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York is a group of friends that comes together to create a sense of deliverance from tension and anxiety through music. Recently members of York have begun to take their musical endevors to a new level by the use of synths and electronic drum beats. Look for these new additions to the sound. Check out the Anxious EP on Myspace.

York was born in late 2003 as a purely simplistic quartet consisting of friends Jason Wells, Devin Hughes, Michael Long, and Aaron Lannon. In late 2004 JD Montgomery was added to the roster and pushed the quintet to a different level. In early 2005, conflicting schedule issues and musical differences between York and Hughes emerged, causing the two to part ways. Wells, Long, Montgomery, and Lannon would then move their sound to a completely new area of music that they were not capable of doing before. With the style finally established they began to play shows with bands such as Bernard, The Peppermint Confederacy, Estrela, Ettison Clio, and local favorites Smokestack Lightnin and Faive Finger Fillet. In early 2006 York sensed a desire in Michael to take music in a different direction. Upon the decision to relieve him of any stresses that music may be putting on his style, Andrew Wood was added to the line up to fill the bass position. In early 2006 York added guitarist Grant Kittrell. This brings us to York as it is today. The hollow sound they project is much comparable to Coldplay, Interpol, Radiohead, Mogwai, and at least a dozen others.