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No JustUS

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No JustUS
No JustUS Bio:

We are a bunch of Midwestern musicians trying to capture the sound and feel of authentic American rock.
Fans of the alt/rock and pop variety are going to find themselves in a heaven they haven’t felt since the recording of “The Man” song with the release of NO JUSTUS CD, “NO JUSTUS.”
Listen to a little of “NO JUSTUS” and it’s easy to jump on board that fan base.
who proved to be a prolific songwriters always coming up with ideas, which sounded good to the Band, interested in composing originals.Once a writing chemistry was realized, the band recorded Ordinary Day's for the troops.

Founded BY BILLY LASH in September 2005, the members all played in previous projects in the Downriver area such as , Fastraxx and Skydancer,Circular Motion.This band is an up-and-coming band that is out to get a record deal. We plan on being around for a long time to come

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