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Sly Kat

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Sly Kat
Sly Kat Bio:

Miami-Once considered to be a dying city, is fast on the verge of becoming the next big urban Mecca. She has birthed artists such as Trick Daddy, Pitbull and Pretty Ricky as well as successful producers, Cool & Dre ,Red Spyda, and Unusual Suspects. Behold the rising Phoenix. In the midst of her rise, Miami has also raised a son, destined to be the ONE!

Introducing SLY KAT, born Tiwan Harrell in Miami, Florida on November 30, 1979 to a young teenage mother and a Pimp for a father. During his teenage years, Sly Kat discovered his affinity for rhymes during the early Luther Campbell 2 Live Crew era. After High School, he found himself in the company of two young upstart producers by the name of Cool One & Dre. Cool & Dre would inevitably produce Slykats first album,9 Lives & 6 Samples for an independent label known as Heat Music. On the eve of his albums release date, Fall 2000, Heat Music went bankrupt, therefore leaving this classic album unheard.

After the failed release of his first album, Sly Kat found himself not only broke with the responsibility of a daughter, but it seemed that his career in music was looking as bleak as his finances. With the drug and pimp game being more accessible within his neighborhood, Sly began to participate in the fast life. After following his fathers footsteps, pimping would eventually put his music career on halt. Through financial problems, several arrests, and a near-death experience from a deal gone bad, the end of Tiwan Harrell was inevitable. Fortunately, it would be the beginning of Sly Kat. A spiritual transformation would redirect his focus back to making music, and most importantly forming his own label City Kidz Entertainment with best friend Hamir Michel.

Im here to show another side of southern rappers- to prove that we have a lyrical ability that can contend with the best of them, says Sly, who has been influenced by artists such as Miamis own 2 Live Crew, LL Cool J, Ice T, Snoop Dogg, Outkast, and Rakim. With an effortless flow and an inherited Pimp charm, Slykat epitomizes cool. His appeal is not only apparent on stage, but off as well. Sly Kat inked endorsement deals with Fokus Lifestyle Apparel and Nyak Cognac( a sub-division of Remy Martin). His buzz has been overwhelming in 2005, with a feature in the Source Unsigned Hype Feb.edition as well as a feature on Chamillionaires mixtape hosted by DJ. Whookid. Continuing this winning streak, "Sly Kat's video "Color Blind" recently placed first in a state wide video competition, netting him a publishing deal with Universal. Several of Sly Kats songs also appeared on the A&E program First 48 Hours, and on the 2006 N.F.L. Draft on ESPN.

His debut album Sunny Place, Shady People is a sure classic in the making, with production by Cool & Dre, Red Spyda, Scott Storch, Unusual Suspects and an incredible Bronx native D.J. Static serving as the official in-house producer. With three hot singles; "Dade County", What Ill Do, and Just Chillin blasting the airwaves simultaneously, Sly Kat is well on his way to superstardom. All hail the new King.

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