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Aj Case

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Aj Case
Aj Case Bio:

A Native son of Sumter, SC, Aj Case moved to New York at an impressionably young age. The bright lights of the Big City motivated a developing passion for music. He acquired his first instrument at the tender age of 12 , thus beginning a life long love of the music trade. By his early teens, AJ had become actively involved in songwriting for several genres of music. Over the years, he has developed a notable trademark sound and a wide market for his lyrical genius , culminating into a respected and well rounded music industry professional. Aj Case eventually found his true artistic calling, and presented his effort to the music community with the release of his first album "N' The Grand Scheme of Things" in 2005. After successfully promoting his first album, Aj has returned to the studio, tirelessly creating his latest album , Titled "Lifted" , which is to be released summer 2006 . Aj Case is scheduled to tour shortly following the album's much anticipated release . Caption of his own team, Silver Sun Productions, AJ's album is sure to be a huge success. His songs and lyrical style are noted for the realism and expression he so richly evokes about life, love, pain and redemption we all relate to . Aj Case promises to capture your mind , infuse your soul and work your body with his latest effort, " Lifted" to be released Summer 2006. FOR BOOKING INFORMATION : CONTACT Jeff Motsinger @ 843-446-5594; Scott Bell @ 843-222-8575 ..

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