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"This is one of the most exciting emerging bands on the South Coast at the moment!"
Lloydie - POWER FM

Stilltide (formerly The Bold Lock In) was formed sometime in 2004 out of three miss fit uni students who'd get together for lock-ins at the bar they worked in, bash out a few tunes, drink a 'few' drinks and generally 'be cool'! Firstly it was just a bit of fun but then they realised their music wasn't actually complete and utter sh*te (honest) so they decided to grab their mate the drummer and do a few gigs. They whipped up some rapour in the local areas but then tragedy struck! Mainly mike pissing off 200 miles down the road to become a teacher! (yeh wtf?) However now after 7 months of Stilltide silence they're back together again doing gigs n making 'sweet' music together (not in the gay way Bertie!!)

So in summary... Four uni alcoholics + Guitars = Music

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What can we say? A song about a Bonsai Tree... Basically Mike n Pete went to B&Q for sum unknown reason and ended up buying plants. Pete bought a cactus he called Harry but the Bonsai Tree deserved a song about it!! Pete bet mike a fiver that he'd kill it within a week, unfortunately Pete lost but the tree did die after 3 months. It now resides on mikes window ledge outside his house in Plymouth... So if you see a Dead Bonsai Tree on your stroll through Plymouth, thats Mikes!!
The cactus lives happily in Pete's bedroom