the very near

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