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Fernando Perez

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Fernando Perez
Fernando Perez Bio:

Born in Ejea de los Caballeros a small town near Zaragoza, in the north of Spain,
Fernando Perez is a new revelation in the Guitar World, from playing Classical to
Jazz, Flamenco, Hawaiian, Traditional Blues, Latin, Afrikan, as well as other styles
from the latest contemporary to the deep traditions.
He combines it all with his originality and interesting  view of the world  to create
a smooth and fresh music that can not be classified.
Choosing different instruments such as Resophonic, Hawaiian lap steel or
Flamenco guitars as the color of his sound, we have old and new music performed
in old although new instruments that put the soul into ease.
All this along with a wide background in music and culture makes this artist a
wonderful choice for those who want to give their musical taste a new flavor.
In a lifetime odyssey Fernando has dedicated his time since the age of seven
to learn about music and cultures, studying in world known centers, traveling to
many places and performing with the most curious people.

To attend one of Fernando's recitals is like going on a journey around the world without the need of passport or jetlack.
His is not only guitar music, among his compositions and arrangements you can find pieces for Japanese Koto, or
west African instruments performed on his different guitars. His repertoire transport the listener to such exotic places
as Hawai'i, Japan or Southamerica, doing some stops in New Orleans, Mexico, Spain or west Africa.
His performances are full of surprises coming from bare hands, acoustic instruments and a microphone, as well as
many anecdotes about people and places where he learned from.
Fernando also offers educational concerts for general and university students as well as guitar workshops in many
different styles.
With a charming, humble personality, great respect for the art and where it comes from, he reaches people's hearts
doing what he knows best... music.

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The Resophonic Guitar also known as Dobro or National is an instrument from the guitar family.
Created with the purpose of having a louder guitar to be heard over brass instruments, it fell out of interest when the electric guitar was discovered.
Throughout the years Blues, Country and Hawaiian players adopted it for their music, helping but narrowing its use to only three styles. In my music quest for new, genuine sounds in this beautiful instrument called guitar, I came across resophonic guitars which inspired and offer me horizons I never imagined.
Using my passion for cultures and this new discovery, I wanted to reflect throughout music the link we all have as human beings, one more time proving, that the only differences and barriers between us are just the ones WE created.

The Music...
Among the songs in this CD you will hear echoes of the Hawaiian islands, 'Kalani', 'Ahi', 'Hawaiian Dream' and 'Wiki Wiki' are examples of it. You can notice a certain spanish Bolero air in 'Ahi', as well as the Ragtime rhythm in 'Wiki Wiki'. 'Spooky' is simply some Jazz with lots of weirdness while 'Rain Forest' and 'LaNika' are straight up contemporary acoustic pieces.
From the orient I have a traditional Japanese piece for Koto called 'Ame', and inspired by the old asian 'Samurai Song' I wrote 'Oriental'.
From central and south america comes 'Tango', remembrances of the argentinean style with a short Habanera from Cuba.
'Top of the Mountain' contains a so called 12/8 rhythm popular all around Afrika, while 'Afrikan Melody' came from Mali, in the west side of the continent.
And in 'Arabian' I used a style learned from the gypsies in Spain, although the origins of this Rumba style have been traced to Middle East and Afrika.