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Hunter Long

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Hunter Long
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About Hunters Talkshow...well...Hunters talkshow started from making a computer game. I got a microphone and i was just recording stuff. and then Nathan came over and we mowed lawn like every other sunday. and then after mowing the lawns we just started talking about stupid stuff. Like House of Wax. That was the birth of Episode 1, with only 1 microphone. Thats when Hunter & Nathans Talkshow started. And then every weekend we used to make about 4 or something epsiodes. We made about 13 episodes before Nathan had to move....To Nevada. But then today! Hunters Talkshow is here! Im still going to prank call people and stuff and talk to bands! so if you have a band message me up! or go to!!! and listen to Tom Leykis!!! He is thE bomb. haahaha girls girls girls.... ahahha Well today on January 15 2005 Hunters Talkshow is going LIVE! wOO!!! Hunters Talkshow is stepin up the ladder! Well today Jan 24 2005 I made a phone number for the talkshow so people can call in and talk about whatever they want!!! wOO!!!! The number is .. (805) 624-4363 ...the talkshow is climbin the ladder! wOO!!! well today i was talkin to some bands. and bands like shiny toy guns might be comin on. yep...purrty bomb!! Hey you guys!! call in!! 7 - 8 mon- thurs or 7 - 9 on fridays!!! (805)6244363!! i want U! to be on the show.

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wanna play a game...CHESS.. she just does understand chess.. jess??