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Sorry About Tomorrow

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Sorry About Tomorrow
Sorry About Tomorrow Bio:

"We're just a band with an 'educated dream', kind of like an educated guess. We are a ground breaking emo band centered in the united states of england, which basically means that one member lives in a different country. We are three guys who met in a chat room with the same focus and direction in music. We plan to make music by making home recordings of our parts and sending them to each other via internet, and thus collaborating long distance. Hoping to prove that dreams can come true under the common slogan that 'anything is possible in the United States of England.' " - Ryan Madison - 2005

The band released low quality demo version of the song "Her Idea Of A Day's Work" in October 2005 on the band's myspace and was soon followed by the electronic "The United States Of England". People responded well and soon the band had formed a small fanbase on the internet. After spending the rest of the year writing lyrics, music and demoing new songs the band decided an EP would be the best way to open the door to new fans and to put across the new material they had been working on.

"I think attention to detail will always be the reason we think people like our work. I think both lyrically and musically Ryan and I have tried to say what we want to say and make sounds that we wanted to make more than any previous endeavour. We're fully aware its a time consuming and hard process but we've never had this type of compatibility as a band before... even if we are hundreds of miles apart." - Will Doyle - 2006

Much planning has gone into the band's debut EP named "Emergency Exits Are Calling Your Name". From lyrics being exchanged through instant messengers and endless acoustic guitar sessions over voice conversations on messenger, the band are fully satisfied with the songs written for the EP and are quite confident the fans will love it too. The band expects the EP to be released Mid/Late April.